2022 NFL Mock Draft: Odds, Pick Projections, Stats & Highlights

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Georgia defensive lineman Travon Walker
(AP Photo/Michael Woods)
Colton Pool @CPoolReporter Apr 27, 2022, 2:46 PM

Some of the best college players in the country are about to make the step up to the pros via the NFL Draft.

With the first round set to begin April 28, here is a look at the top prospects, their NFL Draft odds and predictions for where they could land. The sections also contain links to full profiles of the players.

BetMGM Mock Draft

In this mock draft, I have the Steelers trading up with the Falcons, the Eagles swapping picks with the Jets and the Chiefs moving up to the Patriots’ pick.
  • 1. Jaguars - Travon Walker

    Travon Walker Draft Profile

    Georgia DE

    At 6-foot-5, 272 pounds, Walker is fast and physical. He can track down receivers and running backs in the open field, and he successfully can take on pulling interior offensive linemen and clog up rushing lanes.

    Considering he can rush from the inside or outside, he stands out on defensive line stunts. He can also drop into coverage and use his 35.5-inch arm length to close down passing windows. He also is disciplined enough to maintain the edge when plays go away from him, meaning he can defend trick plays like reverses.

    Therefore, for the team which drafts him, defensive play-callers can be creative.

    Walker’s lack of pass rush moves is perhaps the weakest area of his game. Outside of a bull rush, he didn’t show much range in that aspect.

    But that was all he needed sometimes. With a quality punch, matched with an arm extension that kept offensive linemen off balance, he could fly by opponents with sheer force.

    Full Travon Walker Draft Profile

    Travon Walker Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.51 3rd
    Vertical 35.5 10th
    Broad Jump 10’3″ 6th
    3-Cone 6.89 2nd
    20-yard Shuttle 4.32 4th

    Travon Walker’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Walker was ranked a five-star recruit by 247Sports and the No. 22 overall prospect in the class of 2019.

    Travon Walker Highlights

  • 2. Lions - Aidan Hutchinson

    Aidan Hutchinson Draft Profile

    Michigan DE

    At 6-foot-6, 265 pounds, Hutchinson has the ideal size to play defensive end in the NFL, as well as the athleticism and technique it takes to do so at a high level.

    Hutchinson showed sound footwork that’s difficult for offensive linemen to keep up with. He also uses his hands well to neutralize the blocking threats in front of him.

    Hutchinson may have not won after a single move, but he often did after the second or third. Even with multiple blockers ahead of him, he found a way to the quarterback. And if the opposing quarterback was mobile, he used his speed to track them down.

    Hutchinson also proved he doesn’t need to rely on a single type of pass-rush move.

    Full Aidan Hutchinson Draft Profile

    Aidan Hutchinson Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.74 13th
    Vertical 36 9th
    Broad Jump 9’9″ 16th
    3-Cone 6.73 1st
    20-yard Shuttle 4.15 1st

    Aidan Hutchinson’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Hutchinson was a four-star recruit, the No. 6 strong-side defensive end in the country, and the No. 1 recruit in Michigan in the class of 2018, according to 247Sports.

    Aidan Hutchinson Highlights

  • 3. Texans - Derek Stingley Jr.

    Derek Stingley Jr. Draft Profile

    LSU CB

    In 2020, Stingley was the top-graded corner by Pro Football Focus in coverage.

    He has the potential to translate to a standout press corner. In his career, he was beaten multiple times on slants near the goal line when he should’ve taken the inside leverage. However, he’s generally excellent with his hands at the line of scrimmage and is fluid.

    Stingley can provide support on the ground. He understands pursuit angles and is capable of shedding blocks, but his tackling form is inconsistent.

    Stingley often shows hustle. He has incredible quickness to close the gap between a receiver and him when the ball is in the air.

    At 6-foot,190 pounds with arms measured at 30 5/8 inches, Stingley has the tools to become a solid professional defender.

    Full Derek Stingley Jr. Draft Profile

    Derek Stingley Jr. Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Derek Stingley Jr.’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Stingley was ranked a five-star recruit, the No. 1 cornerback, and the No. 3 overall recruit in the 2019 class, per 247Sports.

    Derek Stingley Jr. Highlights

  • 4. Jets - Evan Neal

    Evan Neal Draft Profile

    Alabama OT

    Neal possesses an uncanny blend of sound fundamentals, quickness and acumen. This is all while standing at 6-foot-7. He also said during an NFL Combine press conference that he weighed in at 337 pounds, which is impressive considering how lean he is.

    Neal’s height may mean he occasionally gives up leverage, but his pad level is often low. His footwork is consistent, and he makes sure to keep moving at the point of attack.

    Neal also rapidly reads blitzes and stunts and can adjust accordingly. He also has the speed to reach the next level and stay in front of linebackers.

    Because he started at so many positions, he can line up with either hand in the dirt at the professional level.

    Full Evan Neal Draft Profile

    Evan Neal Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Evan Neal’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    In the class of 2019, Neal was a five-star recruit and the No. 1 offensive tackle in the country, per 247Sports.

