What is a Sports Betting Promotion? How to Earn a Promo

What is a Sports Betting Promotion? How to Earn a Promo
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Promotions are a key piece of an elite online sports betting experience at BetMGM. 

From One Game Parlays and Parlay Boosts to Risk-Free Bets and sweepstakes, BetMGM has promos for first-time customers placing their first bet online, longtime VIP customers tracking NBA odds, and everyone in between. 

What is a Sports Betting Promotion?

Promotions, aka “offers,” are among the biggest reasons why sports fans bet online. Starting with a Risk-Free $600 welcome offer for first-time customers, sports bet promos are available throughout your betting experience.

Some promotions are available to all customers for all sports while others are available to specific customers for specific sports, leagues, or events. For example, BetMGM’s popular One Game Parlay promotion is available to all customers but only for specific games.

On Feb. 3, 2021, the Philadelphia 76ers visited the Charlotte Hornets in the final game of a three-game road trip that began with wins over the Minnesota Timberwolves and Indiana Pacers. For the Sixers-Hornets game, the following One Game Parlay was available to all customers:

  • 76ers: win
  • Ben Simmons: 12+ points
  • Gordon Hayward: over 21.5 points
  • Joel Embiid: over 25.5 points
  • Cody Zeller: over 6.5 rebounds
  • Gordon Hayward: over 2.5 rebounds

The six-leg parlay, with odds of +650, would pay $187.50 on a $25 bet. 

With 78 seconds remaining, the Sixers led 112-101 after two Tobias Harris free throws. Barring a miracle comeback, the first leg would hit. And four of the other five legs already hit – Simmons, Embiid, Zeller, and Hayward (rebounds) – but Hayward was stuck on 20 points.

Fifteen seconds later, Hayward scored his 21st and 22nd points with a lay-in and all but guaranteed winning tickets for the One Game Parlay bettors. 

If Hayward didn’t go up-and-under on Harris for his final points, the parlay wouldn’t have hit. However, if BetMGM’s One Game Parlay Insurance was available, your $25 stake would’ve been refunded. If you miss only one leg of a One Game Parlay with at least four legs, your bet is refunded (up to $25 in free bets).

Check the promotions in your account for availability on One Game Parlay Insurance and other parlay insurance.

How to Earn Promotions

Some promotions, like the One Game Parlay or Money Money Club (free $10 bet each Monday), are available to all customers. And some promotions, including the Risk-Free $600 Free Bet, for example, Bet $1 Win $100 if any golfer makes a birdie during The Masters, are available for first-time customers. 

Other promotions are available to certain customers for completing challenges, including the 2021 Hit the Cycle Challenge or opting in for giveaways.

Latest Promotions at BetMGM

You can view the latest sports betting promos in several areas on BetMGM.com.

Whether it’s your first visit to the homepage to claim the $600 Risk-Free welcome offer or you’re browsing NFL odds or MLB odds, promotions are available everywhere. You can also view your active promos in the promotions section.