Ranking the Best NFL Quarterbacks 2022

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Colton Pool @CPoolReporter Aug 18, 2022, 3:22 PM

When the Los Angeles Rams acquired a top-tier quarterback in Matthew Stafford and won the Super Bowl, it reinforced the importance of NFL signal-callers.

And some of the teams with the best NFL odds this upcoming season are in a position to win, largely thanks to their standout passers. Here’s a ranking of every team based on their situations behind center.

2022 NFL Quarterback Rankings

1Aaron Rodgers98
2Patrick Mahomes96
3Josh Allen94
4Tom Brady93
5Matthew Stafford91
6Justin Herbert90
7Russell Wilson89
8Dak Prescott87
9Lamar Jackson85
10Joe Burrow84
11Kyler Murray82
12Derek Carr81
13Trevor Lawrence80
14Mac Jones79
15Jalen Hurts78
16Matt Ryan76
17Kirk Cousins74
18Trey Lance72
19Carson Wentz70
20Justin Fields68
21Zach Wilson67
22Jared Goff66
23Tua Tagovailoa64
24Jameis Winston62
25Daniel Jones60
26Baker Mayfield59
27Ryan Tannehill58
28Mitchell Trubisky56
29Davis Mills54
30Marcus Mariota53
31Geno Smith/Drew Lock52
32Deshaun Watson/Jacoby Brissett50

NFL Positional Rankings

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Quarterback Rankings, Team by Team

32. Deshaun Watson/Jacoby Brissett, Cleveland Browns (Grade: 50/100)

There’s no telling who will start the most games for the Browns at quarterback in 2022. Watson would be the projected starter, but allegations of sexual misconduct and a potential suspension still loom.

Watson also hasn’t played a game in two years. While he was among the best passers in the league, he’s also on a new team with a different system.

Brissett is the Browns’ second-stringer after trading away Baker Mayfield. He’s a fine backup but  doesn’t bring much upside as a passer. With the Dolphins last season, he was 30th in DYAR and 31st in DVOA, metrics from Football Outsiders which measure value.

31. Geno Smith/Drew Lock, Seattle Seahawks (52/100)

It’s unclear who will be the Day 1 starter in Seattle.

The Seahawks acquired Lock when they traded away Russell Wilson to Denver. And yet, Smith appears ready to challenge for the starting spot.

Either way, either one is not the best answer behind center.

30. Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons (53/100)

After the Falcons sent Matt Ryan to the Colts, Mariota appears to be brought in as a bridge quarterback to the future. But in the meantime, there are worse quarterbacks.

Mariota has been in the league for seven years since being drafted second overall in 2015, serving as the Raiders’ backup for the last two. While he doesn’t bring much upside, he’s still a smart, seasoned and athletic quarterback for the Falcons.

29. Davis Mills, Houston Texans (54/100)

While the Texans’ 2021 season was a disaster, they seem to have found at least a glimmer of hope at quarterback after moving on from Watson.

Mills was drafted in the third round last year out of Stanford. And while Houston dealt with several problems on several levels, Mills was 25th in DYAR and 24th in DVOA last season.

He showed enough for the Texans to hold off on drafting a QB in the first round and see what he can do in 2022.

28. Mitchell Trubisky, Pittsburgh Steelers (56/100)

Though it’s no guarantee he’s the Day 1 starter, Trubisky hopes for a career resurgence in Pittsburgh. After being drafted second overall in 2017, he was mostly disappointing in Chicago.

But after spending a year as a backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo, Trubisky went to the Steelers, who needed help behind center following the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger.

While the Steelers took Pitt’s Kenny Pickett in the first round of this year’s draft, Trubisky appears poised to start — and prove himself — to begin the 2022 season.

27. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (58/100)

After beginning his time in Tennessee on a high note, he took a step back last season. That was highlighted in the playoffs.

He was 27th in DYAR and DVOA last season. Tannehill certainly has the skill to bounce back. But he’ll have to do so without AJ Brown, who’s now with the Eagles.

The Titans did add Robert Woods, drafted Treylon Burks, have Derrick Henry coming back from injury and are in their second year with Todd Downing as their offensive coordinator. So Tannehill has another shot to prove himself as an above-average QB.