    Evan Neal Highlights

  • 5. Giants - Ikem Ekwonu

    Ikem Ekwonu Draft Profile

    NC State OT

    Ekwonu is powerful at the point of attack and is quick out of his stance. He maintains a steady base, which means he’s rarely vulnerable to countermoves.

    He can also rapidly recognize where pressure is coming from and adapt accordingly. He can pass blocks off to another lineman and pick up another defender smoothly.

    Ekwonu is a highly mobile offensive lineman at 6-foot-4, 310 pounds. He was seventh among O-linemen at the NFL Combine with a time of 4.93 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

    He’s also fast enough to keep up with ball carriers and make key blocks well downfield. That happened often in his collegiate career.

    Full Ikem Ekwonu Draft Profile

    Ikem Ekwonu Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.93 7th
    Vertical 29 12th
    Broad Jump 9’0″ 18th
    3-Cone 7.82 22nd
    20-yard Shuttle 4.73 22nd

    Ikem Ekwonu’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Ekwonu a three-star recruit in the class of 2019.

    Ikem Ekwonu Highlights

  • 6. Panthers - Kenny Pickett

    Kenny Pickett Draft Profile

    Pitt QB

    Pickett consistently showed phenomenal evasiveness in and outside of the pocket. He perhaps looked the most poised while on the move, often keeping his eyes downfield while doing so. He could also succeed on QB sneaks or designed runs near the goal line.

    Pickett can throw while moving to either side and showed accuracy and touch on short, intermediate, and deep passes. He has a fairly quick and fluid release and can hit receivers in stride with ease.

    The Panthers clearly trusted Pickett’s arm. They designed complex, downfield route schemes for him. They also relied on him to make anticipatory throws, even though he’s capable of surveying the field and checking down to his second or third receiver.

    That said, he took risks when he didn’t need to. He was willing to throw to receivers when they were well covered, though it worked out sometimes anyway.

    He also didn’t always deal with pressure well. He didn’t recognize when a blitz was being sent at him and had trouble reacting when it did.

    Full Kenny Pickett Draft Profile

    Kenny Pickett Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.73 3rd
    Vertical 33.5 3rd
    Broad Jump 10’1″ 3rd
    20-yard Shuttle 4.29 3rd

    Kenny Pickett’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Pickett was a three-star recruit and the No. 33 pro-style QB in the 2017 class, according to 247Sports.

    Kenny Pickett Highlights

  • 7. Giants - Kayvon Thibodeaux

    Kayvon Thibodeaux Draft Profile

    Oregon DE

    Thibodeaux’s most remarkable trait is his first step. Even in the NFL, few will easily keep up with him at the snap of the ball.

    At 6-foot-5, 258 pounds, Thibodeaux has the length, speed, and an expansive arsenal of moves to put offensive lineman out of position in a hurry. Either they step out too wide in pass protection and Thibodeaux can cut inside, or he’s too fast and uses a Von Miller-esque bend to win around the edge.

    Thibodeaux can also be explosive while defending the run. He can blow up trap blocks and long-arm offensive linemen in order to hold an edge. However, he can occasionally be too eager at the snap and be drawn offsides.

    He also has the discipline to contain the edge, which led to him halting wide receiver perimeter runs his way. His speed allows him to keep up with skill players in confined spaces.

    Full Kayvon Thibodeaux Draft Profile

    Kayvon Thibodeaux Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.58 7th
    Bench 27 1st

    Kayvon Thibodeaux’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Thibodeaux was a five-star recruit in the class of 2019 and was 247Sports’ No. 2 overall recruit in the nation.

    Kayvon Thibodeaux Highlights

  • 8. Steelers (trade with Falcons) - Malik Willis

    Malik Willis Draft Profile

    Liberty QB

    Willis’ mobility and arm strength make him an appealing prospect.

    He has incredible accuracy on deep throws, even when he’s on the move. He also keeps his balance and gets passes off if he’s hit. His mobility also benefits him greatly in the red zone.

    Willis is also unafraid to take deep shots. He throws especially well to receivers who are running vertically. Though he isn’t 100% accurate, he shows a fair amount of touch on throws downfield. Liberty ran fairly simple route concepts, but they worked nonetheless.

    Willis is decisive when he chooses to take off and run. He also clearly understands pursuit angles, making defenses have to cover the whole field.

    But Willis also often doesn’t wait for a second option. If his first receiver is covered, he takes off. And even then, Willis takes an alarming amount of risks and makes throws that may be easily picked off.

    Willis often worked out of the shotgun, which the Steelers did the sixth-most times in the NFL, according to Football Outsiders. He also utilized play fakes often, another rising professional trend. So even despite the risks, he would be a fit in Pittsburgh.

    Full Malik Willis Draft Profile

    Malik Willis Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Malik Willis’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    Willis was a three-star recruit by 247Sports in the 2017 class and the No. 368 overall recruit in the country.

    Malik Willis Highlights

  • 9. Seahawks - Charles Cross

    Charles Cross Draft Profile

    Mississippi State OT

    As shown in the last season of his collegiate career, Cross rarely gives up sacks. He was consistent in protection.

    Flat out, he stays in front of defenders. Even when his weight is on his heels, he’s strong enough to remain an obstacle to defensive linemen. In the run game, he successfully drives at the point of attack.

