NBA Finals Betting Insights: Public Isn’t Buying Suns

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Andrew Doughty @DoughtyBetMGM Jun 16, 2021, 7:19 PM

win snapped the Suns’ three-game losing streak and put them (9-8 record) percentage points ahead of the Warriors (10-9) in the Pacific Division standings.

Eleven weeks later, the Suns have won 30 of their last 37 games, are 12.5 games ahead of Warriors, have the second-most wins in the NBA, are two games back of the Utah Jazz for the league’s best record and No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, and have climbed in NBA Finals betting. They rank fifth in Hollinger’s offensive efficiency, sixth in defensive efficiency, and third in true shooting percentage. And they’re fifth in scoring, sixth in three-point shooting, and third in free-throw shooting.

Cool, says the betting public.

The Suns entered the season with +2000 odds to win the first NBA championship in franchise history. After tumbling amidst an 8-8 start, they’ve since recovered and enter Tuesday’s game against the Miami Heat at +1600, the seventh-best odds in the NBA. Despite the league’s second-best record and only one loss in their last 10 games, the Suns are beneath the Jazz (+800) and six teams with worse records.

Cool, says the betting public.

As of Tuesday morning, the Suns had received just 2.2 percent of all tickets for NBA Finals betting and only 1.7 percent of the handle. Unsurprisingly, their splits are behind the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers. But, they’re also behind the Warriors, a 26-28 team in danger of missing the playoffs.

Here’s a full breakdown of the current ticket and handle shares for all 30 NBA teams:

Brooklyn Nets20.2%31.3%
Lost Angeles Lakers17%20.9%
Denver Nuggets14.5%11.7%
Philadelphia 76ers11.2%9.5%
Utah Jazz7.3%11.1%
Los Angeles Clippers4.7%3.3%
Milwaukee Bucks4.2%2.5%
Golden State Warriors3.1%1.6%
Boston Celtics2.2%1.4%
Phoenix Suns2.2%1.7%
Miami Heat1.6%0.7%
Dallas Mavericks1.5%0.8%
Indiana Pacers1.5%0.5%
Portland Trail Blazers1.4%0.6%
New York Nicks1.1%0.4%
Washington Wizards0.7%0.3%
Memphis Grizzlies0.6%0.2%
Chicago Bulls0.5%0.2%
New Orleans Pelicans0.5%0.2%
Charlotte Hornets0.5%0.1%
Detriot Pistons0.5%0.1%
Houston Rockets0.4%0.1%
Cleveland Cavaliers0.4%0%
Atlanta Hawks0.4%0.3%
Toronto Raptors0.4%0.3%
Minnesota Timberwolves0.4%0.1%
Oklahoma City Thunder0.4%0.1%
San Antonio Spurs0.3%0.1%
Orlando Magic0.2%0.0%
Sacramento Kings0.2%0.0%

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Andrew Doughty is a web content team lead for BetMGM. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he previously wrote for Sports Illustrated and HERO Sports.