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New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole delivers against the Toronto Blue Jays in the first inning of a baseball game, Saturday, April 22, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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PlayerClosing OddsOpening OddsTicketsHandle
Gerrit Cole-20006008.9%22.8%
Luis Castillo100018004.0%4.1%
Sonny Gray250080001.7%2.2%
Framber Valdez1500020004.5%5.0%
Pablo Lopez2500040001.1%0.9%
Shohei OhtaniOff the board100011.4%9.0%
Shane McClanahanOff the board120010.3%13.3%
Kevin GausmanOff the board16008.9%8.1%
Dylan CeaseOff the board8005.0%5.6%
Christian JavierOff the board25005.0%3.3%
Felix BautistaOff the boardOff the board3.4%2.6%
Nathan EovaldiOff the board80003.1%3.0%
Shane BieberOff the board13002.9%1.3%
George KirbyOff the board66002.6%1.7%
Eduardo RodriguezOff the board100002.3%1.2%
Jacob deGromOff the board6002.3%2.0%
Brady SingerOff the board150002.1%1.2%
Joe RyanOff the board50002.0%1.3%
Alek ManoahOff the board9002.0%1.6%
Triston McKenzieOff the board35001.9%1.1%
Chris SaleOff the board80001.4%1.1%
Jeffrey SpringsOff the boardOff the board1.3%1.0%
Drew RasmussenOff the board200001.1%0.7%
Carlos RodonOff the board10001.1%0.7%
Jon GrayOff the board100000.9%0.8%
Emmanuel ClaseOff the board100000.7%0.2%
Zach EflinOff the board150000.7%0.3%
Chris BassittOff the board66000.7%0.3%
Reid DetmersOff the board150000.6%0.3%
Luis SeverinoOff the board66000.5%0.2%
Logan GilbertOff the board20000.5%0.2%
Jose BerriosOff the board80000.5%0.2%
Tyler GlasnowOff the board20000.4%0.6%
Hunter BrownOff the boardOff the board0.4%0.1%
Nestor CortesOff the board40000.4%0.1%
Luis GarciaOff the board50000.4%0.2%
Lucas GiolitoOff the board40000.3%0.2%
Grayson RodriguezOff the board150000.3%0.1%
Cal QuantrillOff the board80000.3%0.1%
Michael KopechOff the board50000.3%0.1%
Mike ClevingerOff the board100000.2%0.0%
Corey KluberOff the board200000.2%0.0%
Tyler MahleOff the board150000.2%0.1%
Robbie RayOff the board20000.2%0.1%
Patrick SandovalOff the board80000.1%0.0%
Bryce MillerOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.1%
Spencer TurnbullOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Brayan BelloOff the board200000.1%0.1%
Lance LynnOff the board66000.1%0.1%
Tarik SkubalOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Brad KellerOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Matthew BoydOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Yennier CanoOff the boardOff the board0.1%0.3%
Aaron CivaleOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Chris FlexenOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Lance McCullers Jr.Off the board50000.1%0.0%
Martin PerezOff the board80000.1%0.0%
Garrett WhitlockOff the board200000.1%0.0%
Andrew HeaneyOff the board125000.1%0.0%
Jose UrquidyOff the board66000.1%0.0%
Cole IrvinOff the board150000.1%0.0%
Kyle GibsonOff the board80000.0%0.0%
Kenta MaedaOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Cristian JavierOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Yusei KikuchiOff the boardOff the board0.0%0.0%
Nick PivettaOff the board150000.0%0.0%
Tyler AndersonOff the board50000.0%0.0%
Marco GonzalesOff the board100000.0%0.0%
Tanner HouckOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Dane DunningOff the board200000.0%0.0%
Frankie MontasOff the board150000.0%0.0%

Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 26

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Our BetMGM editors and authors are sports experts with a wealth of knowledge of the sports industry at all levels. Their coverage includes sports news, previews and predictions, fun facts, and betting.