How to Bet on Week 2 NFL Odds

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From 1990-2020, 63 percent of NFL teams that started 2-0 reached the playoffs. After a win over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, the Seattle Seahawks are seeking to have history on their side with a third straight 2-0 start. And Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are a heavy favorite against the Tennessee Titans in Week 2 NFL odds.

Hosting the Titans for the first time since 2013 and just the third time since 1998, the Seahawks opened as a 5.5-point favorite at the BetMGM sportsbook. And in the days leading up to the game, the margin widened to 6.5 points, as of Friday, Sept. 17. But that’s not the only NFL betting opportunity for the game.

In addition to the spread, you can bet on the money line and over/under total, along with nearly hundreds of variations of team and player prop bets, including:

  • Race to 10 points
  • First-half total
  • Russell Wilson passing yards
  • Derrick Henry rushing yards
  • D.K. Metcalf receiving yards
  • Julio Jones receiving yards

You can view all available betting odds for the Titans-Seahawks game at the BetMGM online sportsbook or BetMGM Sportsbook app. And once the game starts at 1:25 p.m. PT, live sports betting opens, allowing customers to place live bets throughout the entire game. Whether you want to hedge a pregame bet on the spread, increase a pregame position on the money line, or place an entirely new bet, live betting is a unique opportunity to get closer to the action with bigger payouts and more entertainment.

NFL betting odds are also available for every other Week 2 game. Here are the Week 2 odds, as of Friday, Sept. 17:

Bengals at Bears

Spread: Bears -2.5
Total: Over/Under 46
Money Line: Bengals +115, Bears -135

Texans at Browns

Spread: Browns -12.5
Total: Over/Under 48
Money Line: Texans +500, Browns -650

Rams at Colts

Spread: Rams -3.5
Total: Over/Under 48
Money Line: Rams -190, Colts +160

Bills at Dolphins

Spread: Bills -3.5
Total: Over/Under 47
Money Line: Bills -175, Dolphins +150

Patriots at Jets

Spread: Patriots -6
Total: Over/Under 43
Money Line: Patriots -250, Jets +200

49ers at Eagles

Spread: 49ers -3
Total: Over/Under 49
Money Line: 49ers -160, Eagles +135

Raiders at Steelers

Spread: Steelers -6.5
Total: Over/Under 47
Money Line: Raiders +210, Steelers -250

Saints at Panthers

Spread: Saints -3.5
Total: Over/Under 44.5
Money Line: Saints -185, Panthers +155

Broncos at Jaguars

Spread: Broncos -6
Total: Over/Under 45
Money Line: Broncos -275, Jaguars +220

Vikings at Cardinals

Spread: Cardinals -3.5
Total: Over/Under 50.5
Money Line: Vikings +165, Cardinals -200

Falcons at Bucs

Spread: Bucs -12
Total: Over/Under 52
Money Line: Falcons +500, Bucs -650

Cowboys at Chargers

Spread: Chargers -3.5
Total: Over/Under 55
Money Line: Cowboys +150, Chargers -175

Titans at Seahawks

Spread: Seahawks -6.5
Total: Over/Under 54
Money Line: Titans +225, Seahawks -275

Chiefs at Ravens

Spread: Chiefs -3.5
Total: Over/Under 54.5
Money Line: Chiefs -200, Ravens +165

Lions at Packers

Spread: Packers -11.5
Total: Over/Under 48
Money Line: Lions +450, Packers -650

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