Game Lines
1st Half
Stony Brook
O 149.5
U 149.5
O 70.5
U 70.5
Starting now
Gimnasia de Comodoro
O 158.5
U 158.5
O 75.5
U 75.5
Starting now

Live Sports Betting & Live Betting Odds

Live sports betting is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with online betting. It’s the only way to get closer to the action and make every touchdown, dunk, goal, or serve count.

At the BetMGM sportsbook, you can bet live with live odds on thousands of events throughout the year. From the opening tip-off, kickoff, or tee shot, you can place live bets as you watch from a sports bar, watch party, or front-row seats at an NFL game.

Live betting allows all fans, regardless of their sports or betting knowledge, to take more control of their online sports betting experience. If you don’t like pre-game odds, you can wait until the game starts and pounce when odds are updated. If you bet on pre-game odds but see a hedging opportunity in the second quarter, a live bet can change your fortunes.

If high-paced action and pinpointing edges during a sporting event gets your blood pumping, then live betting could be your perfect betting partner. 

Live Betting FAQs

1. What is Live Sports Betting?

When an event begins, pre-game (or pre-match, pre-tournament, etc.) betting closes and live betting opens. 

As the sportsbook adjusts odds, you can place live bets. It might be a specific bet for an NFL player to score a touchdown in the first quarter like Ezekiel Elliott in a Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants game, a tennis player to win game two of the second set like Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open, or an MLB team to hit more home runs than their opponent like the Los Angeles Dodgers in a playoff game. 

It could also be more of a mainstream bet like picking an NHL team to win on the money line or an over/under bet on total points scored in an NBA game.

2. How to Place Live Bets

With BetMGM’s live sports betting page, placing in-game bets is easy.

In live NFL betting, for example, you might be watching a Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay Packers game on TV while tracking in-game odds on BetMGM. After an early Davante Adams touchdown, the money line odds shifted from the Chiefs (-120 in pre-game odds) to the Packers (-120). Despite the 7-0 deficit, you still liked the Chiefs to win the game and placed a $20 live bet on the Chiefs’ money line (+120).

Over the next three hours, you also placed live bets on things like the next team to score a touchdown, first-half over/under total, and passing yards for Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes, while watching the Chiefs win, 31-27. And with the Chiefs win, your first live bet cashed and returned a payout of $44.

You can view live betting odds on several BetMGM pages, including the live sports betting page and sport- or league-specific pages. If you’re looking for live NBA odds, for example, check out either page to place an in-game wager on the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, or Brooklyn Nets.

3. What Sports Are Available for Live Betting?

From the NFL and NBA to table tennis and badminton, there are dozens of sports available for live betting on BetMGM. Whether it’s a mainstream sport with a global audience or a niche sport with a passionate following, you can place live sports on dozens of different sports and leagues around the world.

Sports to Bet on Today

While you’re waiting for live sports betting to begin for a certain event, or your game is at halftime, you can check out odds for other live and upcoming events for today. 

By clicking a specific sport or league on the BetMGM menu, searching for an event in the search bar, or checking out an active promotion, you can view updated odds and find every opportunity to bet online at the best online sportsbook.


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