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Atlanta Braves' Ronald Acuna Jr. (13) watches his hit during a baseball game against the Miami Marlins, Tuesday, May 2, 2023, in Miami. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier)
(AP Photo/Marta Lavandier)
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PlayerClosing Odds OddsOpening OddsTicketsHandle
Ronald Acuna Jr-2500120025.6%48.2%
Mookie Betts10009007.7%10.6%
Freddie Freeman2000013004.6%5.5%
Matt Olson2000030004.6%3.3%
Trea TurnerOff the board120011.2%8.3%
Corbin CarrollOff the board250007.4%3.6%
Juan SotoOff the board5503.7%2.8%
Luis ArraezOff the board100003.5%1.6%
Fernando Tatis JrOff the board10002.6%2.4%
Nolan ArenadoOff the board12002.6%1.1%
Pete AlonsoOff the board14002.5%1.5%
Bryce HarperOff the board66002.3%1.1%
Elly De La CruzOff the boardOff the board1.6%0.7%
Paul GoldschmidtOff the board10001.4%0.6%
Francisco LindorOff the board25001.4%0.9%
Manny MachadoOff the board12001.3%0.5%
Oneil CruzOff the board100001.2%1.0%
Austin RileyOff the board16001.1%0.4%
Cody BellingerOff the board150001.1%0.4%
Alec BohmOff the board150000.9%0.5%
Xander BogaertsOff the board30000.8%0.5%
Kris BryantOff the board125000.8%0.2%
Bryan ReynoldsOff the board125000.8%0.4%
Dansby SwansonOff the board80000.7%0.1%
Will SmithOff the board100000.7%0.3%
Kyle SchwarberOff the board40000.6%0.2%
Joey VottoOff the board150000.6%0.1%
Christian YelichOff the board100000.5%0.2%
Sean MurphyOff the board150000.5%0.5%
Max MuncyOff the board100000.5%0.3%
Ketel MarteOff the board150000.5%0.1%
Michael Harris IIOff the board50000.4%0.2%
Nico HoernerOff the board250000.3%0.2%
Jazz Chisolm Jr.Off the board66000.3%0.1%
JT RealmutoOff the board100000.3%0.1%
Seiya SuzukiOff the board100000.3%0.1%
Nick CastellanosOff the boardOff the board0.2%0.3%
Brandon NimmoOff the board100000.2%0.1%
Nolan GormanOff the boardOff the board0.2%0.1%
Christopher MorelOff the boardOff the board0.2%0.0%
Ian HappOff the board150000.2%0.0%
Tyler O'NeillOff the board150000.2%0.1%
Ozzie AlbiesOff the board66000.1%0.0%
Christian WalkerOff the board150000.1%0.1%
Jonathan IndiaOff the board125000.1%0.0%
Corbin BurnesOff the board125000.1%0.2%
Patrick WisdomOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.0%
Brendan DonovanOff the board250000.1%0.1%
Ke'Bryan HayesOff the board125000.1%0.0%
Sandy AlcantaraOff the board66000.1%0.0%
Starling MarteOff the board100000.1%0.0%
Jeff McNeilOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Spencer StriderOff the board150000.1%0.0%
Brandon MarshOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.0%
Bryson StottOff the board250000.1%0.0%
Charlie BlackmonOff the board200000.1%0.0%
CJ AbramsOff the board200000.1%0.1%
J.D. MartinezOff the board125000.1%0.0%
Jesse WinkerOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Lars NootbaarOff the board250000.1%0.0%
Tommy EdmanOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Willy AdamesOff the board100000.1%0.0%
Zac GallenOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Zack WheelerOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Brendan RodgersOff the board250000.0%0.0%
CJ CronOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Jake McCarthyOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Justin VerlanderOff the board100000.0%0.0%
Luis UriasOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Marcell OzunaOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Miguel RojasOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Mike YastrzemskiOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Mitch HanigerOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Nick MadrigalOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Rhys HoskinsOff the board80000.0%0.0%
Ryan McMahonOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Trent GrishamOff the board200000.0%0.0%
William ContrerasOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Willson ContrerasOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Tyler StephensonOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Jorge SolerOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Aaron NolaOff the board125000.0%0.0%
Avisail GarciaOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Brandon BeltOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Brandon CrawfordOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Chris TaylorOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Dylan CarlsonOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Ezequiel TovarOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Gavin LuxOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Ha-Seong KimOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Jack SuwinskiOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Jake CronenworthOff the board150000.0%0.0%
James OutmanOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Joc PedersonOff the board125000.0%0.0%
Joey MenesesOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Keibert RuizOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Max ScherzerOff the board100000.0%0.0%
Thairo EstradaOff the board250000.0%0.0%
Travis d'ArnaudOff the board250000.0%0.0%

Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26

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