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MMA Odds

Betting on MMA odds at the online sportsbook is the best way to get closer to the octagon.

As the best fighters in the world deliver jaw-rattling elbow strikes, double-leg takedowns, and shocking triangle chokes, you can take the excitement to another level with betting.

Whether you’re a novice betting on MMA for the first time, a casual fan browsing UFC odds, or a longtime bettor breaking down live betting odds, BetMGM is your ticket for the best MMA betting odds throughout the year.

How Do MMA Fight Odds Work?

The most popular MMA odds are fight winners. You’re simply betting on the winner of the fight. But there are many different types of fight odds beyond fight winner.

Here are a few other types of odds:

  • Over/Under Rounds: How many total rounds in the fight?
  • Fight Finish: How will the fight end? Will it be a knockout/technical knockout/disqualification, submission, or decision?
  • Gone in 60 Seconds: Will either fighter win in 60 seconds or fewer?

UFC Odds

BetMGM has up-to-the-minute UFC odds for every UFC fight.

While you’re watching Amanda Nunes in a strawweight fight, Kamaru Usman in a welterweight fight, or Sean O’Malley in a bantamweight fight, the best online sportsbook has you covered with all mixed martial arts odds, including those for UFC Fight Night and UFC on ESPN.

Live MMA Betting

While you’re watching UFC or another MMA fight, you can view live odds and place a live bet. From the early preliminary card through the main card, you can use your MMA and betting knowledge to generate more excitement and MMA betting opportunities.

It’s a unique way to add more excitement to each jab, round kick, and knockout. Get closer to the action with live sports betting odds at BetMGM!

UFC Parlays

UFC (and all MMA) betting isn’t limited to single wagers. You can combine multiple bets into one parlay.

Perhaps you like a couple of heavy favorites on the preliminary card for UFC Fight Night but don’t love the return on minus moneyline odds. With parlays, you can receive better odds and more excitement by building a parlay with those favorites.

And because the King of Sportsbooks is also the King of Parlays, your UFC parlays aren’t limited to standard parlays. You can select a Same Game Parlay or use various parlay promotions, including boosts, insurance, and more!


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