    Thoughts on Cross’ athleticism vary, but his lateral speed is unquestionable. He’s also fast enough to run out to the perimeter and lay mean blocks on linebackers and defensive backs.

    Cross, at times, showed wonky footwork. He sometimes hopped backward to gain leverage, yet started plays in a narrow and upright stance. This makes him susceptible to bull rushes.

    He also didn’t always have the best punch on either runs or passes. Too often he gives up windows to his chest, which NFL defenders would capitalize on. But when they were engaged, Cross rarely lost.

    Full Charles Cross Draft Profile

    Charles Cross Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.95 10th
    Vertical 26 29th
    Broad Jump 9’4″ 6th
    3-Cone 7.88 27th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.61 11th

    Charles Cross’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Cross a five-star recruit and the No. 5 offensive tackle in the 2019 class.

    Charles Cross Highlights

  • 10. Eagles (trade with Jets): Ahmad Gardner

    Ahmad Gardner Draft Profile

    Cincinnati CB

    Gardner’s best trait is his length. At 6-foot-3, 190 pounds with 33.5-inch arms, he easily blanketed receivers and broke up passes.

    He didn’t consistently play fast. But concerns about his speed were mostly quelled when he clocked a 4.41-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

    Though he was flagged a fair amount, Gardner often makes disruptive plays when the ball is thrown his way. He also isn’t fooled easily, as double moves don’t necessarily force him out of position.

    A complete package, Gardner stands out in a class loaded with skilled corners. His physicality lends well to him pressing at the line of scrimmage. That was the case even against bigger Alabama players.

    Gardner was successful on blitzes, as he could find his way to a QB in a hurry. He was also unafraid of hard hits in run support.

    Full Ahmad Gardner Draft Profile

    Ahmad Gardner Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.41 12th

    Ahmad Gardner’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Gardner was a three-star recruit and the No. 163 cornerback in the 2019 class, per 247Sports.

    Ahmad Gardner Highlights

  • 11. Commanders - Kyle Hamilton

    Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile

    Notre Dame S

    Hamilton’s instincts are his greatest asset. He also possesses quick reflexes and outstanding acceleration. This allows him to capitalize and make pivotal plays, like picking off tipped passes.

    Hamilton is also a disciplined tackler in the open field. He doesn’t often go for eye-popping hits. Instead, he plays sound and focuses on a sure takedown.

    At 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, his length, quickness, and savvy allow him to cover a wide area in a small amount of time. He can play in a single-high defense, in the box, or can cover receivers out wide.

    He also appeared smooth during field workouts at the NFL Combine. While a mishap led to him running a 4.59-second 40-yard dash, he was second among safeties in the broad jump (10 feet, 11 inches) and third in the vertical (38 inches).

    Hamilton also reads quarterbacks’ eyes extremely well. But he can occasionally be tricked this way. Clever quarterbacks may look another direction and bait Hamilton out of position while actually hoping to throw to another part of the field.

    Full Kyle Hamilton Draft Profile

    Kyle Hamilton Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.59 14th
    Vertical 38 3rd
    Broad Jump 10’11” 2nd
    3-Cone 6.9 5th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.32 5th

    Kyle Hamilton’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Hamilton was a four-star recruit and the No. 5 safety in the class of 2019, per 247Sports.

    Kyle Hamilton Highlights

  • 12. Vikings - Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis Draft Profile

    Georgia DT

    At 6-foot-6, 341 pounds with 34-inch arms, Davis is colossal. Yet he’s also powerful, explosive, and fast enough to track down skill position players in the open field.

    With a 4.78-second 40-yard dash, Davis was the second-fastest defensive tackle at the NFL Combine. His broad jump of 10 feet, 3 inches was first at his position while his 32-inch vertical was second.

    Davis wasn’t necessarily relied upon to provide pressure on passing downs, so he could expand his repertoire in that area. He certainly was a standout run defender, though.

    Davis is smart and often knows exactly where to line up and where to be after the snap. He demands double teams but clogs up multiple running lanes anyway. All of this can be highly useful for coaches scheming up defensive game plans.

    Full Jordan Davis Draft Profile

    Jordan Davis Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.78 2nd
    Vertical 32 2nd
    Broad Jump 10’3″ 1st

    Jordan Davis’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    Davis was a three-star recruit in the class of 2018 and the No. 29 defensive tackle, according to 247Sports.

    Jordan Davis Highlights

  • 13. Texans - Jermaine Johnson

    Jermaine Johnson Draft Profile

    Florida State DE

    Johnson’s first step after the snap is powerful, and he blends his attack with speed well. This is the ferocious defender’s greatest asset when approaching offensive linemen.

    At the NFL Combine, his broad jump of 10 feet, 5 inches, tied for fourth among defensive ends. He was also eighth with a 4.58-second 40-yard dash.

    He has more than enough speed to track down ball carriers. His discipline also makes him stand out on run defense.

    Out of a four-point, three-point, or two-point stance, he maintains his gap or sets the edge, not sacrificing his responsibilities in the hopes of making an explosive play. At 6-foot-5, 254 pounds with 34-inch arms, he used his length to gain separation and his height to constantly keep his eyes in the backfield and not lose track of the ball.

