Wimbledon Live Betting: How to Live Bet Online

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Wimbledon is revered for its status as an elite sporting event that oozes with prestige in the form of an all-white color code, celebrity spectators at the All England Club, and “ladies” and “gentlemen” competing for the most coveted titles in tennis. It’s also revered for its size and scale – nearly 700 matches over three weeks – that presents thousands of Wimbledon betting opportunities with futures odds, match betting, and live tennis betting.

At BetMGM, you can place live bets on every Wimbledon match. From the qualifying rounds through the championship points, Wimbledon live betting is an extraordinary opportunity to leverage your tennis and betting knowledge.

What is Live Sports Betting?

Live sports betting allows fans to place in-game (or in-match) wagers as the action unfolds. Whether you’re watching the Wimbledon quarterfinals on TV, streaming a second-round match on your computer, or tracking qualifying scores on your phone, you can place a variety of live bets at BetMGM.

For example, maybe Novak Djokovic will face Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semifinals. In a rematch of the French Open final, Djokovic is a heavy favorite to reach his third straight final. Instead of placing pre-match wagers on Wimbledon odds for the money line, spread, and/or over/under total games, you preferred to watch the opening minutes and evaluate how Tsitsipas responded one month after collapsing in the French Open final.

With live betting, you have the option of employing a wait-and-see betting strategy. And when a favorable number is posted in live tennis betting odds, you can jump on it.

How to Live Bet on Wimbledon

Wimbledon live betting is both exhilarating and easy.

Throughout the tournament, you can place live bets on Wimbledon odds for gentlemen’s singles, gentlemen’s doubles, ladies’ singles, and ladies’ doubles in several areas. Updated odds are available on the live sports betting page, tennis betting page, and Wimbledon pages.

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After watching Tsitsipas win the first set, 6-4, you browsed live odds during a commercial break, some of which might be:

  • Game 1: Djokovic -200, Tsitsipas +140
  • Set 2: Djokovic -220, Tsitsipas +180
  • Match: Djokovic -130, Tsitsipas +100
  • Over/Under Games: 42.5

Despite the one-set deficit, you liked value in both the set and match odds for Djokovic. As a result, you placed two live bets:

  • $100 on Djokovic to win Set 2
    • Potential payout: $145.45
  • $100 on Djokovic to win the match
    • Potential payout: $176.92

Perhaps Djokovic won the second set, 6-3, en route to a five-set win and shot at his sixth Wimbledon title. With the set and match win, both live bets cashed, returning a profit of $122.37.

Live Betting Parlays

Wimbledon live betting isn’t limited to single bets. You can build tennis parlays with live bets.

The earlier rounds present prime opportunities to build live betting parlays. With several matches played concurrently, you can increase the excitement and payouts by identifying favorable odds from two, three, four, or more different matches.

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