NFL Preseason Betting: How to Bet on Preseason Odds

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NFL Preseason Betting: How to Bet on Preseason Odds
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BetMGM @ Apr 15, 2022, 9:37 PM
  • There's a league-wide three-game preseason schedule.
  • Odds are available at BetMGM for each game.
  • Live betting is also available for every game.

In cancelling the entire 2020 preseason schedule, the NFL wiped out a critical player evaluation period, coaches and front offices lamented. It also wiped out 65 opportunities for NFL betting.

One year later, NFL preseason betting return back with 49 games over 24 days as the league trimmed the preseason schedule to three games, the shortest league-wide schedule in NFL history. And with preseason betting back in 2022, BetMGM is your ticket for preseason odds, including spreads, money lines, and live betting.

How to Bet on Preseason Odds

NFL betting odds was available for every preseason game in 2021, starting with the Hall of Fame Game on Thursday, Aug. 5 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – and ending with the Cleveland Browns’ visit to the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, Aug. 29, the last of five games scheduled for the final day of the preseason.

Visit the NFL betting page to view updated preseason odds. From there, you can view the most popular odds for each game:

  • Spread
  • Total (i.e., Over/Under)
  • Money Line

If you’re new to NFL betting or need a refresher, here’s a guide to learn how to read NFL odds.

You can also click the game and, if available, review additional odds, including player and team props. Perhaps, for example, the Kansas City Chiefs-San Francisco 49ers game might feature odds for Patrick Mahomes’ passing touchdowns or total passing attempts for Trey Lance. 

Once you identify favorable odds, add the bet to your Bet Slip, input a stake, and click “Place Bet.”

If you like multiple bets, you can build a parlay to increase the excitement and potential payouts. And parlays aren’t limited to one event or one sport. You could, for example, combine the Green Bay Packers’ money line with the New York Yankees’ run line.

Live Sports Betting

Live NFL betting is the best way to take your preseason betting to the next level.

Available for all NFL games from the preseason through the Super Bowl, live sports betting allows fans to take more control of their sports betting. 

Once a game starts, pregame odds are locked, and live odds open. Throughout the game, you can track up-to-the-minute odds as Justin Herbert leads two touchdown drives, Najee Harris scores a preseason touchdown, or Trevor Lawrence takes his first NFL snaps.

Whether you’re watching a game on TV, tracking scores online, or watching a Buffalo Bills-Detroit Lions game from Ford Field, you can place a sports bet online with live NFL betting.

More NFL Betting

Preseason betting is just the start of a wild six months at the BetMGM sportsbook.

BetMGM has everything from futures like NFL MVP odds, win totals, and Super Bowl betting to weekly NFL odds like spreads, money lines, and over/under totals.

Place NFL Wagers at BetMGM

At BetMGM, you can bet online throughout the entire NFL season. From Week 1 NFL odds through Super Bowl odds, there are thousands of online sports betting opportunities at the best online sportsbook.

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