The Advantages of Owning a Racehorse

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For horse racing fanatics, owning a racehorse is the stuff dreams are made of. The access it provides you on and off the track is unparalleled because it allows you to rub shoulders with the best horse trainers and jockeys in the world.

Moreover, owning a horse and being at the track provide you with a fresh and exciting alternative to online sports betting. Rather than shouting at the TV in your living room, you’re suddenly eye-level with your favorite horse; you can practically hear and feel them glide past you on the final straight. This rush is unmatched in the world of betting.

Celebrities have a long history of horse racing ownership, which means it’s not just trainers and jockeys you’ll see in the owners’ areas. From Dame Judi Dench and Steven Spielberg, to Ronnie Wood and the late Queen Elizabeth II (to name but a few,) there are many notables who have invested in a racehorse. To put that into context, that’s an actress, a director, the lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones and a royal of the highest order. Below, we discuss the advantages of owning a racehorse:

Access to owners at racetracks

The access you’re granted as an owner is incomparable to that of a punter. General racegoers are limited to the perimeters of the fence line bordering the stands from the racetrack. But as an owner, you have access to stables, a comfortable lounge to hang out in between races and the parade ring. These areas are only accessible to owners and trainers, which means you’re surrounded by the horse racing elite. Additionally, you’re able to avoid cramped spaces and the hustle and bustle of the general public – which, on especially warm and humid days, can go a long way to making your day more enjoyable. 

Then there’s the perk of being able to bring your loved ones with you for no additional cost. However, be sure to find out how many you’re allowed to invite as the number of guests you are allowed to bring is different at various racecourses.  

Stable visits

Following on from the access given to owners, stable visits provide you with further insight into the readiness of a horse on race day. For instance, experienced gamblers are known to watch horses trot around the parade ring before deciding to stake their money. It’s believed that it gives them enough information to identify which horses are up for it on the day.

By taking advantage of your stable visits, you’re able to gather more information about a given horse than a general punter could. When owning a horse, you’re invited to regular stable visits, giving you a chance to scope how the trainers work on your horse and the general readiness of your racehorse.

Choosing your silks

One of the main factors that makes owning a horse so rewarding is that you get to watch your horse jockey gallop around in your chosen silks. Like the New York Giants wear blue and the Los Angeles Lakers are threaded in gold, you’re able to design your own uniform from head to toe.

Some races can have upwards of 25 horses, meaning it’s vital to create your own special colors and patterns so that you can spot your horse and jockey with ease.

Picking horse trainers

Similar to picking a new coach for the Brooklyn Nets, deciding on a horse trainer is a tricky business. One issue is the vast number of highly-capable candidates you have to sift through. Once a horse trainer is selected, you’re in a position to develop a close relationship through weekly calls, regular visits and (hopefully) success on the track.

Input on races to enter

Having input into the whereabouts of a horse is another additional benefit you receive when owning a horse. However, be sure to take the guidance of your trainer seriously, as their years of experience and racecourse knowledge can make all the difference.

On the other hand, you’re able to use it to your advantage in terms of having a home race. For example, if you have dreamt of having your horse run at your local course or a prestigious track (such as the Kentucky Derby) that you have watched since you were a kid, your trainer will more than likely oblige and do all they can to get the horse ready and set for that date. 

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.