Ticket & Handle Breakdown for Week 1 NFL Odds

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Jalen Ramsey Rams
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Andrew Doughty @DoughtyBetMGM Sep 13, 2021, 2:07 PM

The Los Angeles Rams are commanding nearly 90 percent of tickets placed on the spread (-7.5) in NFL betting, by far the highest share of any Week 1 game.

The Rams open the season on Sunday Night Football against the Chicago Bears in the de facto debut of SoFi Stadium. And a staggering 88 percent of the handle at the BetMGM sportsbook is on Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, and the Rams as they seek a third straight win against the Bears, the first two of which came by at least 10 points apiece. The 88-percent handle share is built with a 70-percent ticket share, tied with the San Francisco 49ers and Minnesota Vikings for the largest in Week 1.

Here are the ticket and handle breakdowns for each game, as of Sunday morning:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread64% on Bills62% on BIllsNone
Total55% on Under58% on Under50 to 48
Money Line65% on Bills64% on BillsNone

New York Jets at Carolina Panthers

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread64% on Panthers54% on PanthersPanthers -4.5 to -3.5
Total62% on Over63% on Under46 to 45
Money Line66% on Panthers57% on PanthersPanthers -225 to -190

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread57% on Jaguars67% on JaguarsJaguars -2.5 to -3
Total52% on Under63% on Under46 to 45
Money Line80% on Jaguars75% on JaguarsJaguars -140 to -160

Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread52% on Washington56% on WashingtonWashington +1 to -1
Total56% on Under60% on Under45 to 44.5
Money Line53% on Chargers55% on ChargersChargers -115 to -105

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread61% on Falcons52% on FalconsNone
Total66% on Over77% on Over47 to 48.5
Money Line66% on Falcons57% on FalconsFalcons -200 to -165

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread59% on Seahawks58% on SeahawksSeahawks +2.5 to -3
Total66% on Under78% on Under52 to 49.5
Money Line58% on Seahawks56% on SeahawksColts -150 to +125

Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread70% on Vikings69% on VikingsNone
Total55% on Over57% on OverNone
Money Line65% on Vikings72% on VikingsNone

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread70% on 49ers75% on 49ers49ers -7.5 to -8
Total55% on Over51% on Over46 to 45.5
Money Line68% on 49ers67% on 49ersNone

Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread52% on Chiefs68% on ChiefsChiefs -6 to -5.5
Total52% on Over63% on Over52.5 to 54.5
Money Line75% on Chiefs65% on ChiefsChiefs -275 to -225

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread58% on Patriots64% on PatriotsPatriots -2 to -3.5
Total66% on Over70% on Over46 to 42
Money Line54% on Patriots63% on PatriotsPatriots -130 to -165

Denver Broncos at New York Giants

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread67% on Broncos66% on BroncosBroncos -1 to -2.5
Total55% on Under58% on Under42.5 to 41
Money Line65% on Broncos64% on BroncosBroncos -115 to -160

Green Bay Packers “at” New Orleans Saints

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread62% on Packers66% on PackersPackers +3 to -3.5
Total66% on Under60% on Under50.5 to 49.5
Money Line71% on Packers72% on PackersSaints -140 to +150

Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread70% on Rams88% on RamsRams -7 to -7.5
Total53% on Over53% on Over45.5 to 46
Money Line57% on Rams82% on RamsRams -350 to -375

Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

BetTicketsHandleLine Movement
Spread59% on Ravens58% on RavensRavens -4.5 to -4
Total66% on Under68% on Under51.5 to 50
Money Line58% on Ravens56% on RavensRavens -300 to -190

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Andrew Doughty is a writer for BetMGM with a focus on college football, NFL, college basketball, and NASCAR. A graduate of the University of Kansas, he previously wrote for Sports Illustrated and HERO Sports.