Valspar Championship Pairings & First, Second Round Tee Times

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Jordan Spieth hits from the rough on the 14th hole during the second round of the Valspar Championship golf tournament Friday, March 9, 2018, in Palm Harbor, Fla.
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  • The Valspar Championship is March 16-19.
  • It is not a designated event and has a purse of $8.1 million.
  • Golf Channel and NBC have the TV coverage.

The Valspar Championship, which has a purse of $8.1 million, will be March 16-19 from the Copperhead Course at the Innisbrook Resort.

While it isn’t a designated event, some solid players are still in the field, including Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth.

The field will be cut to the top 65 players and ties for the weekend.

Below are the tee times for the first and second rounds.

Note: * will start on 10th tee

Valspar Championship Pairings & First, Second Round Tee Times

First Round

Time (ET)GolferGolferGolfer
7:40 a.m.Patrick RodgersTaylor MooreAlex Smalley
7:45 a.m.*Adam HadwinKelly KraftJustin Lower
7:51 a.m.Michael KimKyle StanleyMatthias Schwab
7:56 a.m.*Jimmy WalkerDavid LingmerthChesson Hadley
8:02 a.m.Austin CookJason DufnerBrandon Wu
8:07 a.m.*Wesley BryanCharley HoffmanPeter Malnati
8:13 a.m.Chez ReavieRichy WerenskiMichael Thompson
8:18 a.m.*Sam BurnsJordan SpiethGary Woodland
8:24 a.m.Lucas GloverGarrick HiggoMartin Laird
8:29 a.m.*J.T. PostonJustin ThomasJoel Dahmen
8:35 a.m.Ryan BrehmErik van RooyenJ.B. Holmes
8:40 a.m.*Jonathan ByrdK.H. LeeWebb Simpson
8:46 a.m.Luke DonaldStephan JaegerBen Taylor
8:51 a.m.*Patton KizzireRyan MooreCameron Percy
8:57 a.m.Russell KnoxDenny McCarthyDoc Redman
9:02 a.m.*Beau HosslerHenrik NorlanderHank Lebiota
9:08 a.m.Davis RileyBen GriffinAustin Smotherman
9:13 a.m.*Maverik McNealyWill GordonJustin Suh
9:19 a.m.Harry HallSam StevensJohn VanDerLaan
9:24 a.m.*Erik BarnesAkshay BhatiaVictor Perez
9:30 a.m.Matti SchmidPaul Haley IIPeter Knade
9:35 a.m.*Andrew NovakKyle WestmorelandVincent Norman
9:41 a.m.Carson YoungTrevor WerbyloAlex Chiarella
9:46 a.m.*MJ DaffueKevin RoyRyan Gerard
12:30 p.m.*Nate LashleyBrian StuardRobby Shelton
12:35 p.m.Sam RyderMax McGreevyS.H. Kim
12:41 p.m.*Martin TrainerCody GribbleKevin Streelman
12:46 p.m.Adam LongByeong Hun AnTyson Alexander
12:52 p.m.*Wyndham ClarkJoseph BramlettGreyson Sigg
12:57 p.m.Jhonathan VegasZac BlairKramer Hickok
1:03 p.m.*Chad RameyJim HermanNick Taylor
1:08 p.m.Justin RoseMatt FitzpatrickTommy Fleetwood
1:14 p.m.*Cameron ChampAndrew LandryTyler Duncan
1:19 p.m.Kevin KisnerBrian HarmanZach Johnson
1:25 p.m.*Stewart CinkRobert StrebTroy Merritt
1:30 p.m.Nico EchavarriaTrey MullinaxLuke List
1:36 p.m.*James HahnAdam SchenkMark Hubbard
1:41 p.m.Kevin TwayBrice GarnettMatthew NeSmith
1:47 p.m.*Dylan FrittelliBen MartinDavid Lipsky
1:52 p.m.Ryan ArmourMatt WallaceDoug Ghim
1:58 p.m.*Brent GrantCarl YuanCole Hammer
2:03 p.m.Rory SabbatiniLee HodgesEric Cole
2:09 p.m.*Zecheng DouTrevor ConeDanny Guise
2:14 p.m.Dylan WuTano GoyaPierceson Coody
2:20 p.m.*Nick HardyAustin EckroatGreg Koch
2:25 p.m.Harrison EndycottBrandon MatthewsLudvig Aberg
2:31 p.m.*Michael GligicAugusto NunezNick Gabrelcik
2:36 p.m.Harry HiggsScott HarringtonChris Nido

