Yankees Win Total Prediction & Over/Under Odds for 2023

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New York Yankees' Aaron Judge celebrates his home run during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, Friday, July 22, 2022, in Baltimore. The Yankees won 7-6.
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  • How many wins will the Yankees have this season?
  • The Yankees current win total over/under is 95.5 wins this season

The 2023 MLB Season doesn’t officially kick off until March 30th, but the BetMGM sportsbook has already released MLB Win Totals odds for every team. Let’s breakdown the New York Yankees current win total for this season, plus predictions.

What is the Yankee win total this year?

The current New York Yankees Over/Under for regular season wins this year is 95.5 wins (-110).

How many wins did the Yankees have last year?

The New York Yankees won 99 games last year, during the 2022 MLB season.

New York Yankees Win Total Prediction:

Based on available pre-season data, the win total model predicts the Yankees will win 91 games this season with 56.5% confidence.

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New York Yankee Win Total History:

  • 2022: 99 wins
  • 2021: 92 wins
  • 2020: 33 wins
  • 2019: 103 wins
  • 2018: 100 wins
  • 2017: 91 wins
  • 2016: 84 wins
  • 2015: 87 wins
  • 2014: 84 wins
  • 2013: 85 wins

Note: the 2020 MLB season was postponed indefinitely due to COVID.

AL East Over/Under Wins for 2023:

  • Yankees win total: 95.5
  • Blue Jays win total: 92.5
  • Rays win total: 88.5
  • Red Sox win total: 77.5
  • Orioles win total: 76.5

2023 MLB Win Totals for every team

TeamWin Total
Houston Astros96.5
Los Angeles Dodgers96.5
New York Mets95.5
Atlanta Braves95.5
New York Yankees95.5
San Diego Padres93.5
Toronto Blue Jays92.5
St. Louis Cardinals89.5
Philadelphia Phillies88.5
Seattle Mariners88.5
Cleveland Guardians87.5
Milwaukee Brewers 85.5
Chicago White Sox84.5
Minnesota Twins82.5
Texas Rangers82.5
Los Angeles Angels80.5
San Francisco Giants80.5
Boston Red Sox77.5
Chicago Cubs77.5
Baltimore Orioles76.5
Arizona Diamondbacks75.5
Miami Marlins 74.5
Detroit Tigers69.5
Kansas City Royals68.5
Colorado Rockies67.5
Pittsburgh Pirates66.5
Cincinnati Reds64.5
Washington Nationals60.5
Oakland Athletics 59.5

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Our BetMGM betting authors are experts who focus on individual game matchups & player prop bets with an emphasis on betting odds, lines & predictions.