RBC Canadian Open Pairings, Tee Times, & TV Schedule

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Rory McIlroy, of Northern Ireland, walks to the 15th fairway during the final round of the Memorial golf tournament, Sunday, June 4, 2023, in Dublin, Ohio.
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Ryan Hannable @RyanHannable Jun 08, 2023, 8:46 AM
  • The RBC Canadian Open is June 8-11.
  • Below are the first and second round tee times for all golfers.
  • Golf Channel and CBS will share the TV coverage.

The RBC Canadian Open, which has a $9 million purse since it is not a designated event, is scheduled for June 8-11 from Oakdale Golf & Country Club in Toronto.

Although it is the week before the U.S. Open, there’s still a decent field, which includes defending champion Rory McIlroy, who has +450 odds to win.

After the second round, the 156-player field will be cut to the top 65 players and ties.

RBC Canadian Open Pairings & First Round Tee Times

Time (ET)Golfer 1Golfer 2Golfer 3
7:00 a.m.Kyle StanleyCamilo VillegasDerek Ernst
7:00 a.m.*Adam LongPatton KizzireCameron Percy
7:11 a.m.Hank LebiodaAaron RaiJustin Lower
7:11 a.m.*Ricky BarnesHenrik NorlanderHarry Higgs
7:22 a.m.Ben MartinJonathan ByrdBrandon Wu
7:22 a.m.*Brice GarnettRyan ArmourEric Cole
7:33 a.m.Erik van RooyenLanto GriffinAaron Wise
7:33 a.m.*Justin RoseRory McIlroyWebb Simpson
7:44 a.m.Ryan BrehmGarrick HiggoAndrew Landry
7:44 a.m.*Matt FitzpatrickTyrrell HattonLudvig Aberg
7:55 a.m.Chez ReavieLucas GloverMartin Laird
7:55 a.m.*Corey ConnersNick TaylorTommy Fleetwood
8:06 a.m.C.T. PanJason DufnerPeter Malnati
8:06 a.m.*Bill HaasDoc RedmanGreyson Sigg
8:17 a.m.Grayson MurrayMark HubbardMax McGreevy
8:17 a.m.*Martin TrainerDavid HearnLee Hodges
8:28 a.m.William McGritVince WhaleyRoger Sloan
8:28 a.m.*Scott PiercyChris StroudNick Watney
8:39 a.m.Cody GribbleRussell KnoxS.Y. Noh
8:39 a.m.*David LingmerthBen CraneChesson Hadley
8:50 a.m. Scott HarringtonHarrison EndycottBrandon Matthews
8:50 a.m.*Michael GligicMatti SchmidRyan Gerard
9:01 a.m.Derek LamelyCarson YoungMJ Daffue
9:01 a.m.*Drew NesbittPeter KuestLuis Carrera
9:12 a.m.Sebastian SzirmakEtienne PapineauTaylor Durham
9:12 a.m.*Ben SilvermanDaniel KimJohnny Travale
12:15 p.m.Sangmoon BaeScott BrownAdrian Meronk
12:15 p.m.*George McNeillSean O'HairCallum Tarren
12:26 p.m.Aaron BaddeleyBrian StuardAlex Smalley
12:26 p.m.*Kevin ChappellWesley BryanAndrew Novak
12:37 p.m.David LipskyAustin SmothermanTyson Alexander
12:37 p.m.*Tommy GaineyMaverick McNealyKelly Kraft
12:48 p.m.Sam BurnsMatt KucharSahith Theegala
12:48 p.m.*Brian GayTyler DuncanKeith Mitchell
12:59 p.m.Adam SvenssonMackenzie HughesAdam Hadwin
12:59 p.m.*Cameron ChampRobert StrebJim Herman
1:10 p.m.Shane LowryBrandt SnedekerCameron Young
1:10 p.m.*Chad RameyRichy WerenskiBrendon Todd
1:21 p.m.Geoff OgilvyMike WeirTaylor Pendrith
1:21 p.m.*James HahnDoug GhimS.H. Kim
1:32 p.m.Kevin TwayMichael KimRobby Shelton
1:32 p.m.*Sung KangArjun AtwalWill Gordon
1:43 p.m.Nate LashleyRyan MooreMattias Schwab
1:43 p.m.*Austin CookKramer HickokJoseph Bramlett
1:54 p.m.Harry HallAkshay BhatiaMichael Block
1:54 p.m.*Paul Haley IIAugusto NunezKevin Roy
2:05 p.m.Dylan WuTrevor WerbyloNicolai Hojgaard
2:05 p.m.*Zecheng DouKyle WestmorelandCarl Yuan
2:16 p.m.Vincent NorrmanBrent GrantTrevor Cone
2:16 p.m.*David CareySam BennettRyan Hall
2:27 p.m.Wil BatemanJake KnappMichael Thorbjornsen
2:27 p.m.*Aaron CockerillStuart MacdonaldMyles Creighton

