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BetMGM @BETMGM Jul 27, 2021, 5:23 AM

BetMGM online sports betting is now available in Washington, D.C.

Sports fans can step into the Bettor’s Box, a specified area in and around Nationals Park, to bet online. And BetMGM, in accordance with regulatory standards, is using advanced geolocation technology to determine eligibility.

You can create a BetMGM account, view updated odds, make a deposit, and make a withdrawal anywhere in Washington, D.C. However, you must be within a two-block radius of Nationals Park to place a bet. And you must use a Washington, D.C., BetMGM account to place the bet – e.g., you cannot place a bet within the two-block radius using a Virginia account.

The two-block radius is defined as the following:

To determine location eligibility, BetMGM uses geolocation via Wi-Fi signal triangulation and IP address. If playing over a cellular connection, you must keep the Wi-Fi function enabled. There is no need to be connected to a wireless network; the Wi-Fi function only needs to be turned on.

Your device must be equipped with Wi-Fi, and for the best results in identifying your location, make sure you can see at least two other Wi-Fi signals available in your area.

If you’re within the Bettor’s Box, you’re eligible to place any available bet on BetMGM. From live sports betting and baseball betting odds to college football spreads and NBA odds, if you see the odds online, you may place the sports bet.

Washington, D.C., sports betting FAQs:

If I am located within the D.C. betting zone but very close to the border, will I be accurately located?

In most cases, yes.

However, if you are very close to the border, you may be blocked from play and will need to move farther away from the border and try again. Your IP address may also be incorrectly placing you in a neighboring area, and you will need to correct your IP address.

If you are just outside the betting zone and attempt to place a bet, you will receive a message to enter the zone and recheck your location once inside the zone (Photo 1 below). If you click on the map, you will be provided with your current location and the betting zone overlay (Photo 2). And if you try to place a bet from farther outside the zone, you’ll receive a message to relocate (Photo 3).

I am within the allowed betting area and having no issues with IP and Wi-Fi. Is there another reason why I am unable to play or not being located properly?

Yes, there can be more reasons.

Any VPN or VNC software can interfere with the geolocation process. These kinds of software cannot be running during gameplay. Remote desktop software can also interfere with this process. Close these programs, and if that still does not work, you may need to remove them from your computer or mobile device completely.

What if I use an internet service provider such as AOL and can’t be accurately located?

Some internet service providers such as AOL may reroute your internet connection to another location, causing your IP address to originate from somewhere outside of the betting zone. Please contact your internet service provider to seek assistance on correcting the location associated with your IP address.

You may also want to try accessing the internet from another location/connection source.

Why am I asked to install a plugin?

The plugin is a small piece of software that verifies your location as required by regulations. You must install this plugin to log in, deposit, and play real money in your web browser successfully. More information on how we use this is explained in our privacy policy.

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.