2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Odds, Tickets, & Handle

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Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp (10) makes a catch against Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Chidobe Awuzie during a joint practice at the team's NFL football training facility, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Jeff Dean)
(AP Photo/Jeff Dean)
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In winning 2021 Offensive Player of the Year, Los Angeles Rams’ receiver Cooper Kupp became the third straight non-quarterback to win the award. The streak comes after quarterbacks won three of the previous four awards.

Will another non-quarterback win in 2022? NFL odds suggest yes.

Here are updated Offensive Player of the Year odds and public betting (as of Sept. 27):

NFL Offensive Player of the Year Odds, Tickets, & Handle

PlayerOpenWeek 3CurrentTicketsHandle
Lamar Jackson250014006002.5%5.3%
Justin Jefferson200070070016.3%21.6%
Cooper Kupp8008007002.9%2.5%
Jalen Hurts400018007502.2%1.7%
Stefon Diggs40008509003.9%3.2%
Josh Allen1600180012006.9%6.2%
Jonathan Taylor80090012006.2%6.9%
Nick Chubb1800300012000.9%0.6%
Saquon Barkley6600200016003.1%2.3%
Ja’Marr Chase3000120020004.9%5.8%
Christian McCaffrey1800250020003.2%2.1%
Patrick Mahomes1800220025003.2%4.2%
Tyreek Hill4000300025001.6%8.7%
Justin Herbert2000250030003.5%2.2%
Deebo Samuel1100250040001.8%0.8%
Davante Adams1200140050002.3%2.1%
Amon-Ra St. Brown66001000050002.3%1.7%
Tua Tagovailoa40001000066000.9%0.5%
Javonte Williams5000500066000.8%0.5%
Jaylen Waddle5000400066000.4%0.3%
Derrick Henry1100300080004.1%3.0%
D'Andre Swift6600400080001.7%0.8%
A.J. Brown8000660080000.9%0.5%
Joe Burrow2500660080000.9%0.7%
Aaron Jones40006600100001.4%1.4%
Travis Kelce30005000100001.0%0.7%
Dalvin Cook25005000100000.4%0.2%
Kyler Murray25004000100000.3%0.1%
Trevor Lawrence1000010000100000.0%0.0%
Mike Evans1000012500125000.3%0.4%
Austin Ekeler40008000150001.1%1.0%
Aaron Rodgers25005000150000.4%0.2%
Courtland Sutton660015000150000.4%0.1%
Mitchell Trubisky1000015000150000.1%0.0%
Tee Higgins800015000150000.0%0.0%
CeeDee Lamb400010000200001.8%0.8%
Najee Harris66006600200001.3%2.1%
Michael Pittman Jr.66008000200000.7%0.3%
Matthew Stafford40008000200000.3%0.1%
Miles Sanders1000020000200000.1%0.1%
Mike Williams100008000200000.1%0.0%
Allen Lazard800015000200000.1%0.0%
Leonard Fournette1000015000200000.1%0.0%
Keenan Allen660010000200000.0%0.0%
Amari Cooper800015000200000.0%0.0%
Tom Brady35006600250001.0%0.6%
Mark Andrews660012500250000.1%0.0%
Russell Wilson40006600Off the board2.0%1.6%
Derek Carr500010000Off the board1.5%0.9%
Jameis Winston80008000Off the board0.9%0.7%
Trey Lance4000Off the boardOff the board0.8%0.5%
Matt Ryan660015000Off the board0.7%0.4%
Joe Mixon66008000Off the board0.4%1.1%
Kyle Pitts1000012500Off the board0.4%0.2%
Jared Goff1000015000Off the board0.4%0.2%
Michael Thomas50006600Off the board0.4%0.1%
Alvin Kamara500010000Off the board0.4%0.3%
Kirk Cousins800015000Off the board0.3%0.1%
Dak Prescott400015000Off the board0.3%0.3%
Justin Fields800015000Off the board0.3%0.0%
Ryan Tannehill1500020000Off the board0.3%0.0%
Jerry Jeudy500015000Off the board0.2%0.1%
Devonta Smith1500020000Off the board0.2%0.1%
Ezekiel Elliott500010000Off the board0.2%0.2%
DK Metcalf1000012500Off the board0.2%0.1%
Hunter Renfrow660015000Off the board0.2%0.1%
Marquise Brown1000020000Off the board0.2%0.1%
Cam Akers660025000Off the board0.2%0.1%
Taysom Hill1500025000Off the board0.2%0.1%
J.K. Dobbins800010000Off the board0.1%0.2%
Daniel Jones1500012500Off the board0.1%0.0%
Mac Jones800012500Off the board0.1%0.0%
Terry McLaurin800015000Off the board0.1%0.0%
Allen Robinson660015000Off the board0.1%0.0%
James Conner800015000Off the board0.1%0.0%
T.J. Hockenson1500015000Off the board0.1%0.0%
Tony Pollard1000015000Off the board0.1%0.0%
DeAndre Hopkins500020000Off the board0.1%0.0%
Dallas Goedert1500025000Off the board0.1%0.0%
Deshaun Watson2000Off the boardOff the board0.1%0.0%
Cordarrelle Patterson1000010000Off the board0.1%0.0%
Gabriel Davis100008000Off the board0.0%0.0%
AJ Dillon1000012500Off the board0.0%0.0%
Josh Jacobs1000012500Off the board0.0%0.0%
Antonio Gibson660015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Chris Godwin1000015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Damien Harris1000015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Diontae Johnson800015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Elijah Mitchell660015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Kareem Hunt1000015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Tyler Lockett1000015000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Darren Waller1000020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
David Montgomery1500020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
George Kittle400020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Michael Gallup1000020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Mike Gesicki1000020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Raheem Mostert800020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Russell Gage1500020000Off the board0.0%0.0%
Randall Cobb1500025000Off the board0.0%0.0%

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