How To Build a College Basketball Parlay

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Michigan's Terrance Williams II reacts after hitting a basket during the first half of a college basketball game against Tennessee in the second round of the NCAA tournament, Saturday, March 19, 2022, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)
(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)
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Building a college basketball parlay is easy and exciting regardless of your sports knowledge and betting experience.

What’s a Parlay in College Basketball Betting?

A parlay combines multiple bets (aka legs) – from multiple games or, with BetMGM’s Same Game Parlay, one game – into one wager. In doing so, the odds change, as does the potential payout if all the bets hit.

In this example, you could’ve started your parlay with the Michigan moneyline (-180) and added additional moneylines, spreads, or over/under totals from other college basketball games on Friday or other games from dozens of sports on different days. With each leg, the odds change.

College basketball parlays are a thrilling way to experience the college basketball season. You can build parlays at the online sportsbook from early-season tournaments through the national championship.

How To Build a College Basketball Parlay

Here’s a hypothetical example of a parlay for a Michigan-Indiana game:

Michigan is a 4.5-point favorite over Indiana in a Big Ten Tournament game. 

Perhaps you liked Juwan Howard and the Wolverines to win, but after a poor performance a few days earlier against Minnesota, the spread felt too big.

Instead of betting on the spread, you look at the Michigan moneyline (-180), though a win would only return $77.78 on a $50 bet, including stake. Instead of passing on the game because of a low return and looking elsewhere in conference tournament odds, you can build a parlay to increase the potential payout.

After adding the Michigan moneyline to your bet slip, you could’ve added the Wisconsin moneyline (-230 vs. Maryland), which will create a two-leg parlay with a potential payout of $111.60 on a $50 bet (including stake).

The parlay odds and payout are automatically calculated on your bet slip. If you’re interested, here’s a guide on how to calculate parlay odds.

A third leg, Arizona State +14.5 at -110 (vs. Arizona), could increase the potential payout to 213.05 (including stake). And you will receive that amount if Michigan wins, Wisconsin wins, and Arizona State loses by fewer than 14 points.

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