26. Baker Mayfield, Carolina Panthers (59/100)

After the Browns traded for Watson, Cleveland sent Mayfield to the Panthers this offseason.

In 2021, Mayfield was 23rd in DYAR and DVOA and was graded 27th by PFF. But before that, he was considered to be rising toward the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.

Mayfield isn’t surrounded by bad offensive weapons in Carolina. So maybe he’ll cement himself as a starter with fresh scenery.

25. Daniel Jones, New York Giants (60/100)

Jones has one more year to demonstrate he was worthy of a top-10 draft pick. But it’s unclear if he has any more time than that.

Jones was 26th in DYAR and DVOA last season, but he was graded 16th by PFF. The Giants are moving on to their third head coach since Jones went sixth overall in 2019.

Jones, while unpredictable, has put together impressive moments. Maybe new head coach Brian Daboll, the former Bills offensive coordinator, will help lift Jones to greater heights.

24. Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints (62/100)

Winston is skilled, no doubt about it. But his consistency and health are in question.

Winston played in just seven games last season. But he was graded PFF’s 23rd highest-graded quarterback.

New Orleans is dealing with a coaching change, but the Saints did add talent at wideout in Jarvis Landry and rookie Chris Olave. If Winston can put a full season together, he has a chance to secure a place as a long-term starting quarterback.

23. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins (64/100)

Tagovailoa’s first two seasons haven’t exactly been steady.

Last season, he was 18th in both DVOA and DYAR and 22nd by PFF’s grades. After being drafted fifth overall out of Alabama in 2020, he was expected to perform at a higher level by now.

However, he’s in a good opportunity now that the Dolphins traded for Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle is another year older after an impressive rookie season.

22. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions (66/100)

After being sent to Detroit in the Rams’ trade for Stafford, Goff showed how much LA’s offensive system set him up for success.

He was 20th by DYAR and DVOA and was graded 28th by PFF in 2021. Granted, he had very little talent around him, and he still showed glimpses of the talent that had him drafted first overall.

With another year in Detroit and the Lions picking up former Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams in the draft, Goff’s career may recover.

21. Zach Wilson, New York Jets (67/100)

The next two players have plenty of potential, but they’ll have to show it this season.

Wilson was highly touted out of BYU, which made him the second overall pick a year ago. He has a strong arm to go with impressive athleticism. But last season was not the best rookie debut as he was 34th in both DYAR and DVOA.

Wilson should be better than he was as a rookie. He probably deserves to be lower on this list if he’s not.

20. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears (68/100)

Between not being the Day 1 starter and injuries, Fields was on the field inconsistently. His play matched.

Fields was 31st in DYAR and 32nd in DVOA in 2021. He still has plenty of improvements to make.

Still, he occasionally showed flashes of brilliance. His abilities as a passer and runner could shine with a revamped offense.

19. Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders (70/100)

Wentz undeniably has some of the best physical traits in the NFL. But his decision-making is suspect at best.

In 2021, Wentz was 16th by DYAR, 16th by DVOA and graded 21st by PFF. He tied a career-low with seven picks last season and threw for 3,563 yards and 27 touchdowns. 

Perhaps his third team in as many years will be the right fit. Still, he makes choices that often set his team back to rank him higher.

18. Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers (72/100)

This placement is because of Lance’s potential, which is astronomical.

While at North Dakota State, and even in moments as a rookie in 2021, Lance illustrated he has the potential to become a standout NFL quarterback.

He also is in a great position. With an excellent defense, coaching staff and surrounding weapons, Lance should be able to live up to his third overall selection in last year’s draft.

17. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings (74/100)

Statistically, Cousins was a top-10 quarterback in 2021.

Last season, he was PFF’s fourth-highest graded passer. He was also seventh in DYAR and eighth in DVOA.

But it’s tough to put him above the other passers on this list considering his risk-averse history. He’s surrounded by some of the best skill position players in the league, which certainly elevates his play.