    Johnson wasn’t overly consistent. He sometimes got ahead of himself and tried using too many moves on a single snap, which led to opponents blocking him fairly easily.

    Johnson possesses an expansive arsenal of moves, though. In college, he didn’t have to win with more than his phenomenal bull rush and hand swipes.

    He also showed superior footwork, as he could manipulate tackles with a quick jab step one way and then go another in a flash.

    Full Jermaine Johnson Draft Profile

    Jermaine Johnson Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.58 7th
    Vertical 32 17th
    Broad Jump 10’5″ 4th

    Jermaine Johnson’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Johnson was a four-star recruit and the No. 1 overall prospect in the 2019 class, per 247Sports.

    Jermaine Johnson Highlights

  • 14. Ravens - Garrett Wilson

    Garrett Wilson Draft Profile

    Ohio State WR

    Wilson has a propensity for dazzling plays. Like a quarterback who’s commended for making all types of throws, Wilson’s made all types of catches. He’s repeatedly dove for low throws, dragged in passes behind him and earns challenging receptions while keeping his feet in bounds along the sideline.

    Wilson is inconsistent with his hands, though. He could be more crisp in his route running and sometimes falls down as he gets too ahead of himself in routes. His size may also give him problems against more imposing defenders.

    But when he does stay upright, he can create separation on short and intermediate concepts and burn defenders deep. He can turn screens into large yardage gains with his speed and cunning stiff-arms and jukes.

    When he had the ball in the open field, Wilson displayed balance as he shook off tackles, so losing his feet at other times may be fixable. His quickness also allowed for him to be effective on wide receiver runs like jet sweeps.

    When he gained any sort of separation, Wilson was almost guaranteed to make an impressive play.

    Wilson’s maneuverability should lead to him racking up plenty of yards after the catch in the pros. That is a trait NFL teams will deem greatly valuable.

    Full Garrett Wilson Draft Profile

    Garrett Wilson Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.38 7th
    Vertical 36 11th
    Broad Jump 10’3″ 19th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.36 7th

    Garrett Wilson’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Wilson a five-star recruit and the No. 2 WR in the class of 2019.

    Garrett Wilson Highlights

  • 15. Jets - (trade with Eagles): Drake London

    Drake London Draft Profile

    USC WR

    London is very physical. He will simply outfight opponents for catches. He’s excellent at high-pointing 50-50 throws.

    He can also adjust to the ball while it’s in the air and works well on the fly to find open spaces in zone coverage. Combined with a 6-foot-4, 219-pound frame, this makes for a large catch radius.

    London’s footwork on his routes stands out, as he keeps defenders guessing which way he’s going to break until the last second. However, he could be more efficient with his feet off of the line of scrimmage.

    That will be particularly important in the NFL when he’s working against faster corners. While he didn’t run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, his most glaring weakness is his speed. That will make it easier for defenders to blanket him.

    That said, he is shifty in the open field. With his stature and creativity, he’s difficult to take down.

    Full Drake London Draft Profile

    Drake London Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Drake London’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    London had a four-star recruiting ranking from 247Sports and was the No. 35 wide receiver in the class of 2019.

    Drake London Highlights

  • 16. Saints - Matt Corral

    Matt Corral Draft Profile

    Ole Miss QB

    Corral possesses a skill set that should translate well to the pros. He displayed patience when reading a defense. He doesn’t necessarily have to go after his primary receiver.

    Corral has a quick release and throws a tight spiral. His passes, especially from short distances, have impressive zip. He can also work out of shotgun or under center.

    He also often keeps throws away from defenders and only in places where his receivers can reach them. However, this mindset can occasionally lead to overthrows or underthrows — simply off target.

    He’s comfortable checking down and looking for other options. As evidenced by his low number of interceptions, he doesn’t often force throws.

    Corral can use his mobility at pivotal times when defenses don’t respect it. He also knows how to maneuver in the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield.

    Full Matt Corral Draft Profile

    Matt Corral Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Matt Corral’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Corral was a four-star recruit and the No. 4 pro-style QB in the 2018 class, per 247Sports.

    Matt Corral Highlights

  • 17. Chargers - Trevor Penning

    Trevor Penning Draft Profile

    Northern Iowa OT

    Penning’s strength and power are evident. In the run game, he drove defenders off of the line of scrimmage with ease. Even when he was on his heels, he was strong enough to keep defensive linemen at bay. He constantly illustrated a vicious edge, so he likely won’t be intimidated by any NFL defensive linemen.

    Being from an FCS program shouldn’t be of concern. For one, he played in the Missouri Valley which is littered with tough competition. And two, he was impressive against Iowa State, a Power Five program.

    On top of that, any of those questions should’ve been answered during the Senior Bowl. A showcase of the best college prospects in the country, Penning not only survived, he thrived. Those who lined up against him often ended up on the turf that week.

    While he has speed, Penning lacks lateral quickness. He could be beat around the edge in the NFL.

    Otherwise, he has good footwork. He remains balanced as he’s being pushed around, and he keeps his feet going seemingly all the time.

