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Tennis Betting

Tennis has become a popular sport in online sports betting as bettors flock to a year-round, round-the-clock schedule of worldwide tournaments. It’s a unique and entertaining betting opportunity regardless of your tennis knowledge and betting experience.

Whether you’re betting on Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon odds, Serena Williams in US Open odds, or other stars elsewhere, you have a variety of bets at your disposal.

Tennis Betting FAQs

1. What is live tennis betting?

Live sports betting is a unique and exhilarating experience during tennis matches. With more than 50 points in an average set, there are hundreds of key moments throughout a match. And at each of those moments, live tennis betting is available. 

From match odds and total games to game-winner and handicap/games, you can place live bets from the first serve through the match point. View French Open live betting odds, and other Grand Slam live betting odds, on BetMGM.

3. How does tennis betting work?

Betting on tennis is easy and exciting at BetMGM.

After creating your account – or logging in to an existing account – you can browse available tennis odds on the tennis betting page. You can sort by tournament (e.g., French Open or Australian Open) or view all odds for all available matches.

Check out the latest odds for Ash Barty, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and other stars as they compete in Grand Slam tournaments.

3. How do you read tennis odds?

The type and number of bets vary for each match and tournament, but these five bets are the most common at the BetMGM sportsbook:

Match Winner: Also offered as “2way - Who will win?” this is a money line bet for the winner of the match. If, for example, you think Ash Barty will defeat Naomi Osaka, you place a Match Winner bet on Barty.

Set Winner: Also offered as “Who will win the set?” this is also a money line bet, though you’re picking the winner of the next set. If you’re betting before the match has started, you’re betting on Set 1 for Set Winner. If the match has started, you’re betting on the next set with live tennis betting. 

Game Winner: Similar to Set Winner, you place a bet online on the game winner of the upcoming set, either before the match begins or while it's in progress. 

Total Games - Match: One of the most popular over/under bets in tennis betting, Total Games - Match is the total games played in the match.

Spread: Also offered as “Handicap/Games” or “Player Spread,” this is a bet on the margin of total games won. It’s identical to the spread in NFL betting, for example, though the outcome (i.e., match winner) is irrelevant.


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