16. Matt Ryan, Indianapolis Colts (76/100)

Up until last season, Ryan was an above-average quarterback at worst and top-five one at best. But now 37 years old, he’s shown signs of regression.

Ryan was 19th in DYAR and 21st in DVOA last season. Additionally, he was 14th by PFF’s grades.

Perhaps a change of scenery will lead to a bounceback. With one of the strongest rushing attacks in the league and Frank Reich as his head coach, Ryan could take advantage.

15. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (78/100)

Hurts will have plenty of reasons to be motivated in 2022.

The Eagles appear unready to commit to him long term until after this season. His four-year rookie contract could expire after 2023, and the team could very well move on from him and draft another quarterback next season.

Hurts was 17th in both DYAR and DVOA last season. His mobility also brings an added element to help Philadelphia’s offense. With the addition of AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith having another year in the league, Hurts will have no reason to have an average season.

14. Mac Jones, New England Patriots (79/100)

It’s tempting to rank Jones higher based on his rookie season alone.

Jones was 12th by DYAR and 13th in DVOA last season. Within the stability of the Patriots’ system, he was in a fantastic situation to thrive as a rookie.

The question remains if he can sustain that success. Jones could very well be even higher on this list next year.

13. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars (80/100)

The Jaguars didn’t experience a swath of success last season as a team. But something they should take solace in: Lawrence was great in many ways in 2021.

Numbers won’t bear that out. He was 32nd in DYAR and 29th in DVOA last season.

Nonetheless, Lawrence showed great poise in his decision-making and has the physical ability to thrive. With another year in the league and a new coaching staff, Lawrence should take a major step forward, whether or not his team does as well.

12. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders (81/100)

Carr is one of the most stable quarterbacks outside of the top 10. Despite all that happened to the Raiders’ coaching staff, Carr was eighth in DYAR and 11th in DVOA last season. He was also graded 12th by PFF, one spot ahead of Patrick Mahomes.

And while his offseason hype has gotten out of hand, last season wasn’t an anomaly. His 2020 and 2019 DYAR were also in the top 10.

It’s tough to rank Carr higher based on his upside. He likely won’t carry the Raiders to a Super Bowl appearance, but he certainly could be an important part of their run to a championship.

11. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals (82/100)

Leaving Murray out of the top 10 wasn’t an easy decision. He certainly has a case for it, though he didn’t finish the 2021 season as well as he could’ve.

Murray’s DYAR was ninth last year, and his DVOA was seventh. He was also PFF’s fifth-highest-rated passer last season.

The Cardinals will be without DeAndre Hopkins to start the season, but they added Marquise Brown. With another year of development, Murray will still have a chance to cement himself as a top-10 QB.

10. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (84/100)

Burrow was integral to the Bengals’ Super Bowl run last season. But while he succeeded in the playoffs, he was also superb in the regular season. He was rated PFF’s No. 1 passer in 2021. He was 13th and 14th in DYAR and DVOA, respectively.

His anticipation at his age is the most astounding part of Burrow’s game. Though he’s young, he knows how to maneuver in the pocket.

With upgrades on the offensive line, Burrow may be in a position to finally show how good he can be if given the chance.

9. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (85/100)

While Jackson’s passing numbers took a step back last season, he’s still one of the most dangerous players in the league with the ball in his hands.

Jackson was 21st in the NFL in DYAR and 19th in DVOA. The Ravens also traded away Marquise Brown this offseason, so the Ravens will have to find receiving production from others.

But with a healthier running back corps, the Ravens should further utilize Jackson’s rushing prowess. And no matter who plays alongside Jackson, he’s still one of the most talented players in the NFL.

8. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (87/100)

The numbers indicate Prescott was among the best quarterbacks in the league last year. 

He was third in DYAR and DVOA. He was also graded eighth by PFF among those at his position.

The Cowboys will have to learn to live without Amari Cooper, who was traded to the Browns this offseason. However, Prescott should be capable of carrying the offense nonetheless.

7. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos (89/100)

The Broncos have welcomed the addition of Wilson. He’s the kind of quarterback who could unlock their downfield passing attack.

Injuries hampered him last season, however. He was 15th in DYAR and 12th in DVOA.

