What is Same Game Parlay? How to Bet Parlays in Same Game

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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith (6) runs a route against Dallas Cowboys cornerback Nahshon Wright (25) during the first half of an NFL football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, Monday, Jan. 10, 2022, in Philadelphia. The Cowboys won 51-26. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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Parlays have been an exciting and lucrative staple of online sports betting for years. They’re an opportunity for fans to use sports knowledge and online betting expertise to add more excitement to each touchdown, serve, tee shot, or home run. 

Fans can watch as a two-, four-, or 10-leg parlay hits over multiple games across different sports or watch as a Same Game Parlay hits during the same game.

What is Same Game Parlay?

Same Game Parlays allow bettors to combine their favorite bets for one game.

It’s a simple and fast way to bring more thrill and importance to each play of the game regardless of the score or stakes. You can select the winner, game total, and/or player props from the same game and watch from start to finish as your three-leg parlay hits with seconds to spare!

For example, if the Philadelphia Eagles are hosting the Dallas Cowboys in a late-season Monday Night Football game with playoff implications, you might bet on the following:

DeVonta Smith: Over 66.5 receiving yards

Cowboys: Score the game’s first touchdown

Eagles: Over 1.5 field goals

With +900 odds, this bet could return $100 (including stake) on a $10 bet. 

Why Bet a Same Game Parlay?

There are various reasons why sports bettors place Same Game Parlay bets:

  1. Higher potential payouts
  2. More potential excitement
  3. Quicker return on your bet

Instead of waiting hours or days for a multi-game parlay to cash, a Same Game Parlay cashes during, for example, the three-hour window of a Monday Night Football game. And in the case of MNF, it’s the last opportunity of the weekend for a big NFL payout, as it might’ve been for the Cowboys-Eagles game.

If you’re new to NFL betting, learn how to read NFL betting odds online.

How to Bet Same Game Parlay

To place a Same Game Parlay wager at the sportsbook, navigate to the sport, league, or event page and select the game or match you wish to place a bet on. 

“Same Game Parlay” is visible for the eligible games and matches.

For the Cowboys-Eagles game, a bettor could select the game from the NFL odds page and, instead of, or in addition to, betting on the spread (Cowboys -2.5), total (48.5) or moneyline (Cowboys -140, Eagles +110, they reviewed other options and ultimately selected the aforementioned three-leg parlay:

DeVonta Smith: Over 66.5 receiving yards

Cowboys: Score the game’s first touchdown

Eagles: Over 1.5 field goals

Perhaps Dak Prescott connected with CeeDee Lamb on a 25-yard touchdown on the Cowboys’ opening drive to take a 7-0 lead.

Late in the second quarter, Jake Elliott kicked a 34-yard field goal after an Ezekiel Elliott fumble at the Cowboys’ 29-yard line. The Cowboys took a 10-3 lead into halftime, at which time Smith had two receptions for 31 yards.

On the Eagles’ second possession of the second half – after another Cowboys turnover – DeVonta Smith burned Trevon Diggs for a 47-yard touchdown. And early in the fourth quarter, Elliott’s 48-yard field goal gave the Eagles a 13-10 lead.

A relatively ugly game for casual fans – and a frustrating game for Cowboys’ fans – was highly entertaining for bettors. 

What is Same Game Parlay Insurance?

Insurance is your defense for unforeseen outcomes like buzzer-beaters, early-game injuries, and dud performances.

Occasionally offered as a sports betting promotion, parlay insurance protects bettors up to a predetermined amount with predetermined terms and conditions. As exciting as plays like Elliott’s 48-yard field goal are, missing a high-payout parlay by one leg is equally crushing, which makes the insurance a comfortable security blanket for your bets.


Want to combine Same Game Parlays (SGP) into a bigger parlay? SGP+ is your ticket.

For example: You build one three-leg Same Game Parlay with +550 odds. And you build another three-leg parlay with +1800 odds.

Instead of — or in addition — placing each parlay on its own, you can combine them with SGP+ and have new odds of +12500.

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