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MLB Odds

BetMGM is the best online sportsbook for updated baseball odds.

With parity sweeping across baseball — six different teams have won the World Series in the last six years, and there hasn’t been a repeat champion in more than two decades — the daily entertainment of baseball betting is unmatched.

The sportsbook has you covered with MLB betting lines. From live betting and World Series odds to daily run lines, NRFI odds, and player props, there’s something for everyone.

2024 World Series Odds

Which team will win the 2024 World Series?

Throughout the year, you can view updated World Series odds and bet on one team, two teams, or five different teams to win the 2024 World Series.

You can also bet on the exact matchup or exact outcome of the World Series, the division of the winning team, and the league of the winning team.

When you log in to bet on baseball odds each day of the season, check out updated futures odds, too!


With NRFI and YRFI betting, the action starts immediately. NRFI and YRFI odds are available for all 2,430 games each season.

What’s NRFI Betting?

NRFI stands for “No Runs First Inning,” i.e., no runs will be scored in the first inning.

For example: If you bet on NRFI odds for a game between the Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds, you’re betting neither team scores a run in the first inning.

What’s YRFI Betting?

YRFI stands for “Yes Runs First Inning,” i.e., runs will be scored in the first inning.

For example: If you bet on YRFI odds for a game between the New York Mets and Cleveland Guardians, you’re betting at least one total run is scored in the first inning.

How Do Baseball Odds Work?

What’s a Baseball Run Line?

The run line is baseball’s version of a point spread, i.e., the margin of victory set by the sportsbook. If you’re familiar with NFL betting or NBA betting, Cubs +1.5 is similar to the Dallas Cowboys +1.5 or the Los Angeles Lakers -4.5.

Unlike NFL betting, NBA betting, or other sports with more scoring, there’s rarely variation in run lines in pre-game betting; before a baseball game starts, the run lines are almost always -1.5 and +1.5. After a game starts, run lines vary for live MLB betting, and you’re more likely to see +1, -1, +3, -3, etc.

Each run line is accompanied by odds, which determine your payout. If you placed a $100 bet on the Cubs at -150 on July 7, you would’ve received a payout of $166.67 (including stake) after the Cubs’ 8-3 win.

What’s a Baseball Moneyline?

Which team will win the game?

The moneyline for MLB odds operates in the same capacity as every other sport with a moneyline. A moneyline bet is a bet on the winner regardless of the margin of victory and length of the game as long as the game is deemed official.

If you placed a $100 bet on the Cubs’ moneyline (+115), you would’ve received a payout of $215 after the Cubs’ win.

What’s a Baseball Over/Under Total?

How many runs will the Cubs and Phillies combine to score?

Over/under bets are offered as one over/under number – in this case, 7 – and odds, which, like run line bets, determine the payout.

If you placed a $100 bet on over 7 runs at -120, you would’ve received a payout of $183.33 after Andrew McCutchen’s two-run homer in the sixth inning trimmed the Phillies’ deficit to two runs at 5-3.

What are MLB Prop Bets?

In addition to run line, moneyline, and over/under bets, BetMGM offers dozens of prop bets for each game, including these examples for an Arizona Diamondbacks-Colorado Rockies game:

  • Which team will score the first run?
    • Diamondbacks: -190
    • Rockies: +145
  • Will both teams score one or more runs in the first three innings?
    • Yes: +210
    • No: -350
  • 1st 5 Innings Moneyline
    • Diamondbacks: -175
    • Rockies: +145
  • Moneyline and Total Runs
    • Diamondbacks and Over 6.5: +180
    • Diamondbacks and Under 6.5: +310
    • Rockies and Over 6.5: +280
    • Rockies and Under 6.5: +360

Props are a unique opportunity to add more excitement to each pitch regardless of the game’s outcome, playoff picture, or your other bets on the spread, moneyline, and over/under total.

Live MLB Betting

Live sports betting is a game-changer that takes baseball betting to the next level.

With up-to-the-second MLB betting odds for nearly 3,000 regular-season and postseason games, you can place live bets on moneylines, run lines, and over/under totals.

While you’re watching a game on TV, listening to a game on the radio, or watching live from the bleachers at the ballpark, you can take the excitement to the next level by betting online.

Check out the live betting page now to find the right bet for you!

MLB Parlays

Parlays are a thrilling way to increase your excitement and potential payout.

You can build MLB parlays with a variety of bets from the same game, different games, or different leagues and sports. Watch each leg of a three-, five-, or 10-leg parlay cash over the course of three hours, an entire day, or multiple days!

Parlays are a thrilling way to increase potential payout. And always keep an eye on Same Game Parlays and SGP+ for even more excitement.

Visit the MLB betting page each day of the year for updated odds, the best sportsbook promotions, and more!


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