But now, Wilson is believed to be healthy, which is why he’s ranked this high. Time will tell how the Broncos fare as a team, but Wilson’s talent should shine through no matter what.

6. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers (90/100)

Herbert is unquestionably a rising star in the NFL.

In just his second year in the NFL, he was fifth in DYAR and sixth in DVOA. He was also graded by PFF tied for sixth with throws of 20 yards or more.

Herbert continuously hits receivers deep downfield with pinpoint accuracy and is on track to do so again in 2022.

5. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams (91/100)

The Rams and Stafford both benefited greatly from his move to LA last offseason. He was especially crucial during the playoffs.

Stafford, at last, showcased what he could do with a strong team around him. His DYAR was sixth and his DVOA was ninth. According to PFF, he made the most big-time throws in 2021.

While the Rams lost Robert Woods and Odell Beckham Jr., they added Allen Robinson and still have reigning receiving champ Cooper Kupp going into 2022. Stafford still has a few years to thrive in the Rams’ offense.

4. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (93/100)

It’s tough to argue against Brady making the top five of this list. Yes, he is 44 years old, and yes, he wasn’t always at his best last season, and yes he temporarily retired only a few months ago. But he is still one of the most formidable at his position.

Last season, Brady was first in DYAR and second in DVOA and in PFF’s gradings of QBs. And while he may not have the same arm strength, he was rated eighth for throws of 20 yards or more.

Brady isn’t in his prime. But he’s still not that far off.

3. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (94/100)

Allen never proved how great of a quarterback he can be more than in his most recent game. In a postseason shootout against the Chiefs that went to overtime, Allen threw for 329 yards and four touchdowns, including two in the final two minutes with no picks.

For the season, Allen was 11th in DYAR and 15th in DVOA. But he was rated third by PFF for offensive production among QBs in part because he was the top-graded rushing QB.

With an impressive offensive arsenal, Allen should be able to take another step up.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (96/100)

Last year was not Mahomes’ most consistent. But his abilities are undoubtedly among the best in the league.

Last season, he was PFF’s 13th-rated passer. But he was still fourth in the NFL in DYAR and DVOA.

Much like the No. 1 quarterback on this list, Mahomes will have to find a way to keep thriving without his primary target, Tyreek Hill, now gone. But with Andy Reid still at head coach and other weapons added, Mahomes will have a chance to prove he’s still an elite QB without Hill.

1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (98/100)

While plenty of drama has surrounded Rodgers off the field, there’s no denying his talent on it.

The reigning MVP was first in DVOA and second in DYAR. He was also PFF’s third-rated passer.

The team around him will look much different in 2022, especially after Davante Adams’ departure. But Rodgers, who’s 38 years old, is still one of the best passers the league has ever seen and has yet to drop off.

QB Rankings 2022 With Super Bowl Odds

RankingsPlayerTeam's Super Bowl odds (7/6)
1Aaron Rodgers+1200
2Patrick Mahomes+900
3Josh Allen+650
4Tom Brady+750
5Matthew Stafford+1100
6Justin Herbert+1600
7Russell Wilson+1600
8Dak Prescott+1600
9Lamar Jackson+2000
10Joe Burrow+2000
11Kyler Murray+3000
12Trevor Lawrence+12500
13Derek Carr+4000
14Jalen Hurts+2500
15Mac Jones+4000
16Trey Lance+1400
17Matt Ryan+2500
18Ryan Tannehill+3000
19Kirk Cousins+4000
20Carson Wentz+6600
21Justin Fields+10000
22Zach Wilson+12500
23Jared Goff+12500
24Tua Tagovailoa+3000
25Jameis Winston+4000
26Daniel Jones+10000
27Baker Mayfield+12500
28Mitchell Trubisky+8000
29Davis Mills+30000
30Marcus Mariota+25000
31Drew Lock+15000
?Deshaun Watson+2500

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Colton Pool is a Web Content Writer for BetMGM living in Bozeman, Montana, focusing on the NFL and NBA. Previously, he covered Montana State football at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and worked at newspapers in his home state of North Dakota. He graduated from North Dakota State in 2015.