Top 10 Highest-Paid NFL Kickers: Salary Rankings

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Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell (9) kicks a field goal from the hold of Corlis Waitman during the second half an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns, Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, in Pittsburgh. (
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  • Chris Boswell made $9,300 in his first NFL season.
  • Robbie Gould is approaching $50 million in career earnings.

NFL teams have never shelled out big cash to kickers. 

There are two $8-million kickers in 2022, but that’s not nearly enough to sit among the highest-paid NFL players. So while kickers might rank among the highest-scoring players each season and over NFL history, they’re annually buried in salary rankings.

By total cash, here are the highest-paid NFL kickers for 2022:

Highest-Paid NFL Kickers: Salary Rankings, 2022

RankPlayerTeamTotal Cash
1Chris BoswellSteelers$9.9 million
2Younghoe KooFalcons$8 million
3Justin TuckerRavens$6.8 million
4(t)Jason MyersSeahawks$4 million
4(t)Robbie Gould49ers$4 million
4(t)Jake ElliottEagles$4 million
7(t)Graham GanoGiants$3.8 million
7(t)Ryan SuccopBucs$3.8 million
9Wil LutzSaints$3.7 million
10Matt PraterCardinals$3.6 million

1. Chris Boswell, Pittsburgh Steelers

Chris Boswell made $9,300 in two separate stints with the Houston Texans as an undrafted rookie in 2014. He’s now the highest-paid kicker in the NFL and scheduled to make more than $23 million over the next five years.

Boswell’s teammate T.J. Watt is among the highest-paid NFL edge rushers.

Chris Boswell career earnings: $17,992,516

2. Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons

Younghoe Koo never made more than $1 million in any of his first five seasons in the NFL. He’ll average nearly $5 million annually throughout his five-year, $24.5-million deal that begins in 2022.

Younghoe Koo career earnings: $2,252,753

3. Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

Justin Tucker signed a four-year, $24-million extension before the 2022 season, his 11th in the NFL after going undrafted out of Texas in 2012. He’s now under contract through 2027.

Justin Tucker career earnings: $33,573,599

4(t). Jason Myers, Seattle Seahawks

A former undrafted FCS kicker, Jason Myers never made more than $700,000 in any of his first four seasons. Then he signed a four-year, $15.5-million contract with Seattle that runs through the 2022 season.

Jason Myers career earnings: $13,332,056

4(t). Robbie Gould, San Francisco 49ers

Robbie Gould is in the final season of a two-year, $7.3-million deal that will push him closer to $50 million in career earnings over 18 NFL seasons.

Robbie Gould career earnings: $43,779,977

4(t). Jake Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles

After three seasons with mid-six-figure salaries, Jake Elliott cashed in with a five-year, $19.3-million contract that runs from 2020-24.

Most of his total cash number over the final three years comes from his base salary, approximately between $3.4 million and $3.8 million annually.

Jake Elliott career earnings: $10,224,401

7(t) Ryan Succop, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan Succop is in the second year of a three-year, $12-million deal that began with $5 million in cash in 2021. He’s scheduled to earn another $3.8 million in 2023.

Ryan Succop career earnings: $29,549,154

7(t). Graham Gano, New York Giants

Graham Gano was one of the NFL’s highest-paid kickers throughout most of his nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Now in his third season with the Giants, he’s still financially afloat with $3.8 million in cash.

Despite a fourth straight season in which Graham converted at least 87% of his field-goal attempts, the Giants were horrendous against the spread in NFL betting.

Graham Gano career earnings: $33,698,439

9. Wil Lutz, New Orleans Saints

Former undrafted free agent Wil Lutz has two years left on his five-year, $20.3-million contract that began with $6.1 million in cash in 2019 and ends with $3.7 million in cash in 2023.

Wil Lutz career earnings: $14,585,289

10. Matt Prater, Arizona Cardinals

In his 16th NFL season, 38-year-old Matt Prater is scheduled to earn $3.6 million cash, all of which is his base salary, which jumped from $1.1 million in 2021, the first year of his two-year, $6.5-million contract in Arizona.

Matt Prater career earnings:

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