    Full Trevor Penning Draft Profile

    Trevor Penning Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.89 2nd
    Vertical 28 18th
    Broad Jump 9’3″ 10th
    3-Cone 7.25 1st
    20-yard Shuttle 4.62 12th

    Trevor Penning’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Penning was a zero-star recruit with no FBS offers.

    Trevor Penning Highlights

  • 18. Eagles - Devin Lloyd

    Devin Lloyd Draft Profile

    Utah LB

    Lloyd’s intelligence is evident. He is disciplined with his eyes and committed to his assignment. He’s instinctual, and it’s evident he knows his opponent well based on prior preparation.

    Lloyd’s first few steps after the snap are explosive. He can close in on opponents in a hurry.

    He’s also a reliable tackler. Though he’s not as physical when taking on blocks, he is when he’s taking ball carriers down.

    Lloyd is inconsistent at the point of attack. He was second among linebackers at the NFL Combine by bench pressing 225 pounds 25 times, so strength won’t be an issue. But his hand usage could be improved, especially run defense where he should strike blockers’ chests and gain control.

    He can also over pursue at times. This leaves him vulnerable to play fakes, traps or simply being caught in the wrong gap.

    But he can also win around the edge when against tackles, which helped him pile up his sack numbers. He can also line up all over the field, either as an outside or inside linebacker or as an edge rusher with his hand on the ground.

    Full Devin Lloyd Draft Profile

    Devin Lloyd Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.66 16th
    Bench 25 2nd
    Vertical 35 16th
    Broad Jump 10’6″ 10th

    Devin Lloyd’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Lloyd was a three-star recruit and the No. 1,631 overall prospect in the 2017 class, per 247Sports.

    Devin Lloyd Highlights

  • 19. Saints - Tyler Linderbaum

    Tyler Linderbaum Draft Profile

    Iowa C

    Linderbaum is athletic and disciplined, two traits which will benefit him greatly at the next level.

    He usually is superb with his hand placement and footwork. At his height, he naturally has better leverage than a lot of defenders.

    However, that can be a weakness. At 6-foot-2, 296 pounds with arms measured at 31 1/8 inches, Linderbaum is at a disadvantage physically. In particular, his stature can leave him vulnerable to bullrushes.

    He also can whiff on blocks when he’s in the open field or the second level. Usually, though, he’s in the right spot. He can quickly read defenses and ensure he’s in the right position.

    Linderbaum’s agility allows him to thrive in a zone running scheme. He has quick first steps after the snap.

    He can also use that speed to recover when he’s beat. So if he gains some more strength and size, he may be able to adjust to other schemes as well.

    Full Tyler Linderbaum Draft Profile

    Tyler Linderbaum Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Tyler Linderbaum’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Linderbaum a three-star recruit and the No. 409 overall recruit in the 2018 class.

    Tyler Linderbaum Highlights

  • 20. Falcons (trade with Steelers) - Treylon Burks

    Treylon Burks Draft Profile

    Arkansas WR

    When the ball is in the air, Burks showcases what makes him so difficult to defend.

    Even when a defender is covering him well, Burks has the concentration to fight through contact for a catch. He also adjusts well to throws, placing himself in a favorable position for those receptions. He earns those catches lined up anywhere — out wide, in the slot or even in the backfield.

    At 6-foot-2, 225 pounds with 33.5-inch arms, Burks has the frame to defeat defensive backs for those 50-50 passes. It also makes him difficult to take down after the catch.

    At the NFL Combine, Burks clocked in at 4.55 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He doesn’t possess outstanding top-end speed, though he can accelerate rapidly. The breaks on his routes aren’t choppy, as he rounds his turns often.

    That didn’t help him gain separation, so Burks had to win via contested catches. Arkansas designed plays around this skill, so maybe it will be enough for him at the next level.

    Arkansas also relied on Burks in the ground game. He was physical, not afraid to attack potential tacklers with stiff arms or simply by trucking them. This trait also showed up in his blocking.

    Full Treylon Burks Draft Profile

    Treylon Burks Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.55 22nd
    Vertical 33 24th
    Broad Jump 10’2″ 21st
    3-Cone 7.28 10th

    Treylon Burks’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    Burks was a four-star recruit and the No. 16 WR in the 2019 class, per 247Sports.

    Treylon Burks Highlights

  • 21. Chiefs (trade with Patriots) - Jameson Williams

    Jameson Williams Draft Profile

    Alabama WR

    Williams has elite downfield speed. And he knows exactly how to use it to his advantage.

    He alters his pace on any given route. Again and again, this kept cornerbacks and safeties guessing. Often, they were left flat-footed on his breaks as they waited to see where he would go. He can also shed tackles in the open field.

    Williams is fast enough to gain a substantial cushion out of his break. Not only can he win 40-yard races, but he’s also quick and can ramp up to full speed in a hurry.

    At 6-foot-2, Williams is lanky, and he uses his long strides to gain momentum in a short amount of time. This helps him, particularly on short routes and screens, where he was nearly impossible to track down.

    At 189 pounds, Williams’ lack of size does lead to him occasionally struggling on run blocks and against press coverage. His ACL was torn in the College Football Playoff national championship in January, which is another concern.

