NFL Parlays: How To Build Parlay Bets With NFL Odds

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) calls out instructions behind center Creed Humphrey (52) during an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Peter Aiken)
(AP Photo/Peter Aiken)
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Shortly before kickoff, the Kansas City Chiefs were a 5.5-point favorite over the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 NFL betting for the 2021 season. Perhaps you liked Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to win the rematch of the previous year’s playoff game but were wary of the spread, leading you to the moneyline.

But instead of betting the Chiefs -225 – $44.44 profit on a $100 bet, for example –  you sought a bigger potential return on investment and more excitement while watching 14 games throughout the day. 

NFL parlays can deliver that return and excitement.

What is a Parlay?

Parlays allow bettors to combine multiple wagers, aka legs, into one bet on the betting slip at BetMGM. In combining those wagers, the odds climb, as does the potential payout if all the bets hit. 

They are not limited to one game, one sport, one game, or one type of bet. You can build parlays with a variety of bets across different games, sports, and time periods.

How to Build NFL Parlay Bets

Building parlays are simple at the sportsbook. And because BetMGM automatically calculates parlay odds in your slip, you don’t need to worry about the math. You can just select your bets and see the odds change. If you are curious about the math, check out our parlay guide, “What is a Parlay?” with a parlay calculator, examples, insurance, and more.

Starting with the Chiefs’ moneyline, for example, you could’ve built the following parlay for Week 1 NFL odds:

  • Chiefs -225 (vs. Browns)
  • Rams -375 (vs. Bears)
  • Browns -2.5 (at Giants)

If you placed $100 on each of those three wagers separately, the payouts would be:

  • Chiefs -225: $144.44 (including stake)
  • Rams -375: $126.67
  • Browns -2.5 (-110): $190.91

If all three wagers hit, which they did, your total payouts would be $462.02, a profit of $162.02 (54%) on a $300 investment.

If you combined the three wagers into a $100 parlay – i.e., one-third of the total stake from the three separate wagers – the total payout would’ve been $349.29, a profit of $249.29 (249%) on a $100 investment.

And with those games in different time slots on Sunday, it would’ve been more than 10 hours of excitement watching the parlay cash.

Same Game Parlays

With BetMGM’s popular Same Game Parlay, you can combine wagers from the same game into one parlay. It operates exactly like a multi-game parlay but, in the case of NFL Same Game Parlays, is settled within the three-hour window of a single game.

It’s a fun and fast way to add even more excitement to each play of the game regardless of the score, playoff implications, or your other wagers. You can select from game-winner, over/under totals, player props, and more.

Live Betting Parlays

College football betting doesn’t stop at kickoff. With live betting, you can place bets throughout the game, including parlays.

As you watch Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, or any other team play, you can view live odds. And when you spot favorable numbers, you can place a single bet or combine multiple wagers into a parlay.

Visit the online sportsbook today to see available parlay bets!

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