MLB Parlay Odds

MLB parlays are the perfect way to leverage your baseball betting knowledge into bigger payouts throughout the season. And at BetMGM, you have access to pre-packaged parlays with odds boosts.

How to Place an MLB Parlay

Whether you’re a novice to baseball betting, a casual fan browsing MLB odds, or a seasoned pro, it’s easy to find a parlay bet that aligns with your online betting strategy. 

Pre-packaged parlays are available for nearly 3,000 baseball games each year. From Opening Day through the postseason, you can view updated parlay odds and place a bet online with a few clicks.

For example, the Los Angeles Dodgers are -130 money line favorites against the Chicago Cubs on the same day the New York Yankees are +110 money line underdogs against the Boston Red Sox. 

If you place two single bets of $50 apiece on the Dodgers and Yankees, the potential payout is $193.46. If you place both teams into a parlay, the potential payout with +271 parlay odds is $371. And if those two teams are available in a pre-packaged parlay on BetMGM’s MLB parlays page, the potential payout is $380, thanks to an odds boost from +271 to +280.

More MLB Parlays

In addition to your wagers on pre-packaged parlays, you can also build your own MLB parlay.

Using up-to-the-minute MLB betting odds, you can add several bets to your betting slip and place one parlay wager. This option is also available after first pitch, at which time live sports betting opens, and you can build parlays with live baseball betting odds.

Check out live betting odds throughout the season to inject even more excitement into your online sports betting experience at BetMGM.


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