History of Super Bowl Host Cities

Fireworks light up MetLife Stadium at the end of the halftime show of Super Bowl XLVIII between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos on February 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Unfortunately for them, this may not help their Super Bowl 55 odds too much since the 75,000-seat Raymond James Stadium will host just 25,000 fans.

Sunday marks the fifth time Tampa has hosted the Super Bowl.

Miami has hosted the Super Bowl the most with 11. New Orleans will tie that mark when it hosts the big game in 2025.

Super Bowl Host Cities

Jan. 15, 1967Los Angeles, California
Jan. 14, 1968Miami, Florida
Jan. 12, 1969Miami, Florida
Jan. 11, 1970New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 17, 1971Miami, Florida
Jan. 16, 1972New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 14, 1973Los Angeles, California
Jan. 13, 1974Houston, Texas
Jan. 12, 1975New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 18, 1976Miami, Florida
Jan. 9, 1977Pasadena, California
Jan. 15, 1978New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 21, 1979Miami, Florida
Jan. 20, 1980Pasadena, California
Jan. 25, 1981New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 24, 1982Pontiac, Michigan
Jan. 30, 1983Pasadena, California
Jan. 22, 1984Tampa, Florida
Jan. 20, 1985Stanford, California
Jan. 26, 1986New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 25, 1987Pasadena, California
Jan. 31, 1988San Diego, California
Jan. 22, 1989Miami, Florida
Jan. 28, 1990New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 27, 1991Tampa, Florida
Jan. 26, 1992Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jan. 31, 1993Pasadena, California
Jan. 30, 1994Atlanta, Georgia
Jan. 29, 1995Miami, Florida
Jan. 28, 1996Tempe, Arizona
Jan. 26, 1997New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 25, 1998San Diego, California
Jan. 31, 1999Miami, Florida
Jan. 30, 2000Atlanta, Georgia
Jan. 28, 2001Tampa, Florida
Feb. 3, 2002New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 26, 2003San Diego, California
Feb. 1, 2004Houston, Texas
Feb. 6, 2005Jacksonville, Florida
Feb. 5, 2006Detroit, Michigan
Feb. 4, 2007Miami, Florida
Feb. 3, 2008Phoenix, Arizona
Feb. 1, 2009Tampa, Florida
Feb 7, 2010Miami, Florida
Feb 6, 2011Arlington, Texas
Feb 5, 2012Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb 3, 2013New Orleans, Louisiana
Feb 2, 2014East Rutherford, New Jersey
Feb 1, 2015Glendale, Arizona
Feb 7, 2016Santa Clara, California
Feb 5, 2017Houston, Texas
Feb 4, 2018Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 3, 2019Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 2, 2020Miami Gardens, Florida
Feb 7, 2021Tampa, Florida
Feb 6, 2022Inglewood, California
Feb 5, 2023Glendale, Arizona
Feb 4, 2024New Orleans, Louisiana

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