*10th hole

RBC Canadian Open Pairings & Second Round Tee Times

Time (ET)Golfer 1Golfer 2Golfer 3
7:00 a.m.George McNeillSean O'HairCallum Tarren
7:00 a.m.*Sangmoon BaeScott BrownAdrian Meronk
7:11 a.m.Kevin ChappellWesley BryanAndrew Novak
7:11 a.m.*Aaron BaddeleyBrian StuardAlex Smalley
7:22 a.m.Tommy GaineyMaverick McNealyKelly Kraft
7:22 a.m.*David LipskyAustin SmothermanTyson Alexander
7:33 a.m.Brian GayTyler DuncanKeith Mitchell
7:33 a.m.*Sam BurnsMatt KucharSahith Theegala
7:44 a.m.Cameron ChampRobert StrebJim Herman
7:44 a.m.*Adam SvenssonMackenzie HughesAdam Hadwin
7:55 a.m.Chad RameyRichy WerenskiBrendon Todd
7:55 a.m.*Shane LowryBrandt SnedekerCameron Young
8:06 a.m.James HahnDoug GhimS.H. Kim
8:06 a.m.*Geoff OgilvyMike WeirTaylor Pendrith
8:17 a.m.Sung KangArjun AtwalWill Gordon
8:17 a.m.*Kevin TwayMichael KimRobby Shelton
8:28 a.m.Austin CookKramer HickokJoseph Bramlett
8:28 a.m.*Nate LashleyRyan MooreMattias Schwab
8:39 a.m.Paul Haley IIAugusto NunezKevin Roy
8:39 a.m.*Harry HallAkshay BhatiaMichael Block
8:50 a.m. Zecheng DouKyle WestmorelandCarl Yuan
8:50 a.m.*Dylan WuTrevor WerbyloNicolai Hojgaard
9:01 a.m.David CareySam BennettRyan Hall
9:01 a.m.*Vincent NorrmanBrent GrantTrevor Cone
9:12 a.m.Aaron CockerillStuart MacdonaldMyles Creighton
9:12 a.m.*Wil BatemanJake KnappMichael Thorbjornsen
12:15 p.m.Adam LongPatton KizzireCameron Percy
12:15 p.m.*Kyle StanleyCamilo VillegasDerek Ernst
12:26 p.m.Ricky BarnesHenrik NorlanderHarry Higgs
12:26 p.m.*Hank LebiodaAaron RaiJustin Lower
12:37 p.m.Brice GarnettRyan ArmourEric Cole
12:37 p.m.*Ben MartinJonathan ByrdBrandon Wu
12:48 p.m.Justin RoseRory McIlroyWebb Simpson
12:48 p.m.*Erik van RooyenLanto GriffinAaron Wise
12:59 p.m.Matt FitzpatrickTyrrell HattonLudvig Aberg
12:59 p.m.*Ryan BrehmGarrick HiggoAndrew Landry
1:10 p.m.Corey ConnersNick TaylorTommy Fleetwood
1:10 p.m.*Chez ReavieLucas GloverMartin Laird
1:21 p.m.Bill HaasDoc RedmanGreyson Sigg
1:21 p.m.*C.T. PanJason DufnerPeter Malnati
1:32 p.m.Martin TrainerDavid HearnLee Hodges
1:32 p.m.*Grayson MurrayMark HubbardMax McGreevy
1:43 p.m.Scott PiercyChris StroudNick Watney
1:43 p.m.*William McGritVince WhaleyRoger Sloan
1:54 p.m.David LingmerthBen CraneChesson Hadley
1:54 p.m.*Cody GribbleRussell KnoxS.Y. Noh
2:05 p.m.Michael GligicMatti SchmidRyan Gerard
2:05 p.m.*Scott HarringtonHarrison EndycottBrandon Matthews
2:16 p.m.Drew NesbittPeter KuestLuis Carrera
2:16 p.m.*Derek LamelyCarson YoungMJ Daffue
2:27 p.m.Ben SilvermanDaniel KimJohnny Travale
2:27 p.m.*Sebastian SzirmakEtienne PapineauTaylor Durham

RBC Canadian Open TV Schedule, Times, Channel

  • Thursday, June 8: 33:00-6:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel
  • Friday, June 9: 3:00-6:00 p.m. ET, Golf Channel
  • Saturday, June 10: 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. ET, Golf Channel; 5:30-7:30 p.m. ET, CBS
  • Sunday, June 11: 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. ET, Golf Channel; 2:30-6:00 p.m. ET, CBS

What Channel Is the RBC Canadian Open On?

The Memorial Tournament is on Golf Channel exclusively Thursday-Friday and then Golf Channel and CBS Saturday and Sunday.

RBC Canadian Open PGA Tour Live, Featured Groups

  • Thursday, June 8: 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Friday, June 9: 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Saturday, June 10: 9:15 a.m.-7:30 p.m.ET, ESPN+
  • Sunday, June 11: 8:15 a.m.-6:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

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Ryan Hannable is a Content Managing Editor on the Web Content Team for BetMGM. Previously, he was a New England Patriots beat writer for WEEI in Boston. He also has published a golf book, “The Ultimate Book of Golf Trivia: 600 Questions and Answers.”