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Supercars All Stars Eseries - Rd 7
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Supercars All Stars Eseries - Rd 7

There is something addictive and intoxicating about extreme sports – whether it’s the daring stunts and jumps, the energy from the crowd as pyrotechnics blast from the arena, or being kept on the edge of your seat until the very last minute of every run.

For viewers and fans, it is a thrilling event and a rollercoaster ride of emotions until the very end. If you want to experience both the adrenaline rush of performing massive jumps and the excitement of a bit of friendly competition, then why not try hosting your own X-Games at home? So, you can either get everyone over and start digging ramps in the back garden, or you could play some of the best extreme sports video games and not break any limbs. You could even pair your tournament with a little online sports betting to keep the competition interesting and add to the sporting excitement. 

Our top extreme sports video games for your at-home X-Games are:


SSX 3 perfectly captured the thrill of hurling yourself down a mountain with your friends to see who can get down there fastest, while also performing the most insane tricks. Featuring an extensive trick list and intense near-vertical downhill racing, SSX 3 hasn’t changed much from the previous games in the series, except that you now have a more free form and open-ended environment to explore, compete in and just cruise around in with your friends.

There is a “single event” option, and a two-player split-screen variant, that allows you to take part in any race or freestyle event that you have already unlocked. You can unlock new races and freestyle events by playing SSX 3’s main attraction: “Conquer the Mountain” mode. This mode gives you the freedom to explore and experience the expansive environment of the game, and also lets you take part in race and freestyle events at your leisure.

As a great competitive title that is also fun to play with your friends, SSX 3 is highly recommended for your at-home X-Games.

Tony Hawk’s Underground

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Tony Hawk’s skating games are some of the most popular games ever released, and Tony Hawk’s Underground was one of the first to change up the way the game was played. Instead of focusing on existing pro skaters and progressing from level to level completing challenges, in Underground, the focus is on an up-and-coming skater created by the player, and their quest to the top of the competitive skating world.

There are more tricks, more grinds, and crazier specials than the previous games, and the level design is quite different too. Because you are able to explore an open environment, the good skate spots are separated by flatter areas made up mostly of rails that guide you from spot to spot. The game features a two-player split-screen mode for some competitive skating with your friends.

Tony Hawk’s Underground is extremely entertaining and has everything you need for a great addition to your list of extreme sports for your at-home X-Games.  

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

The Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX series is iconic in the extreme sports genre of games. Developers Acclaim were the first to step into BMX territory on the PlayStation with the first game in the series and were the first to release a BMX title on PlayStation 2 with Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2. A few problems with the controls remained even after the jump to PS2, but if you are after some good competitive BMX action you are in the right place.

Using the improved control scheme from Maximum Remix, which adds the square button as a trick modifier, dramatically expands the trick list and makes the game more accessible to fans who are more familiar with other titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 is a fun competitive game that would be great in your list of extreme sports video games for your at-home X-Games.   


Steep combines beautiful scenery and graphics with extreme, adrenaline-pumping action to create an amazing experience. Choose how you would like to go down the mountain – snowboard, skis, wingsuit, or paraglider, and move from spot to spot with the click of a button and go from carving snow down in the tree line to miles high at a drop point that you discovered.

Take part in freestyle events, races and time trials for a competitive and thrilling downhill experience, or try out the “Bone Collector” game mode, which will have you and your friends finding more and more creative ways to hurl yourself down the side of the mountain like a flailing, fleshy avalanche.

If you don’t get lost in exploring the beautiful scenery of the peaks in Steep, then add this to your list of extreme sports games for your at-home X-Games and share the experience with your friends.

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

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An at-home X-Games wouldn’t be complete without some extreme watersports, and Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer fills that gap spectacularly. In single-player mode you can embark on a journey as one of 10 professional surfers on their quest to find the best wave in the world, and go from beach to beach completing challenges and competing against other pros. The multiplayer modes include a head-to-head mode which is a standard split-screen competition for points and a time attack mode which is a turn-based multiplayer mode.

The gameplay in Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer is solid, fun and easy to pick up and this title would make an amazing entry into your list of extreme sports video games for your at-home X-Games.

MXGP 2019

Developer Milestone continues the onslaught of MXGP titles with MXGP 2019, which breaks away from the hyper-realistic gameplay of the previous title and focuses more on the traditional sports games systems such as teams, seasons and track editing. MXGP 2019 delivers fast-paced racing action while looking incredible – rocks fly up from under the tires and the track deteriorates during the race which means that riders need to adapt to keep up on the track.

Up to 12 players can compete in a single race, or a whole championship if you have the time for it, so this could be a great game to involve everyone who is participating in your at-home X-games.

As well as taking part in your at-home X-Games, you might want to do a little sports betting during the tournament, even some friendly bets between you and your friends. If you are interested in online sports betting and want to try playing at an online casino, then why not try betting with us at BetMGM? We offer you access to online sports betting on the world’s biggest and best sporting events.

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