The Top 10 Strangest Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Super Bowl Prop Bets
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Betting on Super Bowl MVP odds isn’t strange. It is, however, strange (or maybe hysterical) if you bet on one certain position to land a Disney World invitation: offensive lineman. 

Of the 55 Super Bowl MVPs, 33 have been quarterbacks, followed by running backs (seven), receivers (seven), linebackers (four), defensive ends (two), safeties (two), cornerback (one), defensive tackle (one), and kick/punt returner (one). Unsurprisingly, an offensive lineman has never won, nor has a tight end, punter, kicker, or long snapper. 

Of that group, tight ends have, by far, the best odds to win Super Bowl LV MVP. Aided by Travis Kelce’s MVP odds of +1000, the tight ends’ odds are +900, followed by kicker/punter/long snapper (+8000) and offensive lineman (+20000).

Other strange Super Bowl prop bets:

Coin Toss

Like Super Bowl MVP, betting on the coin toss has become mainstream and one of the most popular and talked-about bets each year. However, it’s much more than a simple heads-tails wager.

Among the six coin toss prop bets: Will the player make a correct or incorrect call? Both bets carry money line odds of -105.

Last Points

First Touchdown Scorer, First Team to Score, and other “first” prop bets are highly popular as bettors want early action. There’s also an option for bettors who want late action: Last Touchdown Scorer and Last Team to Score.

Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are tied for the top odds for both the first (+600) and last touchdown (+600), while the Chiefs are -120 to score the last points (Bucs +100). Twenty-four other players are listed for the last touchdown, along with a “No Touchdown” bet (+15000). 

Last Play

Over the last two decades, the winning team of an NFL game has averaged nearly two kneel-downs per game. If the winner of Super Bowl LV ends the game with a knee, tickets will cash for the Run/Knee (-200) side of the prop bet for Last Offensive Play. Any Other Play is +165.

You can also bet on the Last Offensive Play - 1st Half: Run/Knee (-140), Any Other Play (+115).

Assisted Tackles

You can bet on assisted tackles. Just assisted tackles. Not total tackles, sacks, or tackles for loss. You can bet on assisted tackles.

Eighteen players are listed, among them Devin White (2.5), Tyrann Mathieu (1.5), and Jason Pierre-Paul (0.5).

Unanswered Points

After the Buffalo Bills took a 9-0 lead over the Chiefs in the first quarter of the AFC Championship, the Chiefs responded with 21 points on three consecutive touchdown drives. If they have three unanswered scores (including field goals and safeties) in Super Bowl LV, you can win money.

“Yes” is currently -250, while “No” is +175.

Scores in Each Quarter

The Chiefs haven’t scored in all four quarters of a game since a Week 15 win over the New Orleans Saints. If you believe that streak will end in the Super Bowl, there’s a strong value prop bet opportunity at +125 (-150 for no). The Bucs, meanwhile, are +200 to score in all four quarters (-250 for no).

Gatorade Bath

Twenty-four years after New York Giants’ nose tackle Jim Burt drenched head coach Bill Parcells with a tub of Gatorade, the Gatorade bath is one of the most renowned victory traditions in sports and a popular, albeit strange, Super Bowl prop bets.

Orange is the heavy favorite this year (+140) after Andy Reid was given an orange shower for last year’s victory. 


Neither the Chiefs nor the Bucs played in a game this season in which both teams scored five or more touchdowns. You can bet on that happening, or not happening, in the Super Bowl.

At +5000, No is the heavy favorite, while Yes is +1150.

Shortest Touchdown

There were three one-yard touchdowns in last year’s Super Bowl. How many one-yard touchdowns will there be in this year’s Super Bowl?

If there are none, bettors will cash a +140 ticket for the Over on 1.5 yards for Shortest Touchdown. If there’s at least one, bettors will cash the Under at -165.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.