    When he’s healthy, he has a strong chance of being a formidable threat to NFL defenses.

    Full Jameson Williams Draft Profile

    Jameson Williams Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Jameson Williams’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    Williams was a four-star recruit and the No. 13 WR in the 2019 class, according to 247Sports.

    Jameson Williams Highlights

  • 22. Packers - Chris Olave

    Chris Olave Draft Profile

    Ohio State WR

    Olave is fluid and balanced in his routes, yet crisp with his breaks. He knows exactly how to manipulate defensive backs.

    He was eighth at the NFL Combine with a 4.39-second 40-yard dash. He uses this trait to his advantage on the field when he changes speeds to fool defenders.

    He can identify weaknesses in zone defenses and exploit them as well. He also played on the punt return team, so he’s willing to hustle on special teams.

    Olave was open often downfield. At first glance, it may seem to be a result of bad defense or an excellent scheme. But Olave’s technique usually had plenty to do with that.

    He needs to add strength, which was evident in some ways. He wasn’t effective as a run blocker, for example.

    At 6-foot, 187 pounds, with a vertical jump of 32 inches, Olave is capable of corralling passes in a crowd, though. He successfully works back toward underthrown passes and battles for them. Even when passes are off the mark, he’s talented enough to get open and finish plays with impressive catches.

    Full Chris Olave Draft Profile

    Chris Olave Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.39 8th
    Vertical 32 29th
    Broad Jump 10’4″ 16th

    Chris Olave’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Olave as a three-star recruit and the No. 68 wide receiver in the 2018 class.

    Chris Olave Highlights

  • 23. Cardinals - George Karlaftis

    George Karlaftis Draft Profile

    Purdue DE

    The strength of Karlaftis jumps out immediately on his tape.

    He knows how to win with leverage. However, his sheer power was often enough to win one-on-one matchups.

    He bench pressed 225 points 21 times at the NFL Combine. He tied for second among defensive ends with a 38-inch vertical. He also had a 20-yard shuttle of 4.36 seconds and a broad jump of 10 feet, 1 inch. In essence, Karlaftis is explosive.

    Karlaftis’ stiffness, though, may lead to him dropping down to the second half of the first round. His pass rush moves aren’t fluid, especially if he tries to counter after his initial action doesn’t work.

    This is also problematic in the run game. If he’s blocked, he has a tough time tracking the ball and changing direction quickly enough. He also missed tackles occasionally.

    But he’s opportunistic. When a pass is deflected, he’ll grab it. If a pass is within reach, he’ll deflect it. When opponents fumble, he recovers it.

    Full George Karlaftis Draft Profile

    George Karlaftis Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    Bench 21 6th
    Vertical 38 2nd
    Broad Jump 10’1″ 11th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.36 6th

    George Karlaftis’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    Karlaftis was a four-star recruit by 247Sports and the No. 4 strong-side defensive end in the 2019 class.

    George Karlaftis Highlights

  • 24. Cowboys - George Pickens

    George Pickens Draft Profile

    Georgia WR

    Pickens is arguably the best receiver in this year’s class when the ball is in the air.

    His frame helps with that. At 6-foot-3, 195 pounds, and arms at 32 3/8 inches, Pickens has the length alone to win contested catches.

    But he also possesses the athleticism and instinct to high-point passes even against the best cornerbacks. Pickens had a 33-inch vertical and broad jump of 10 feet, 5 inches, at the NFL Combine.

    Pickens is also faster than players at his height may be. In the 40-yard dash, Pickens clocked in at 4.47 seconds. And that quickness is evident on tape.

    His route-running was inconsistent, though. He at times showed good footwork and used his long strides to his advantage, and on others his breaks weren’t as crisp as they could be.

    But when he’s on-point, he’ll be open in the NFL. With any sort of separation, he can find his way to the end zone.

    Full George Pickens Draft Profile

    George Pickens Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.47 16th
    Vertical 33 24th
    Broad Jump 10’5″ 12th

    George Pickens’ High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked Pickens a five-star recruit and the No. 4 WR in the 2019 class.

    George Pickens Highlights

  • 25. Bills - Breece Hall

    Breece Hall Draft Profile

    Iowa State RB

    No matter the scheme, Hall excels at finding gaps in defensive fronts. He possesses Le’Veon Bell-like vision and patience, as he usually thinks one step ahead and manipulates defenders to move out of place with even minute movements.

    As proven by his touchdown numbers, Hall is efficient in the red zone. He capitalizes on those chances by using a combo of power and quickness to find a fracture up front and plow forward.

    He also has a standout spin move, as he could vanish out of a defender’s clutches in an instant with it. He also used stiff arms and jukes to break tackles. According to Pro Football Focus, he had a 31% career avoided tackles per attempt rate.

    At the NFL Combine, he was first in his position group with a 40-inch vertical and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds, just 0.02 behind the leader. His broad jump of 10 feet, 6 inches, was tied for third, 2 inches from equaling first.

    However, his burst when he is in the open field isn’t his best trait. He can be caught in a race downfield.

    Hall’s complete game makes him stand out, though. He’s a remarkable route runner with excellent hands.

