Yankees players lined up on the field

MLB Power Rankings

The MLB is a few weeks in and there have been some serious bumps in the road, but we’re so excited to have baseball back on our screens. Here’s an overview of how teams have performed so far, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted games, and the current power rankings based on teams’ first few outings on the pitch.

DJ LeMahieu of the New York Yankees watches the ball fly as he hits a home run

MLB: Who Does the Shorter Season Favor and Hamper?

The MLB is returning with a shorter format, which could impact a number of teams. In this article, we cover what the new season looks like, which factors will help teams get further, and who we think this new format is going to favor or hamper.

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The Beginner’s Guide to MLB Sports Betting

Want to get maximum enjoyment from your love of baseball? Sports betting is all about keeping on top of the stats and knowing how to use the numbers and your best betting options to make informed decisions. Sound complicated? It isn’t. All you need is some starter information and a love of the game.

Barry Bonds of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Willie Mays of San Francisco Giants, pose before a MLB All Star game in 1992

The Top MLB Players of All Time

The MLB has produced some stellar players over the centuries since its inception. In this blog, we’re going to go through our selection of the top baseball players to have played in the MLB and have a look at some of their best achievements.

Yolmer Sanchez #5 of the Chicago White Sox fields against the Detroit Tiger

A Look Back at the 2019 MLB Season

The MLB 2019 season has come and gone and we’re gearing up for an exciting one in 2020. We take a look back at the best trades of the 2019 season, the World Series, records broken, and whether declining spectator numbers are worth getting concerned about.

Adam Eaton #2 of the Washington Nationals at bat against the New York Yankees

Our Top 7 Predictions for the 2020 MLB Season

No crystal ball here. But we have stuck our neck out to bring you some of our top predictions for the MLB 2020 season. So for an educated guess at what’s most likely to affect online sportsbook movements this season, read on and make up your own mind.

Ink drawing shows a group of baseball players.

Our Tips for the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Team

Whether you’re new to Fantasy Baseball or you’ve simply been coming close to bottom in the last few seasons, having a structured approach can really help to improve your standing in the league. In this article, we’ll go through how you can build the ultimate Fantasy Baseball team.