Horse Racing Supports Charitable U.S. Organizations

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For centuries, horse racing has been a popular pastime for citizens across the globe, enthralling both participants and spectators. Initially, this equestrian sport attracted people to the courses because of the social element, the nail-biting finishes, and the excitement of trying to guess who would emerge triumphant. In recent years, horse racing has seen a new wave of interest because of the gambling aspect, especially with the introduction of online sports betting.

However, there’s much more to horse racing than meets the eye, particularly in the US. Horse racing today is a sport that does more than just entertain — it also supports charitable organizations in the U.S. The organizations supported by horse racing address various horse-related issues, ranging from misplaced horses whose careers have ended to empowering and supporting permanently disabled jockeys.

Horse Racing and Its Popularity

Despite being widely popularized as a sport for the elite, horse racing is a relatively simple and uncomplicated sport. It involves two or more horse-and-jockey teams going head-to-head to see who makes it to the finish line first. The simplicity also applies to horse race betting, where enthusiasts try to predict which horse and jockey will triumph and then place a wager. This information is mainly guided by a jockey, a horse’s past performances, and historic horse betting wins. However, there are several other elements at play that gamblers need to consider before securing their bet.

Some of the other reasons for horse racing’s popularity include:

A Chance To Socialize

The social aspect of horse racing needs very little explaining. When it comes to online horse betting, it also presents an opportunity to socialize, contrary to popular belief. Online forums and chat options allow like-minded enthusiasts to engage and foster new relationships on a topic of interest and share their predictions, opinions, tips, and tricks with each other.

Short Races

Unlike some sports that can go on for hours, these races are short and thrilling. So, horse racing results are relatively quick to ascertain, and even people with the shortest attention span can sit through the races without feeling bored.

Sufficient Information To Guide Your Bets

The very nature of any sports game is rooted in unpredictability. Horse racing, though, takes it to another level because the outcome could change at the very last second, as seen in some of the most notable horse racing upsets.

Potential To Win Money When You Wager

People who closely follow horse races have another reason to continue doing so — the chance to win if they use their knowledge to their advantage and place bets. Placing bets informed by years of following a sport can give you the upper hand over somebody just trying their luck and backing any horse and jockey pairing.

Initiatives That Horse Racing Organizations Have Created

Given the popularity and mass appeal of horse racing, it comes as no surprise that several related causes exist in the U.S. With horse racing and horse betting being quite lucrative, the sport has found a way to pay it forward by supporting charitable organizations. Below is a list of charitable organizations supported by the world-renowned sport.

Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)

Like any other sport, race horsing has had some unfortunate on-track injuries. As an organization, PDJF provides financial aid to jockeys that suffer such injuries. These jockeys’ lives were changed forever when the incidents happened, and PDJF seeks to provide some sort of relief and ease the financial burden of life-long disability.

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)

As the name suggests, this organization focuses on caring for thoroughbreds once their careers end. It funds other organizations with the same vision and accredits organizations in the retired racehorse community.

The Brooke

This educational organization aims to share knowledge and information with equine caregivers in various parts of the world. The information shared is mainly about how to look after the animals to ensure peak performance and health.

Thoroughbred Charities of America (TCA)

Thoroughbreds are at the core of horse racing, and this organization seeks to ensure that they are cared for during and after their career. The support also extends to those who look after them. TCA focuses on support for backstretch workers, thoroughbred rehoming and retraining, equine research, and therapeutic riding.

Churchill Downs Backside Learning Center

This organization cares for racetrack workers and their families. Equine workers do so much for the sport, so equipping them with more tools and resources for success matters. Churchill Downs Backside Learning Center offers programs, classes, and technology training for young and old workers and family members.

Why It’s Important For Horse Racing to Support These Causes

Each of these causes plays a role in the industry’s success and horse racing as a whole — be it in the past, present, or future. It’s essential for horse racing to rally behind these various causes because they take care of the lifeblood of the races, either the horses, jockeys, or both. A sport can only succeed if its key inputs and participants are looked after and in their best form.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.