    Full Breece Hall Draft Profile

    Breece Hall Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.39 6th
    Vertical 40 1st
    Broad Jump 10’6″ 3rd

    Breece Hall’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Hall was a four-star recruit and the No. 22 RB in the class of 2019, per 247Sports.

    Breece Hall Highlights

  • 26. Titans - Bernhard Raimann

    Bernhard Raimann Draft Profile

    Central Michigan OT

    Raimann consistently showed solid footwork and technique in his short time at tackle.

    He usually kept his base wide and his hands on the middle of defenders’ chests. When his hands were out of place, even as those across from him were seeking to shove him on his back, he readjusted and kept fighting. And while he played in the MAC, he faced off with SEC teams and still thrived.

    Raimann wasn’t always on-point with his recognition of blitzes and stunts, though. He also doesn’t always keep his feet firing at the point of attack in the run game.

    However, this surely could be cleaned up with NFL coaching and more time at the position.

    At 6-foot-6, 303 pounds, Raimann could also help himself with lower leverage, as he seemed to be outpowered on bull rushes. But he possesses the explosiveness to win in those aforementioned situations.

    Raimann also is fast laterally. He isn’t easily defeated around the edge.

    Full Bernhard Raimann Draft Profile

    Bernhard Raimann Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 5.05 17th
    Bench 30 4th
    Vertical 30.5 6th
    Broad Jump 9’9″ 3rd
    3-Cone 7.46 8th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.49 5th

    Bernhard Raimann’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Raimann was a two-star recruit by 247Sports and the No. 2,656 overall prospect in the 2017 class.

    Bernhard Raimann Highlights

  • 27. Bucs - Zion Johnson

    Zion Johnson Draft Profile

    Boston College OG

    The highlight of Johnson’s tape is his power at the point of attack. He was first among all players, not just offensive linemen, as he benched 225 pounds 32 times at the NFL Combine. This strength was evident in college.

    Johnson begins plays a little high in his stance. If he was lower, it would help him gain leverage and push opponents off the line more often. It would also help him load weight up on his feet so he can spring out and gain a quicker first step.

    Johnson’s hands were also far apart when he blocked, which could leave him vulnerable. He could also improve his stunt and blitz recognition.

    However, when he’s getting pushed back, Johnson’s form looks spot on. He squats down and digs in, which makes him tough to beat in narrow spaces.

    In space, Johnson keeps his stance wide. Combined with choppy feet, this assists him in consistently remaining in front of pass rushers. He also has the athleticism to block linebackers.

    Full Zion Johnson Draft Profile

    Zion Johnson Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 5.18 26th
    Bench 32 1st
    Vertical 32 4th
    Broad Jump 9’4″ 7th
    3-Cone 7.38 4th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.46 3rd

    Zion Johnson’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Johnson was a zero-star recruit in the 2017 class who started his career at FCS non-scholarship member Davidson.

    Zion Johnson Highlights

  • 28. Packers - Christian Watson

    Christian Watson Draft Profile

    North Dakota State WR

    Watson consistently relied on his elite speed, and it often was enough to result in explosive plays. He averaged 20.4 yards per reception collegiately. Of his 180 rushes, catches or returns, 57 went for 20 yards or more.

    According to Next Gen Stats, he earned a maximum athletic grade, putting him among the top receivers to ever participate in the NFL Combine.

    So even in the NFL, Watson should be capable of outracing defensive backs down field as he did in college. At 6-foot-4, 208 pounds with 32.5-inch arms, Watson also has the size and length to make contested grabs.

    The routes Watson ran were fairly limited. He often was either deep downfield, sometimes over the middle, or he ran hitches.

    His footwork out of his breaks wasn’t always crisp, and he dropped passes at an unusually high rate. He also relied on his speed alone quite commonly, so it’s somewhat difficult to predict how his skills may translate to more complicated pro schemes.

    But during the Senior Bowl, he showed he can still win against some of the best corners on those types of routes. He also showcased physicality as a run blocker, a trait which will also help him against press coverage.

    Watson is also versatile. He can also help out as a runner on sweeps. Aside from his quickness, he understands pursuit angles and is clever in the way he avoids defenders in the open field.

    Full Christian Watson Draft Profile

    Christian Watson Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.36 6th
    Vertical 38.5 6th
    Broad Jump 11’4″ 1st

    Christian Watson’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Watson was a two-star recruit and the No. 501 WR in the 2017 class, per 247Sports.

    Christian Watson Highlights

  • 29. Chiefs - Trent McDuffie

    Trent McDuffie Draft Profile

    Washington CB

    McDuffie is almost the complete package for a defensive back. He’s displayed outstanding recognition. He seemingly knows what is going to happen before it does.

    McDuffie’s size is his most glaring weakness. At 5-foot-11, 193 pounds, he could be vulnerable against larger receivers.

    But otherwise, McDuffie can thrive in a plethora of schemes, including zone or man. He’s also physical, which helps him in press coverage.

    He relishes any opportunity to hit opponents. He possesses standout technique while tackling as he breaks down right before contact and makes sure to wrap his arms around ball carriers.

