Game Lines
6th Inning
B:0 S:0 O:1
7th Inning
B:0 S:1 O:2
Result 1X2
2H • 48:48
2way - Who will win?
Who will win the set?

Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting is a unique way to take your online sports betting to the next level, especially during the basketball season!

At the best online sportsbook, live odds are available for thousands of events each year. Starting with the opening tip, first pitch, kickoff or tee shot, in-game wagering allows you to place live bets from your couch, sports bar, watch party, or in the concession line at a football game.

If, for example, you don’t like the pregame NBA odds for a Boston Celtics game, you can wait until the game starts and pounce when odds are updated. Or, if you bet on pregame odds but see a hedging opportunity in the second quarter, a live bet can be placed.

At BetMGM, there are options for everyone!

What Is Live Betting?

When an event begins, pregame (or pre-match, pre-tournament, etc.) betting odds are locked, and live betting opens. As the sportsbook reacts to in-game action, live odds are posted.

Here’s an example with live NBA odds:

Donovan Mitchell scores 12 points in the opening minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ game against the Denver Nuggets. With the Cavs leading, 18-9, the odds might move from the Cavs +5.5 to +1.5. You could bet on the Cavs to cover +1.5, or the Nuggets to cover -1.5. Other options may include an updated over/under total, moneylines, or player prop bets.

Or perhaps Rafael Nadal becomes a bigger favorite in French Open tennis odds after dominating the first set, Kansas basketball moves from an 11.5-point favorite against Oklahoma to a 16.5-point favorite after building a 10-point lead in the first half, or the New Orleans Pelicans become a shorter underdog against the Minnesota Timberwolves after an early run.

Where Can I Do Live Betting?

BetMGM has live betting for thousands of events each year.

Whether you’re a first-time bettor watching a boxing match, a casual fan checking out college basketball moneylines, or a diehard tennis fan breaking down tennis betting trends, you can add more excitement to each minute of every game.

What States Allow Live Betting?

You can place bets in any of BetMGM’s online betting markets.

Visit the sportsbook to see if betting is available in your state, district, province, or territory.

How To Bet On Live Odds

Placing in-game wagers has never been easier at the BetMGM sportsbook. Here’s how to place live bets during a MLB game:

As Shohei Ohtani and the Los Angeles Dodgers take a 2-1 second-inning lead over the San Francisco Giants, the moneyline odds shift from the Dodgers -150 (in pregame odds) to Dodgers -200. Despite the deficit, you still like the Giants to win the game and place a $20 live bet on the moneyline (+150).

Over the next two hours, you watch Bob Melvin and the Giants win the game, which cashes the live bet and returns a payout of $50 (including stake).

You can view live betting odds on several pages, including the live sports betting page and event-, league-, and sport-specific pages.

Live Betting Parlays

BetMGM is the King of Sportsbooks and the King of Parlays. And parlays are available with live betting.

Instead of placing a single bet, aka straight bet, during the first quarter of a football game, you can combine multiple bets from multiple games to create a parlay, which changes your odds and increases your potential payout.

Visit the sportsbook today to check updated live odds, sportsbook promos, and more!


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