Point Spreads for Every Super Bowl

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Andy Coffaro Jun 16, 2021, 2:17 PM
TAMPA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 31: An aerial view of Raymond James Stadium ahead of Super Bowl LV on January 31, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

On the hunt for a Super Bowl betting spread this week that strikes your fancy on the eve of the big game in Tampa, Florida?   

The Kansas City Chiefs are holding strong at -3.5 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thus far, but massive wagers like this bad boy could swing the pendulum before kickoff.

While there are a million different pieces of advice out there regarding who to take and why, perhaps looking back at the history of Super Bowl lines can provide some insight on a squad to roll with in Super Bowl 55. 

Point Spreads for Every Super Bowl

From the biggest betting line (Super Bowl XXIX) to the only pick ‘em (XLIX), check out points spreads for every Super Bowl dating back to 1967.

Majority of data courtesy of BetFirm.

YearSuper BowlMatchupSpread
2021LVChiefs vs. BuccaneersChiefs -3.5
2020LIIV49ers vs. ChiefsChiefs -1
2019LIIIPatriots vs. RamsPatriots -2.5
2018LIIEagles vs. PatriotsPatriots -4
2017LIFalcons vs. PatriotsPatriots -3
2016LPanthers vs. BroncosPanthers -5
2015XLIXSeahawks vs. PatriotsPick ‘em
2014XLVIIISeahawks vs. BroncosBroncos -2.5
2013XLVII49ers vs. Ravens49ers -4.5
2012XLVIGiants vs. PatriotsPatriots -2.5
2011XLVPackers vs. SteelersPackers -3
2010XLIVSaints vs. ColtsColts -5
2009XLIIISteelers vs. CardinalsSteelers -7
2008XLIIGiants vs. PatriotsPatriots -12
2007XLIColts vs. BearsColts -7
2006XLSteelers vs. SeahawksSteelers -4
2005XXXIXPatriots vs. EaglesPatriots -7
2004XXXVIIIPatriots vs. PanthersPatriots -7
2003XXXVIIBuccaneers vs. Raiders Raiders -4
2002XXXVIPatriots vs. RamsRams -14
2001XXXVRavens vs. GiantsRavens -3
2000XXXIVRams vs. TitansRams -7
1999XXXIIIBroncos vs. FalconsBroncos -7.5
1998XXXIIBroncos vs. PackersPackers -11
1997XXXIPackers vs. PatriotsPackers -14
1996XXXCowboys vs. SteelersCowboys -13.5
1995XXIX49ers vs. Chargers49ers -18.5
1994XXVIIICowboys vs. BillsCowboys -10.5
1993XXVIICowboys vs. BillsCowboys -10.5
1992XXVIRedskings vs. BillsWashington -7
1991XXVGiants vs. BillsBills -7
1990XXIV49ers vs. Broncos49ers -12
1989XXIII49ers vs. Bengals49ers -7
1988XXIIRedskins vs. BroncosBroncos -3
1987XXIGiants vs. BroncosGiants -9.5
1986XXBears vs. PatriotsBears -10
1985XIX49ers vs. Dolphins49ers -3.5
1984XVIIIRaiders vs. RedskinsWashington -3
1983XVIIWashington vs. DolphinsDolphins -3
1982XVI49ers vs. Bengals49ers -1
1981XVRaiders vs. EaglesEagles -3
1980XIVSteelers vs. RamsSteelers -10.5
1979XIIISteelers vs. CowboysCowboys -6
1978XIICowboys vs. BroncosCowboys -6
1977XIRaiders vs. VikingsRaiders -4
1976XSteelers vs. CowboysSteelers -7
1975IXSteelers vs. VikingsSteelers -3
1974VIIIDolphins vs. VikingsDolphins -6.5
1973VIIDolphins vs. RedskinsDolphins -1
1972VICowboys vs. DolphinsCowboys -6
1971VColts vs. CowboysColts -2.5
1970IVChiefs vs. VikingsVikings -12
1969IIIJets vs. ColtsColts -18
1968IIPackers vs. RaidersPackers -13.5
1967Packers vs. ChiefsPackers -14

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