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Darts Betting Odds

If you enjoy sports betting, are interested in darts, and are looking for year-round darts betting odds, the BetMGM sports book has you covered. 

Darts is a classic game that grew in popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly in the United Kingdom. Initially made popular at inns, taverns, and pubs, two players played this game. Each player had three feathered darts and took turns throwing these darts at a circular target, aka the dartboard, much like the one you would see in archery.

The dartboard itself is divided into different radial sections. Each section is worth a different number of points, and certain sections are colored differently to multiply the number of points. 

Scoring may also differ depending on the type of game or rules. For example, 501 is the most commonly played ruleset in which the main objective is, as a single player or part of a team, to go from 501 points to zero points.

How to Bet on Darts

There are many ways to bet on darts, including:

  • Match betting: You place a bet on the winner. It’s that simple.
  • Outright betting: You place a bet online for the ultimate winner of an entire tournament. This is similar to betting on the Super Bowl champion or The Masters winner.
  • Over/under betting: In most sports, an over/under wager is made on the total points in a game, match, quarter, etc. For darts odds, an over/under wager is made on the number of sets in the match.
  • Total 180s and Player 180s: 180 points is the maximum points a player can score with one throw (three triple-20s). In this case, you wager on the total number of 180s scored by both players in one match and/or the total number of 180s scored by one player in the match.

Live Darts Betting

Whether you’re new to darts betting or an expert, live darts betting is your ticket for more excitement and betting options.

Throughout a match, you can place live bets with BetMGM live sports betting. Maybe you didn’t like pre-match odds, wanted to watch a match or track darts odds before placing a live bet, or are simply looking for a more thrilling online sports betting experience. Live betting is for everyone!

Major Darts Tournaments

There are many major darts tournaments across the world. Here are some of the biggest Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events to watch and place bets on:

  • Grand Slam of Darts
  • PDC World Darts Championships
  • Premier League Darts
  • World Matchplay
  • World Grand Prix

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