NFL Win Totals

Betting on NFL win totals is more exciting this year as teams prepare for the first 17-game season in league history. While the concept of win total betting remains the same – picking the over or under on a team’s win total – it’s an online betting experience unlike anything fans have seen.

For decades, a win total of 10.5 for the Green Bay Packers meant they needed at least an 11-5 record (barring a tie) to hit the over or a 10-6 record (or worse) to hit the under. Now, with a win total of 10.5, the Packers can afford six losses and, with an 11-6 record, still hit the over. 

NFL Playoff Odds

In addition to NFL win total betting, you can also bet on NFL playoff odds. And, as a simple “Yes” or “No” wager, it’s the perfect betting opportunity regardless of your NFL betting experience.

Are you certain Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will return to the playoffs for a third straight season? Or Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions will stun the league with a playoff berth? Maybe Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley will lead the New York Giants to an NFC East championship?

Playoff betting is a fun and simple way to ride the wave throughout the entire season.

More NFL Team Odds

At BetMGM, there are NFL betting opportunities around the clock. 

Whether you like NFL futures bets such as Super Bowl odds, division betting like NFC North champion, weekly spreads like NFL odds Week 1, or live sports betting during every game, you can place wagers on NFL odds every day of the year!


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