    Full Trent McDuffie Draft Profile

    Trent McDuffie Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.44 14th

    Trent McDuffie’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    247Sports ranked McDuffie a four-star recruit and the No. 12 CB in the class of 2019.

    Trent McDuffie Highlights

  • 30. Patriots (trade with Chiefs): DeMarvin Leal

    DeMarvin Leal Draft Profile

    Texas A&M DT

    Leal is incredibly explosive. This translates to his dazzling pass rush. He’s shown a standout bend around the edge.

    He’s also relentless. If he doesn’t win on his first move, Leal will often try a second or third until he’s past the blocker before him. He’s also creative and can win going to either side of a lineman.

    Leal is inconsistent with his hands. On one snap, he may have the first punch and be in control of an offensive lineman. The next, he may give that advantage to his opponent and lose that control.

    That’s especially problematic in the run game, which would only be exacerbated if he ends up at defensive tackle. He can go from discarding blockers and laying big hits on ball carriers to being stood up and cleared out of the way, leading to substantial gains.

    But if Leal’s strengths can be channeled in the right situation, he will benefit a team.

    Full DeMarvin Leal Draft Profile

    DeMarvin Leal Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 5 6th
    Vertical 27.5 9th
    Broad Jump 8’10” 8th
    20-yard Shuttle 4.49 2nd

    DeMarvin Leal’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Leal was a five-star recruit and the No. 2 defensive tackle in the 2019 class, according to 247Sports.

    DeMarvin Leal Highlights

  • 31. Bengals - Kaiir Elam

    Kaiir Elam Draft Profile

    Florida CB

    Elam is flat-out superb when he’s covering a receiver and the ball is in the air. He knows exactly how to contest catches and make things difficult, if not impossible, for wide receivers.

    He’s fast and fluid when he drops back. That makes him difficult to lose on a lot of routes.

    Elam may need to improve in run support. His tackling technique is inconsistent and he takes bad pursuit angles.

    However, he’s physical, especially when he’s pressing receivers at the line. He loves to quickly push them with his hands before he begins trailing them.

    With a 4.39-second 40-yard dash at 6-foot-1.5 and 191 pounds at the NFL Combine, he has impressive speed. But he seemingly plays even faster, especially when he needs to recover and close in on a receiver who gained a cushion on him.

    This allows him to thrive in press coverage. He isn’t often fooled by double moves or nifty footwork from opponents. He also possesses the awareness and knowledge to play in zone as well.

    Full Kaiir Elam Draft Profile

    Kaiir Elam Measurables At The Combine

    Event Result Pos. Rank
    40 4.39 8th

    Kaiir Elam’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Elam was a four-star recruit in the 2019 class and the No. 6 cornerback, per 247Sports.

    Kaiir Elam Highlights


  • 32. Lions - Sam Howell

    Sam Howell Draft Profile

    North Carolina QB

    While his upside isn’t overwhelming, Howell does bring a good number of tools as a passer.

    He has a strong arm and a quick release. His footwork is inconsistent, but he’s rather accurate on short and intermediate throws.

    While he isn’t as decisive as he should be, he usually doesn’t force the issue and takes check-downs or throws it away when he should. He also has the patience to look at multiple receivers if his first read isn’t open.

    Howell is also mobile. UNC designed plenty of run-pass options and plays meant for him to run. He was impactful this way, including in the red zone.

    He impressively stepped up in the pocket while looking to pass and found lanes between defenders to keep plays alive. He was also a physical runner, which could earn him more yardage but could also lead to injuries in the NFL.

    Full Sam Howell Draft Profile

    Sam Howell Measurables At The Combine

    Did not participate in the measurable drills.

    Sam Howell’s High School Recruiting Ranking

    Howell was a four-star recruit and the No. 3 dual-threat QB in the class of 2019, per 247Sports.

    Sam Howell Highlights

NFL Draft First Overall Pick Odds

NamePositionTeam1st Pick Odds (4/28)
Travon WalkerDLGeorgia-450
Ikem EkwonuOLNC State+400
Aidan HutchinsonDEMichigan+400
Evan NealOLAlabama+2000
Kayvon ThibodeauxDEOregon+3000
Desmond RidderQBCincinnati+3000
Malik WillisQBLiberty+5000
Charles CrossOLMississippi State+10000
Ahmad "Sauce" GardnerCBCincinnati+10000
Jordan DavisDTGeorgia+10000
Derek Stingley Jr.CBLSU+15000
Kyle HamiltonSNotre Dame+15000
Matt CorralQBOle Miss+15000
Sam HowellQBNorth Carolina+20000
Garrett WilsonWROhio State+20000
Tyler LinderbaumOLIowa+20000
Kenny PickettQBPitt+25000
DeMarvin LealDTTexas A&M+30000
Kaiir ElamCBFlorida+30000
Carson StrongQBNevada+30000
Treylon BurksWRArkansas+30000
Chris OlaveWROhio State+50000
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Colton Pool is a Web Content Writer for BetMGM living in Bozeman, Montana, focusing on the NFL and NBA. Previously, he covered Montana State football at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and worked at newspapers in his home state of North Dakota. He graduated from North Dakota State in 2015.