NBA Live Betting: How to Place Live Bets on NBA Odds

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BetMGM @ Apr 15, 2022, 9:43 PM

Live sports betting is available on BetMGM throughout the NBA season. From preseason games through the NBA Finals, you can place live bets on NBA odds during every minute of every game.

With an easy-to-use live betting page, it’s never been easier or more thrilling to place in-game wagers as you watch the Brooklyn Nets chase their first-ever NBA championship, the Los Angeles Lakers aim for an 18th championship, and the Los Angeles Clippers seek redemption.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is an exhilarating opportunity to bet online regardless of betting experience or sports knowledge. One of the highest levels of sports entertainment, live betting brings meaning to every second of every game regardless of the score, quarter, on-court lineup, or stakes. 

For example, the Milwaukee Bucks hosted the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, May 5, 2021, in a critical game for the Bucks’ playoff seeding and the Wizards’ Play-In Tournament hopes. The Bucks were 7-point favorites (-100) and -175 on the money line, while the Wizards were 7-point underdogs (-120) and +145 on the money line. And the over/under total was 242.5 (-115 over, -105 under).

Maybe you took one of those sides or combined one of multiple sides into an NBA parlay. Or perhaps you didn’t have a good read on the game and passed altogether.

Regardless of your pre-game position(s), you can place live bets during the game. While watching the game on TV, you can watch the NBA lines move with each Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk or Russell Westbrook three-pointer and jump on a favorable number.

How to Place Live Bets on NBA Odds

BetMGM’s up-to-the-second live betting page gives you every opportunity to place live bets from your computer with online sports betting or your phone with mobile sports betting (using the BetMGM Sportsbook app).

Let’s say the Wizards-Bucks game was Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. And you liked the Bucks to win but didn’t like the pre-game numbers. Instead of taking a position on the Bucks, you awaited an opportunity in live betting

The Bucks erased an early 11-point deficit, and starting midway through the second quarter, the remainder of the game was played within 12 points. The Wizards led by three points with just under nine minutes remaining when Giannis scored four points in 16 seconds. At this moment, with a one-point lead at home, the Bucks were -1.5 (115) and -145 on the money line – and the over/under total was 261.5 (-110 over, -115 under).

The Bucks had better odds earlier in the game, but it wasn’t until now that you saw the tide turning in their favor. And you placed a $50 live bet on Bucks -145 with 8:21 remaining. 

If you placed the same $50 live bet on the Bucks’ money line (-175) before the game, the potential payout would’ve been $78.57. Now, two hours later, the potential payout was $84.48 on a bet you felt more comfortable with.

The Bucks won, 135-134, and your live bet cashed.

Live Betting Parlays

For maximum returns and entertainment, you can combine NBA live betting and parlays during the NBA season.

When games are played concurrently, you can combine live bets from different games to increase your odds and potential payout. If, for example, in the fourth quarter of the Bucks-Wizards contest, the Brooklyn Nets were in the first quarter of a matchup against the Boston Celtics. After a Kevin Durant dunk, the Nets led by three points and carried money line odds of -175.

Instead of, or in addition to placing one $50 bet on the Wizards, you could combine the Bucks’ and Nets’ money lines for a potential payout of $132.76. If both teams win, you made $82.76 on one parlay bet.
With up-to-the-minute NBA betting odds, the best online sportsbook experience is at BetMGM.

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