5 Biggest Winning Bets From Super Bowl LVI

With under a minute remaining in the first quarter of Super Bowl LVI, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced 2nd-and-5 from the Kansas Chiefs’ 8-yard-line. Trailing 3-0, Tom Brady took the shotgun snap with 41 seconds on the clock and hit Rob Gronkowski for an eight-yard touchdown. Had Gronkowski been tackled in bounds, the Bucs run a different play that kept the clock running, or the Chiefs scored in the final 37 seconds of the first quarter to regain the lead, one Super Bowl bettor would’ve lost $275,000.

Super Bowl betting, in most areas, including the ticket share (60 percent) and handle share (54 percent) for spread bets, favored the Chiefs. However, several six- and seven-figure bets were placed on the Bucs, among them a $275,000 wager on the Bucs’ first-quarter spread: +0.5 points. 

That was one of the five biggest winning Super Bowl bets from the Bucs’ 31-9 win:

  1. $2.3 million: Bucs +3.5

The biggest Super Bowl bet on BetMGM this year, the $2.3-million wager was placed in Nevada 10 days before the Super Bowl. With the first-quarter touchdown, the Bucs took a four-point lead and never came close to relinquishing it, let alone falling behind or losing by four points. The ticket paid $2 million.

  1. $1 million: Bucs +135

The Super Bowl spread wasn’t a factor in each of the last 11 Super Bowls. It wasn’t a factor again on Sunday when the Bucs became the ninth outright underdog winner in the last 14 Super Bowls. And by winning outright, the Bucs delivered a $1.35-million win to one bettor who took the Bucs’ money line.

  1. ​$345k: Bucs +3.5

Like the $2.3-million bet, this mid-six-figure bet (to win $300k) was never on thin ice. After the Chiefs grabbed the first lead with a Harrison Butker field goal, they forced the Bucs to one third down on the ensuing drive. Had they stopped them on 3rd-and-1, they would’ve had the ball and the opportunity to expand the lead beyond the spread. That didn’t happen, and the Bucs were within four points the entire game.

  1. $275k: Bucs +0.5 (1st Quarter)

A different playcall in the final seconds of the first quarter could’ve cost this bettor. Instead, Brady-to-Gronk results in BetMGM’s biggest prop bet win ($220k) of the Super Bowl.

  1. $205k: Under 56.5

Sixty-two percent of over/under tickets and 57 percent of the over/under handle was on an Over that flopped. Even with a late one-point drop to 55, the Chiefs and Bucs came nowhere near the total, which resulted in a $186k win for one bettor.

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