Michigan Woman Claims 100K BetMGM Bracket Prize

(Credit: BetMGM Staff)

You never know what’s going to happen when you fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket. That investment of time in mid-March can pay serious dividends just a few weeks later in early April.

That’s the case for a 34-year old Michigan woman, Rosa C., who claimed $100,000 in BetMGM’s $2 Million Bracket Challenge after Baylor knocked off Gonzaga Monday night.

“I am so excited that my bracket that I was doing for pure fun turned into something so amazing for my family,” Rosa said, after meeting with BetMGM officials to be recognized. “We are truly blessed with this win. Thank you so much BetMGM.”

Contestants had to submit their completed brackets by March 19, and a perfect bracket would yield $2 million, but if no one was perfect, the top finisher — points-wise — would win $100,000.

The promotion was free to players with a registered BetMGM account, and one bracket submission was allowed per person. In case of a tie, the money would have been divided equally among all of the winners, but Rosa was the only one who picked 50 of 63 games correctly.

The scoring method was simple: Each correct game pick was worth one point. So Rosa’s pick of Baylor to win the national title game was worth as much as when she correctly picked Baylor to dispose of Hartford in the first round more than two weeks ago. She also correctly picked Gonzaga and Houston to reach the Final Four. 

Thousands of people signed up for the contest. First Four games did not figure into the contest.