MMA Bets That Pack a Punch

MMA is back! And we’re here to walk you through what to expect as televised fights start to take place behind closed doors. Check out the latest MMA odds on this page to figure out who to put your money behind.

In early 2020 MMA fights were in session all over the world: knockouts, takedowns, and round after round of action were a weekly occurrence for people to enjoy on TV or in-person. We had to put all of that on the back burner when the global COVID-19 pandemic came into the picture. But on May 9th, Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje became the first fighters to headline a card in a closed-doors night of fights that marked the reintroduction of MMA into the lives of fight fans everywhere. 

Mixed martial arts was the first sport to resume after the hiatus, and now it’s time to check in on those MMA betting odds once again. The BetMGM sportsbook has the betting markets for every type of MMA bettor. With a massive number of options, we have you covered for pre-fight and live bets for every major fight night.

Will you go for a straight win betting on your favorite fighters? Or are you putting your money on the number of rounds the fight will last? Maybe you’re expecting a big knockout or crafty submission. Whatever your preferred betting market and whoever you’re backing, BetMGM has you covered with odds for all the biggest mixed martial arts events in 2020.


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