College Football Parlays: How To Build Parlay Bets With NCAAF Odds

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College football parlays can deliver better odds, a bigger return, and more excitement throughout a full day of football.

What is a Parlay?

A parlay is a single bet that combines multiple wagers. In doing so, the odds increase, as does the potential payout if each wager hits.

You can build parlays with a variety of wagers from different games and sports on one day or different days. Here’s an example with a Michigan-Ohio State game:

Perhaps Ohio State opened as a 4.5-point favorite (-110) over Michigan. But in the days leading up to The Game, the Buckeyes climbed to a 5.5-point favorite (-110).

Shortly before kickoff at The Big House, perhaps you wanted to place a bet on Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines to cover the 5.5-point spread but wanted better odds — and a bigger potential return — than -110. 

How to Build College Football Parlay Bets

Whether you’re a novice bettor making your first deposit, a casual fan browsing over/under totals, or a longtime diehard analyzing trends, it’s easy for anyone to build a college football parlay bet.

And because BetMGM calculates parlay odds in each betting slip, you don’t need a parlay calculator. Just add the bets to your slip and watch the odds change before placing the bet.

If you are curious about the math behind parlays, check out our parlay guide, “What is a Parlay?” with a parlay calculator, types of promotions, insurance, and more.

Starting with the Michigan spread, you could’ve built the following three-leg parlay with Week 2 NCAAF odds:

  • Michigan -5.5 (vs. Ohio State): -110
  • Arizona State +9.5 (vs. Utah): -110
  • Illinois ML (at Michigan State): +150

If you put $100 on each of those three wagers separately, your total payout would’ve been $651.82 (including stake), a profit of $351.82 (117%) on a $300 investment.

The total payout on the three-leg parlay would’ve been $911.15, a profit of $811.15 (811%) on a $100 investment.

Same Game Parlays

If you want to increase your odds, potential payout, and excitement for one game, you can select BetMGM’s Same Game Parlay.

It’s the same concept as a multi-game parlay – you combine multiple wagers into one bet – but occurs within a single game. It’s a unique and quick way to place online bets and watch them cash during the window of a college football game.

Live Betting Parlays

College football betting doesn’t stop at kickoff. With live betting, you can place bets throughout the game, including parlays.

As you watch Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, or any other team play, you can view live odds. And when you spot favorable numbers, you can place a single bet or combine multiple wagers into a parlay.

Visit the online sportsbook today to place your parlay bets! 

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