2022 World Cup: Group by Group Analysis & Predictions

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Groups E, F, G and H and displayed on screen during the 2022 soccer World Cup draw at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center in Doha, Qatar.
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Laura Paterson @ Dec 02, 2022, 9:04 AM
  • Group A is considered the easiest group in the 2022 World Cup.
  • USA’s Group B is one of the most difficult to qualify from.
  • Groups F and G could have some surprising results.

The 2022 World Cup is upon us.

While the excitement is tangible, it also has an element of controversy and unpredictability about the host country and the tournament’s timing. Regardless of what is happening off the pitch, however, there’s no doubt that players heading to Qatar are going there to win soccer’s most coveted title for their respective countries. 

Let’s take a quick look at the groups and the FIFA World Cup betting odds for the top seeds in each:

World Cup Group A: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Qatar, Ecuador, Netherlands, Senegal

Most likely to advance: Netherlands (-750), Senegal (-135)

TeamFIFA Ranking

The World Cup schedule kicks off on 20 November at 2 pm, with Qatar vs. Ecuador, in what many see as the easiest group. Qatar is likely to be only the second host nation not to make it out of the group stage, after South Africa in 2010.

Senegal and the Netherlands should be pretty confident of their chances in Group A.

World Cup Group B: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: England, Iran, United States, Wales

Most likely to advance: England (-3000), USA (+100)

TeamFIFA Ranking

Group B is one of the trickiest groups in the 2022 World Cup. The Three Lions should easily top the group and advance, but it’s certainly not assured. These teams all rank relatively highly.

England should be safe in the top spot, but the second team to move on is anyone’s guess. This will be a close group to keep an eye on.

World Cup Group C: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Poland

Most likely to advance: Argentina (-1600), Mexico (-115)

TeamFIFA Ranking
Saudi Arabia51

Group C looks relatively straightforward on paper, and it would be a huge upset if Argentina and Mexico didn’t advance. The biggest threat to either team will be Poland, but they haven’t made it out of the group stage since 1986.

World Cup Group D: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Australia, Denmark, France, Tunisia

Most likely to advance: France (-2000), Denmark (-275)

TeamFIFA Ranking

France should easily move on as the top seed, and Denmark should come through in second place. 

Australia and Tunisia are unlikely to pose any threat, despite Les Blues coming into the tournament on the back of a couple of poor performances.

World Cup Group E: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Spain

Most likely to advance: Spain (-110), Germany (+110)

TeamFIFA Ranking
Costa Rica31

Spain and Germany will undoubtedly be vying for the top spot in Group E, but keep in mind that Germany finished at the bottom of their supposedly easy group in the last World Cup.

Japan and Costa Rica likely won’t advance, but they will be ready to pounce on any mistakes from Spain or Germany when they face them.

World Cup Group F: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Morocco

Most likely to advance: Belgium (-1000), Croatia (-225)

TeamFIFA Ranking

On paper, it looks like Belgium got an easy ride in Group F, but they actually will face some tricky opponents.

Croatia, of course, was in the last World Cup finals, Canada is a team on the up, and Morocco made it to the quarterfinals of the African Cup of Nations earlier this year. 

This group could have a few surprises.

World Cup Group G: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland

Most likely to advance: Brazil (-1400), Switzerland (+115)

TeamFIFA Ranking

Brazil should comfortably win Group G, but it’s who moves on with them that is going to be most interesting. Switzerland might be the favorite to qualify, but Serbia and Cameroon are both really strong sides.

The fight for second spot is going to be close here.

World Cup Group H: Predictions, Teams, Rankings

Teams: Portugal, Ghana, South Korea, Uruguay

Most likely to advance: Portugal (-500), Uruguay (-250)

TeamFIFA Ranking
South Korea28

Group H could be an interesting one. Portugal should win the group, but they just scraped through into the tournament via UEFA playoffs. Uruguay is having a decent run, but they are far from the team they were a few World Cups ago.

Ghana and South Korea are low ranking but will be scrappy and capitalize on any slip-ups when given the chance.

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Laura is a dedicated in-house writer for The Media Image. An avid sports fan and field hockey player, she gets her fix through writing on a variety of sports for BetMGM.