The 9 Best Horse Racing Podcasts To Listen To

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Fans of sports and online sports betting are always on the lookout for a great podcast to help them learn more about their favorite sport, as well as help them get the most out of every dollar they wager. If you love horse racing and are looking for insights that could help you when you bet on horse racing, be sure to check out these nine incredible podcasts (numbered in no particular order.)

1. Blinkers Off

Release schedule: Weekly

Ratings: 4.7 (Apple Podcasts)

One of the most popular podcasts in the online horse racing world is undoubtedly Blinkers Off, a show hosted by The Racing Dudes, also known as Jared Welch and Aaron Halterman. These two horse racing fans met in high school and bonded over a love of horse racing. They would later adopt the CEO Dude and Research Dude personas to share their views and insights on horse racing in the Blinkers Off podcast.

2. Horse Racing Radio Network

Release schedule: Varying due to multiple shows

Ratings: 4.5 (Apple Podcasts)

Horse Racing Radio Network provides coverage on all major horse racing events through a variety of shows. These shows have different hosts, with special guests regularly brought on to give their insights on specific thoroughbred horse racing events and topics. Listen out for updates for shows like “I Ask They Answer,” “You Be The Host with Caton Bredar,” “Kurt Becker’s Stroll Through Racing History” and many more.

3. Daily Racing Form

Release schedule: Every Tuesday and Friday

Ratings: 4.5 (Apple Podcasts)

The Daily Racing Form (DRF) is a news site that has been providing information to horse racing fans in North America for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894, the main focus of the DRF is to help bettors improve, and it provides a variety of content and tools to achieve that. The podcast is a recent addition to the DRF, hosted by Matt Bernier, a handicapper for DRF, and Peter Thomas Fornatale, DRF’s tournament editor. Not only will they bring you the latest inside information on horse racing, but also in-depth discussions on horse racing betting strategies to help you make the most of your wagers.

4. At The Races with Steve Byk

Release schedule: Monday to Friday

Ratings: 4.5 (Apply Podcasts)

Technically, this is a radio show that airs on SiriusXM Satellite Radio first, but it’s also one of the most popular live internet broadcasts and podcasts you can find on the subject of racing horses. The show is hosted by Steve Byk, a long-time contributor to the horse racing scene who has worked with companies like Derby Trail, The Blood-Horse and more. He’s hosted this radio show/podcast since 2007. 

5. Nick Luck Daily

Release schedule: Monday to Saturday

Ratings: 4.8 (Apple Podcasts)

This podcast brings you news and insights from all over the horse racing world. It’s hosted by Nick Luck, a British broadcaster who has been involved with different horse racing media over the years, including Channel 4 Racing, Racing UK (now Racing TV), Horse & Hound, The Sunday Telegraph and more. He’s also presented various events, including the Cheltenham Festival, Derby and Grand National.

6. Luck on Sunday

Release schedule: Weekly on Sundays (with special episodes)

Ratings: 4.9 (Apple Podcasts)

If you’re interested in a weekly show that’s focused on the UK horse racing scene and also has an incredible array of guests, as well as discussions and breaking news, this is the podcast for you. 

7. Horse & Hound

Release schedule: Weekly (Thursday for subscribers, Friday for free listeners)

Ratings: 4.8 (Apple Podcasts)

The Horse & Hound podcasts are produced by Horse & Hound magazine. This magazine was launched in 1884 and has since been released weekly, providing all levels of equestrian fans updates on the latest news, developments, interviews, features and more. The podcast provides listeners with similar content, albeit in a different format, and is hosted by the editorial team. 

8. Who Do You Like Here?

Release schedule: Weekly on Fridays

Ratings: 5.0 (Apple Podcasts)

This podcast aims to offer listeners a slightly different experience: it’s a banter-filled and entertaining podcast that will make you laugh while also getting you up to date on everything you need to know from the world of horse racing handicapping. The show is hosted by three thoroughbred handicappers, called Joey “C-Note,” Joey “Stats” and Justin “The Kid.” Expect interviews, news, racing insights and betting tips when listening to Who Do You Like Here?.

9. In the Saddle

Release schedule: Intermittent

Ratings: 4.6 (Apple Podcasts)

One of the few “pure” podcasts on our list, In the Saddle offers listeners all the latest news, greatest insights and interviews from the world of racing. This podcast also offers bettors specific advice on betting, with previews, tips and more from a variety of experts. This podcast is hosted by Marc Hryhorskyj and Chris Loader.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.