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Hockey Betting Odds & Online Hockey Betting Action

BetMGM is the best sportsbook for hockey odds the entire year. Whether it’s NHL betting odds, Kontinental Hockey League odds, or Olympic hockey odds, there are thousands of betting opportunities for every fan.

At the online sportsbook, hockey betting lines include single-game puck lines (i.e., spreads), over/under total goals scored, and money lines. You can also build NHL parlays or select a pre-packaged parlay to increase the entertainment and potential payouts. 

As Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning seek to become the first team to win three straight Stanley Cups in nearly 40 years, and Jonathan Marchessault and the Vegas Golden Knights chase a return to the conference finals, you can view updated NHL odds online and partake in live sports betting.

How to Bet on Hockey

Betting on hockey odds has never been easier at the sports book. If, for example, the Detroit Red Wings hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins, you would have several NHL betting options available, including: 

Puck Line: The Red Wings are -1.5 (-110) over the Penguins, who are +1.5 (-110). If you take Dylan Larkin and the Red Wings -1.5, they have to win by two or more goals for your bet to win. If you take Jake Guentzel and the Penguins +1.5, they can lose by one goal or win the game for your bet to cash.

Money line: If you bet the money line, it doesn’t matter the final score. You only need your team to win. If you place a $100 bet on the Red Wings’ money line (-315), they can win by any margin in regulation or overtime. If they do, your ticket will cash and return a payout of $131.75 (including stake). It’s the same case for Pittsburgh; if you bet $100 on the Penguins at +250, your ticket will return $350 if they win by any margin.

Over/under total: Betting the over/under in hockey is exhilarating because every goal matters regardless of the score. It’s simple: If the over/under total for Detroit-Pittsburgh is 5.5 (-110), you need at least six goals to hit the over. If you bet the under (-110), you need fewer than five goals to win.

Live Hockey Betting

There are two ways to add even more excitement to hockey betting. The first is live sports betting.

Live betting, aka in-game betting, is the most unique and exhilarating form of online sports betting. It allows you to place live bets throughout the game. From the opening face-off through the final horn, you can view live NHL odds and place a winning bet as you watch on TV or at the arena.

Whether you want to hedge against a pre-game bet, increase your position on a money line, or place a new bet online, live sports betting allows you more freedom with your daily wagering.

Hockey Parlays

Parlays are the second way to add more excitement to online betting. You can select pre-packaged parlay or build your own parlay, both of which will increase the potential payout without increasing your stake,

Check out BetMGM’s hockey parlays and jump into the action!


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