What is One Game Parlay? How to Bet One Game Parlay

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Parlays have been an exciting and lucrative staple of online sports betting for years.

An opportunity for fans to leverage their sports knowledge, parlays can result in bigger payouts and unmatched excitement as you watch a two-, three-, or 10-leg parlay hit over multiple games or in a One Game Parlay.

What is One Game Parlay?

Also known as a Same Game Parlay or Single Game Parlay, One Game Parlays are a low-risk, high-reward strategy that allows bettors to combine their favorite bets for one game to earn a large payout.


It’s an easy and fast way to bring excitement and importance to every play of the game regardless of the score or stakes. You can select the winner, game total, and/or player props from a single game and watch from start to finish as your three-leg parlay hits with seconds to spare.

For example, here’s a three-leg One Game Parlay in NFL betting from Week 14 of the 2020 season, a Monday Night Football matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers:

  • Steelers’ running back Benny Snell to score a touchdown
  • Bengals to score the game’s first touchdown
  • Over 1.5 on Bengals’ total field goals

With +3000 odds, this One Game Parlay could return $310 on a $10 bet.

What is the Advantage of One Game Parlay?

One Game Parlay is an opportunity for higher payouts and more excitement over a three-hour NFL game, two-hour and 15-minute NBA game, or one-hour and 50-minute Champions League match. It’s also an opportunity for a quick return on a low-risk, high-reward bet.

Instead of waiting hours or days for a multi-game parlay to cash, One Game Parlay cashes during, for example, the three-hour window of a Monday Night Football contest. And in the case of MNF, it’s the last opportunity of the weekend for a big NFL payout, as it was in Week 14 of the 2020 season.

How to Bet One Game Parlay

To place a One Game Parlay wager on BetMGM, navigate to the sport, league, or event page and select the game or match you wish to place a bet on. “One Game Parlay” is visible for the eligible games and matches.

For the Bengals and Steelers, a bettor would’ve selected the game and, instead of, or in addition to, betting on the spread (Steelers  -14.5), total (40.5) or moneyline (Steelers -1100 or Bengals +705), they reviewed options for One Game Parlay and ultimately selected the aforementioned three-leg parlay:

  • Steelers’ running back Benny Snell to score a touchdown
  • Bengals to score the game’s first touchdown
  • Over 1.5 on Bengals’ total field goals

Ten minutes into the game, Austin Seibert kicked a 34-yard field goal after a Ben Roethlisberger fumble at the Steelers’ own 19-yard line. Eight minutes later, after another Steelers’ turnover (Juju Smith-Schuster fumble), Giovani Bernard scored on a four-yard touchdown run as the Bengals built a 17-0 halftime lead.

An ugly game for casual fans and a nightmare for Steelers’ fans was highly entertaining for One Game Parlay bettors. And after Benny Snell’s one-yard touchdown run with five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, those bettors were one Bengals’ field goal away from cashing +3000 tickets.

The tickets cashed when Seibert hit a 33-yard field goal with 12 seconds remaining. If Seibert had missed, the Steelers would’ve trailed 24-17 with zero timeouts from their own 15-yard line. Barring a blocked field goal and field-flipping or touchdown return, the game, for all intents and purposes, was over before Seibert’s attempt.

The field-goal attempt was meaningless for nearly all of the 12 million viewers on Dec. 21, 2020. It wasn’t meaningless for One Game Parlay bettors, who won big with the 33-yarder.

What is One Game Parlay Insurance?

One Game Parlay Insurance is your defense for unforeseen outcomes like buzzer-beaters, early-game injuries, and dud performances.

Occasionally offered as a promotion, parlay insurance protects bettors up to a predetermined amount with predetermined terms and conditions. As exciting as parlay-clinching plays like Seibert’s field goal are, missing a high-payout parlay by one leg is equally crushing, which makes the One Game Parlay Insurance a comfortable security blanket for your bets.

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