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The UCI World Tour cycling season has erupted, and 33 road-cycling gems are on board for your picking. Whether it’s in Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Europe in general, or maybe if it is running its course in Canada for North American persuasion, or maybe in Asia in China or even the United Arab Emirates, the cycling circuit is in motion.

But who is going to dominate the cycling odds in 2021? Slovenian Tadej Pogacar won the UAE Tour in February after capturing Tour de France honors in 2020. He’s young, he’s feisty, and apparently has no preference for what country or continent he’d like to dominate. His place, your continent? It makes no difference to him.

Competitive racing isn’t ancient, but it didn’t begin recently either. In the late 1800s, bicycles began to catch the eye of racing fans, and races began to be held. And once you have two bikes? It’s time to race.

The opportunities are endless for the elite, but who will the elite be when it comes to the cycling world championships? The Tour de France competition has been modified to fit the Olympic road cycling races in late July. There are many moving parts, but certainly no lack of cycling excitement, and that’s just the beginning. The cycling news will be exciting.

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