What is Live Betting? How to Live Bet on Sports

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Live sports betting is one of the highest forms of sports betting entertainment and allows bettors to increase a pregame position, hedge a money line bet, or jump on a favorable spread in the third quarter, seventh inning, or third period.

At BetMGM, you can place in-game wagers around the clock. With easy-to-track event pages, betting on live sports has never been easier and more exhilarating.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is a unique form of online sports betting that occurs during live events. At the opening kickoff, first pitch, tip-off, or opening face-off, pregame bets are locked, and BetMGM odds shift to live betting.

For example, the Washington Wizards hosted the Indiana Pacers on May 3, 2021, in a late-season battle for play-in tournament seeding in the Eastern Conference. The Wizards, in search of a 13th outright win in their last 16 games, were -190 money line favorites (Pacers +155) and 4.5-point spread favorites (-110). The over/under total was 250.5.

Minutes before tip-off at 7 p.m. ET, those numbers were locked. And as Alex Len won the tip for the Wizards, the game shifted to in-game wagering.

How to Live Bet

Whether you’re a first-time bettor, casual bettor, or experienced bettor, live betting is easy at BetMGM. You have several options for browsing live betting opportunities and placing an in-game bet. And whether you’re wagering on desktop, mobile, or in the BetMGM Sportsbook app, you can view live odds on the homepage, live betting page, or league- and sport-specific pages.

In the early minutes of the Pacers-Wizards games, you could’ve viewed live odds for the entire game, first quarter, or first half. These offerings vary by sport; in soccer betting, for example, you can filter live betting odds for handicaps, first – and second-half totals, next goal, and more.

Five minutes into the Pacers-Wizards game, Russell Westbrook drove for a layup to extend the Wizards’ lead, 20-14. At this moment, after 14 combined points in approximately one minute of game time, the live betting odds were:

Spread: Wizards -6.5 (-115)
Money line: Wizards -275, Pacers +230
Total: 255.5 (under -115, over -110)

In five minutes, the spread moved two full points, the Wizards’ money line vig jumped by nearly 45 percent, and the total increased by five points. And if those numbers – or numbers for the first quarter or first half – were attractive, you could’ve placed one or several in-game bets.

Advantages of Live Betting

Live betting is perfect for fans who missed the chance to place a pregame bet, didn’t like the pregame odds, or wanted to see a few minutes of game flow before placing a bet.

In the Pacers and Wizards’ last meeting, five weeks earlier in Washington, D.C., both teams were offensively flat in the opening minutes and combined for just 52 first-quarter points. Maybe a bettor wanted to see if there’d be a similarly slow start before an offensive explosion in the final three quarters en route to 132-124 Wizards’ win.

With live betting online, you can wait until after tip-off, five minutes into the game, the second quarter, or fourth quarter to place an in-game NBA bet. With the Wizards’ up 20-14 five minutes into the game on May 3, maybe you jumped on the over (255.5) and cruised to an easy win as they nearly combined for 300 points.

You can also win money in real-time; some games offer live bets that cash before the game is over. It could be a first-quarter spread, the first goal in soccer, or the first touchdown in football. Now, with your winnings, you could place another live bet in the same game, a live bet in another NBA game, or a pregame money line bet in a late-night NHL game.

Which Sports Have Live Betting?

BetMGM offers live betting for dozens of sports and thousands of events throughout the year.

Visit the live betting page to view current in-game odds for various sports. Using the “Overview” or “Event View’ tabs, you can click through sports and events to find the NBA game you’re watching on TNT, the Colorado Rockies game you’re watching from the bleachers at Coors Field, or the college football game you’re streaming online.

It’s never been easier and more exciting to bet online during live games at the best online sportsbook.

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