Second Round

Time (ET)GolferGolferGolfer
7:40 a.m.Nate LashleyBrian StuardRobby Shelton
7:45 a.m.*Sam RyderMax McGreevyS.H. Kim
7:51 a.m.Martin TrainerCody GribbleKevin Streelman
7:56 a.m.*Adam LongByeong Hun AnTyson Alexander
8:02 a.m.Wyndham ClarkJoseph BramlettGreyson Sigg
8:07 a.m.*Jhonathan VegasZac BlairKramer Hickok
8:13 a.m.Chad RameyJim HermanNick Taylor
8:18 a.m.*Justin RoseMatt FitzpatrickTommy Fleetwood
8:24 a.m.Cameron ChampAndrew LandryTyler Duncan
8:29 a.m.*Kevin KisnerBrian HarmanZach Johnson
8:35 a.m.Stewart CinkRobert StrebTroy Merritt
8:40 a.m.*Nico EchavarriaTrey MullinaxLuke List
8:46 a.m.James HahnAdam SchenkMark Hubbard
8:51 a.m.*Kevin TwayBrice GarnettMatthew NeSmith
8:57 a.m.Dylan FrittelliBen MartinDavid Lipsky
9:02 a.m.*Ryan ArmourMatt WallaceDoug Ghim
9:08 a.m.Brent GrantCarl YuanCole Hammer
9:13 a.m.*Rory SabbatiniLee HodgesEric Cole
9:19 a.m.Zecheng DouTrevor ConeDanny Guise
9:24 a.m.*Dylan WuTano GoyaPierceson Coody
9:30 a.m.Nick HardyAustin EckroatGreg Koch
9:35 a.m.*Harrison EndycottBrandon MatthewsLudvig Aberg
9:41 a.m.Michael GligicAugusto NunezNick Gabrelcik
9:46 a.m.*Harry HiggsScott HarringtonChris Nido
12:30 p.m.*Patrick RodgersTaylor MooreAlex Smalley
12:35 p.m.Adam HadwinKelly KraftJustin Lower
12:41 p.m.*Michael KimKyle StanleyMatthias Schwab
12:46 p.m.Jimmy WalkerDavid LingmerthChesson Hadley
12:52 p.m.*Austin CookJason DufnerBrandon Wu
12:57 p.m.Wesley BryanCharley HoffmanPeter Malnati
1:03 p.m.*Chez ReavieRichy WerenskiMichael Thompson
1:08 p.m.Sam BurnsJordan SpiethGary Woodland
1:14 p.m.*Lucas GloverGarrick HiggoMartin Laird
1:19 p.m.J.T. PostonJustin ThomasJoel Dahmen
1:25 p.m.*Ryan BrehmErik van RooyenJ.B. Holmes
1:30 p.m.Jonathan ByrdK.H. LeeWebb Simpson
1:36 p.m.*Luke DonaldStephan JaegerBen Taylor
1:41 p.m.Patton KizzireRyan MooreCameron Percy
1:47 p.m.*Russell KnoxDenny McCarthyDoc Redman
1:52 p.m.Beau HosslerHenrik NorlanderHank Lebiota
1:58 p.m.*Davis RileyBen GriffinAustin Smotherman
2:03 p.m.Maverik McNealyWill GordonJustin Suh
2:09 p.m.*Harry HallSam StevensJohn VanDerLaan
2:14 p.m.Erik BarnesAkshay BhatiaVictor Perez
2:20 p.m.*Matti SchmidPaul Haley IIPeter Knade
2:25 p.m.Andrew NovakKyle WestmorelandVincent Norman
2:31 p.m.*Carson YoungTrevor WerbyloAlex Chiarella
2:36 p.m.MJ DaffueKevin RoyRyan Gerard

Valspar Championship TV Schedule, Times, Channel

  • Thursday, March 16: 2:00-6:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel
  • Friday, March 17: 2:00-6:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel
  • Saturday, March 18: 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel; 3:00-6:00 p.m., NBC
  • Sunday, March 19: 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel; 3:00-6:00 p.m., NBC

What Channel Is the Valspar Championship On?

The Valspar Championship is on Golf Channel Thursday and Friday, then both Golf Channel and NBC Saturday and Sunday.

Valspar Championship PGA Tour Live, Featured Groups

  • Thursday, March 16: 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Friday, March 17: 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Saturday, March 18: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Sunday, March 19: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+

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