What is a Parlay Boost? How to Earn a Parlay Boost in Online Sports Betting

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BetMGM @BETMGM May 23, 2022, 10:31 AM

Parlays have long been thrilling and lucrative sports betting opportunities as fans seek to leverage their sports and betting knowledge into bigger payouts and more excitement. And at BetMGM, you can receive an extra financial and adrenaline boost with a unique parlay promotion: Parlay Boosts.

Available to both new and longtime BetMGM customers, Parlay Boosts allow fans to add rewards to their parlay bets without adding risk.

What is a Parlay?

Parlays are low-risk, high-reward bets that combine multiple wagers into one ticket. In combining multiple wagers, aka legs, into one bet, your parlay odds and potential payout increase.

If you placed two separate $10 moneyline bets with -200 odds apiece, for example, your potential payout on each bet is $15 (including the $10 stake). If both tickets cash, your total payout is $30, and the total profit is $10.

If you combined the two moneyline wagers into one parlay bet, your stake remains $20 but, with increased odds (+125), your total payout is $45, and total profit is $25.

At BetMGM, you can build a parlay with multiple games across one sport or multiple sports. Or you can select a One Game ParlayCross Sport Parlay, or pre-packaged parlay.

What is a Parlay Boost?

A Parlay Boost is a juiced-up version of BetMGM’s popular odds boosts that increases potential payouts and delivers a higher level of entertainment. Some Parlay Boosts are sport- and event-specific while others are eligible for all sports and events on the online sportsbook.

On Tuesday, May 11, three West Coast NBA games were in the first quarter:

  • Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors
  • Oklahoma City Thunder at Sacramento Kings
  • New York Knicks at Los Angeles Lakers

The Warriors led the Suns, 21-20, after a Draymond Green-to-Andrew Wiggins alley-oop with five minutes remaining. The Thunder led the Kings, 14-10, in the middle of a 12-0 run midway through the quarter. And the Lakers led the Knicks, 3-2, barely two minutes into the game.

As you browsed NBA odds, maybe three live betting moneylines caught your attention: Warriors (+170), Kings (-250), and Lakers (-250). If you loved all three moneylines, you had three options:

  1. Separate Bets: Three separate $10 bets, for example, would return $57.95, a profit of $27.95, if all three tickets cashed.
  1. Parlay Bet: By combining the three moneylines into one $30 NBA parlay, the payout would be $186.56, a profit of $156.56, if all three moneylines hit.
  1. Parlay Boost: If your BetMGM account had an active 10% Parlay Boost, and you opted to use it on this $30 parlay, the payout would be $205.22.

In using the Parlay Boost, your reward increased without increasing the risk. Same NBA parlays bet, bigger payout. And, in this case, the Warriors, Kings, and Lakers won, you could’ve earned 10 percent more with the Parlay Boost.

How to Earn a Parlay Boost

There are two ways to earn a Parlay Boost:

  1. By Doing Nothing: Log in to your BetMGM account and the Parlay Boost is waiting for you. Oftentimes, a Parlay Boost is added to your account as a random bonus for being a BetMGM customer. Whether you’re browsing NBA lines, building a multi-sport parlay, or placing a soccer bet online, a Parlay Boost might appear in your account for literally doing nothing out of the ordinary.
  1. Earn a Promotion: Customers can also earn a Parlay Boost from a promotion. You might be rewarded for completing missions for an MLB promo, placing a futures bet, or building a three-leg parlay. Keep an eye out for sports betting promotions that include Parlay Boosts so you can have a fun Tuesday night watching the Warriors, Kings, and Lakers cash your parlay ticket.

You can view all betting opportunities and sports bet promotions at BetMGM, including NFL odds, One Game Parlays, PGA Tour betting specials, and more.

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