MLB Live Odds: Types of Live Betting for Baseball

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Houston Astros shortstop Mauricio Dubon, right, makes the tag for the out on Kansas City Royals runner Whit Merrifield, left, during the third inning of a baseball game Thursday, July 7, 2022, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)
(AP Photo/Michael Wyke)
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When action begins on the baseball field, why should action stop at the online sportsbook? At BetMGM, it doesn’t.

Live odds are available for nearly 3,000 regular-season and postseason MLB games each season. 

What are Live Odds?

Live odds are up-to-the-second odds available from the first pitch through the final innings.

While you’re watching the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays on TV, streaming a Cleveland Guardians-Detroit Tigers game on your computer, or watching the Colorado Rockies from the bleachers at Coors Field, you can place live bets at BetMGM. 

Baseball live betting markets include mainstream odds like run line, over/under total, and moneyline, as well as different odds like team run totals for one inning or alternate spreads.

How To Bet on Live Odds

Live sports betting is easy and exciting regardless of your baseball knowledge and MLB betting expertise.

For example, you might’ve been watching the Kansas City Royals-Houston Astros game on July 7, 2022. In the bottom second inning, the Royals led 1-0 after Nicky Lopez’s RBI single scored Edward Olivares in the top half of the inning.

Perhaps you wanted to hedge against a parlay bet, increase your investment on a pregame bet, or take an entirely new position with a bet on the game. 

At this moment in the game, there were dozens of live odds at BetMGM, including 10 different run lines, i.e., spreads:

Learn how to place live bets on live baseball odds, including spreads, totals, innings, and more. Maybe you weren’t convinced the Royals would hang on for a second straight win over the Astros, therefore you focused on the five spreads for the Astros and ultimately bet on the Astros -1.5 (+115).

If the Astros won by at least two runs, your $50 bet would return $107.50 (including stake). 

During the second inning, 20 different inning wagers were available:

Learn how to place live bets on live baseball odds, including spreads, totals, innings, and more.

While you liked the Astros to come back in the game, you didn’t like them to score at least one run in the second inning. You bet on the Royals (-275) to win the second inning.

If the Astros failed to score, this $50 bet would return $68.18 (including stake).

Minutes later, J.J. Matijevic grounded into an inning-ending double play, which cashed all tickets for the Royals to win the inning. And about two hours later, Astros -1.5 tickets cashed when they won by three runs, 5-2.

Live Betting Parlays

Live betting isn’t limited to individual bets at the online sportsbook. You can build parlays with live odds.

If, for example, you combined those two live bets from the Royals-Astros game into one parlay, you would’ve received $146.59 with the same stake of $50.

To build a live parlay, add multiple wagers to your betting slip, select “Parlay,” add your stake, and place your bet!

If you’re new to parlay betting, check out BetMGM’s parlay guide, “What is a Parlay?

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