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NBA Draft Odds

One year after the interrupted NBA season pushed the 2020 NBA Draft into November, a sense of normalcy will return to the 2021 NBA Draft as Cade Cunningham, Jalen Suggs, Evan Mobley, and other prospects are selected.

The 2021 NBA Draft is the 75th in league history, though the first that will occur in July (Thursday, July 29), since the inaugural draft – of the NBA’s predecessor, the BAA (Basketball Association of America) – in 1947. And BetMGM customers will have hundreds of different NBA Draft betting combinations at their disposal before and during the 60-pick draft in Brooklyn.

While you’re watching Jalen Green’s selection, non-stop trades, and second-round steals, you can increase the entertainment with a variety of NBA Draft betting opportunities. 

How to Bet on the NBA Draft

It’s never been easier to bet on the NBA Draft. At BetMGM, you have access to updated odds for NBA Draft specials and an easy-to-use menu for placing draft bets this year.

Simply browse new and existing NBA Draft odds in the weeks leading up to the 2021 draft and, when you spot a favorable number, place your winning bets!

NBA Draft Live Betting

With NBA Draft live betting, every pick matters. 

Just like NBA live betting – or any other form of live sports betting – you can inject more excitement and increase your potential payouts by placing live bets on the 2021 NBA Draft. 

Whether you want to hedge a pre-draft bet, increase your investment in a player selection, or place a new bet online, live betting adds a unique element to your draft experience. 

More NBA Betting

NBA betting doesn’t start or stop with the NBA Draft.

You can bet on NBA games with spread, money line, and over/under bets throughout the season. From the first preseason game through the championship-clinching NBA Finals game, NBA betting is available at the BetMGM sports book

You can also build NBA parlays, earn an odds boost, take advantage of NBA betting promotions, or bet on futures, including NBA championship odds and NBA MVP odds.


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