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Los Angeles Angels' Shohei Ohtani runs to first as he flies out during the sixth inning of a preseason baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers Sunday, March 26, 2023, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
BetMGM @BETMGM Sep 26, 2023, 7:25 PM
PlayerClosing OddsOpening OddsTicketsHandle
Shohei Ohtani-1000020017.8%42.5%
Corey Seager800030004.9%2.6%
Kyle Tucker800030003.2%1.7%
Adley Rutschman1000035008.0%8.3%
Wander Franco1000035005.6%5.1%
Bo Bichette1000040004.0%2.5%
Randy Arozarena10000150003.0%2.7%
Luis Robert1000040002.1%1.0%
Marcus Semien1000066001.2%1.2%
Jose Ramirez1250016006.2%3.1%
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.1500015007.1%4.4%
Adolis Garcia15000200000.8%0.5%
Yandy Diaz15000200000.5%0.4%
Aaron Judge200005005.4%6.8%
Rafael Devers2000030004.2%2.7%
Yordan Alvarez2000011004.1%3.2%
Alex Bregman2000040000.2%0.1%
Julio RodriguezOff the board8003.9%2.4%
Mike TroutOff the board6503.5%2.0%
Bobby Witt JrOff the board80001.9%0.6%
Matt ChapmanOff the board100001.6%1.6%
Jose AbreuOff the board80000.9%0.6%
Byron BuxtonOff the board30000.8%0.6%
Yoan MoncadaOff the board200000.8%0.4%
Vinnie PasquatinoOff the board250000.7%0.2%
Jarred KelenicOff the board300000.6%0.4%
Eloy JimenezOff the board100000.6%0.4%
George SpringerOff the board50000.6%0.1%
Tim AndersonOff the board80000.5%0.1%
Jeremy PenaOff the board80000.4%0.1%
Cedric MullinsOff the board200000.4%0.1%
Alex VerdugoOff the board300000.3%0.1%
Gunnar HendersonOff the board100000.3%0.1%
Carlos CorreaOff the board35000.3%0.1%
Andres GimenezOff the board250000.3%0.1%
Steven KwanOff the board250000.3%0.2%
Gerrit ColeOff the board100000.2%0.1%
Andrew VaughnOff the board200000.2%0.1%
Brandon LoweOff the board100000.2%0.0%
Gleyber TorresOff the board150000.2%0.1%
Jose AltuveOff the board50000.2%0.0%
Giancarlo StantonOff the board50000.2%0.0%
Daulton VarshoOff the board200000.2%0.0%
Riley GreeneOff the board200000.2%0.0%
Taylor WardOff the board200000.2%0.1%
Ty FranceOff the board100000.1%0.0%
Jacob deGromOff the board80000.1%0.0%
Salvador PerezOff the board100000.1%0.0%
Nathaniel LoweOff the board250000.1%0.0%
Anthony RendonOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Masataka YoshidaOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.0%
Ryan MountcastleOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.0%
Harrison BaderOff the board300000.1%0.0%
Teoscar HernandezOff the board80000.1%0.0%
Carlos RodonOff the board100000.1%0.0%
Jose MirandaOff the board250000.1%0.0%
Josh NaylorOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Joshua JungOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Anthony RizzoOff the board125000.0%0.0%
Brent RookerOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.1%
Alejandro KirkOff the board100000.0%0.0%
Josh BellOff the board200000.0%0.0%
DJ LeMahieuOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Issac ParedesOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Josh LoweOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Shane McClanahanOff the board125000.0%0.0%
Nate LoweOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Cal RaleighOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Amed RosarioOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Andrew BenintendiOff the board200000.0%0.0%
JP CrawfordOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Jose SiriOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Jorge PolancoOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Jonah HeimOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Franchy CorderoOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Danny JansenOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Yasmani GrandalOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Kolten WongOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Eugenio SuarezOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Jose TrevinoOff the board300000.0%0.0%
Ramn LaureanoOff the board300000.0%0.0%

Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26


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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.