The Under Has Dominated in Service Academy Football Games

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Andrew Doughty @DoughtyBetMGM Nov 02, 2021, 10:32 PM

When Navy hosted Air Force in Week 2, the Falcons opened the game with a seven-play, 12-yard drive that ended with a punt. It was the first of seven punts to start the game as the teams combined for 25 total yards of offense and zero points over the first 16 minutes of a game that began with an over/under total of 39.5 points.

Even with 16 total points scored by Air Force over a six-minute period of the second half – two touchdowns and one safety – the under hit by nearly two full touchdowns in the Falcons’ 23-3 win. It was the sixth straight under in college football betting for a game involving two service academies.

There have been 49 matchups of Army-Air Force, Army-Navy, and Air Force-Navy since 2005. The under is 39-9-1 over that time:

2021Navy-Air Force39.5Under
2020Air Force-Navy47.5Under
2020Army-Air Force37.5Under
2019Air Force-Army44.5Under
2019Navy-Air Force46.5Over
2018Air Force-Navy47Under
2018Army-Air Force41.5Under
2017Air Force-Army54.5Under
2017Navy-Air Force53.5Over
2016Air Force-Navy50.5Under
2016Army-Air Force46.5Under
2015Air Force-Army50.5Under
2015Navy-Air Force49.5Under
2014Air Force-Navy56.5Under
2014Army-Air Force54Under
2013Air Force-Army54.5Over
2013Navy-Air Force56Under
2012Air Force-Navy54Under
2012Army-Air Force62Push
2011Air Force-Army55.5Under
2011Navy-Air Force52.5Over
2010Air Force-Navy50Under
2010Army-Air Force48.5Over
2009Air Force-Army37Over
2009Navy-Air Force48Under
2008Air Force-Navy52Over
2008Army-Air Force40.5Under
2007Air Force-Army45Under
2007Navy-Air Force56Under
2006Air Force-Navy50.5Under
2006Army-Air Force47.5Over
2005Air Force-Army54Under
2005Navy-Air Force54.5Under

The under has hit by an average of 7.9 points over those 49 games, in 21 of which the under hit by at least 10 points, including the Air Force-Navy game in Week 2.

In order to reach a seven-game under streak, Army and Air Force must combine for fewer than 37 points (the total at BetMGM as of Tuesday, Nov. 2) in Week 10. The pair is responsible for four of the nine overs since 2005, though the under is still 11-4-1 in those matchups, including an active eight-game winning streak.

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Andrew Doughty is a sports betting writer for BetMGM. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he previously wrote for Sports Illustrated and HERO Sports.

Andrew Doughty is a sports betting writer for BetMGM. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he previously wrote for Sports Illustrated and HERO Sports.