Los Angeles Dodgers 2024 Betting Preview: Futures Odds & Prediction

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Los Angeles Dodgers designated hitter Shohei Ohtani participates in spring training baseball workouts at Camelback Ranch in Phoenix, Friday, Feb. 16, 2024.
(AP Photo/Ashley Landis)
Shane Jackson @Sjacksonmgm Mar 26, 2024, 3:13 PM
  • The Dodgers had a busy offseason, signing Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.
  • Los Angeles has the highest preseason win total (103.5) for any MLB team since 1999.

It’s time to learn if a team can become the villain of the league while employing two-way unicorn Shohei Ohtani.

After spending six seasons with the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani signed a historic 10-year, $700 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers this past offseason.

The problem is that the Dodgers have won 100-plus games in five of the previous six seasons (not counting the COVID-shortened campaign) and have no problem spending as much money as possible to field a potent team.

Will baseball fans fully turn on the Dodgers this year, or will Ohtani’s popularity prevail? Either way, this team will be must-watch television and an MLB odds favorite in 2024.

Dodgers Futures Odds

Win Total: 103.5
NL West: -550
NL Pennant: +160
World Series: +350

The Dodgers could be a potential juggernaut this season, as they already have an implied probability of 35.7% to win the NL and 21.7% to win the World Series.

For comparison, FanGraphs currently offers Los Angeles a 15.6% chance of winning it all. Only the Atlanta Braves (25.9%) have better preseason odds to win the championship, though they are second in the latest World Series odds.

Despite its recent success of 11 consecutive playoff berths, Los Angeles has just one World Series ring over that span, which came during a 60-game season in 2020.

As such, it’s likely better to hold off on any postseason futures involving the betting favorites before opening day.

Dodgers Offseason Moves

The Dodgers had one of the busiest offseason in the league, headlined by a pair of significant additions by signing Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.


Matt GageLHP
Tyler GlasnowRHP
Teoscar HernándezOF
Manuel MargotOF
Shohei OhtaniRHP/DH
James PaxtonLHP
Yoshinobu YamamotoRHP


Michael BuschINF
Caleb FergusonLHP
Victor GonzalezLHP
Enrique HernandezUTIL
Lance LynnRHP
J.D. MartinezDH
Shelby MillerRHP
Ryan PepiotRHP
David PeraltaOF
Amed RosarioINF

It was just your typical offseason for the Dodgers, who inked Ohtani to a mega deal while also making Yamamoto the wealthiest pitcher in the league before he’s thrown a single pitch in this league.

In addition, Los Angeles added pitchers Tyler Glasnow and James Paxton, along with outfielder Teoscar Hernández.

Ohtani won’t pitch in 2024, but he will slot in at the top of the order, while Hernandez figures to be a starting outfielder. Yamamoto and Glasnow will make up the top of the rotation, while Paxton provides a left-handed presence as the team’s No. 4 starter.

Again, it was a normal offseason for a team that won 100 games last year.

Dodgers 2024 Betting Prediction

Prediction: Dodgers to finish with under 103.5 wins

This is one of the more nerve-wracking MLB betting picks in the preseason.

The Dodgers have been a dominant regular-season team lately, but I think they have their sights set on solving their recent postseason disappointments. 

We are also getting a lofty MLB betting win total with Los Angeles this year.

In fact, the Dodgers have the highest preseason win total since the 1999 New York Yankees had a mark of 104.5 before repeating as World Series champions. That New York team finished with 98 wins.

This year’s Dodgers team has plenty of star power, but questions must be answered. How will Mookie Betts handle the transition to shortstop? What does a bat-only season from Ohtani look like? Will there be an adjustment period for Yamamoto?

To top it off, the NL West is much more competitive. The Diamondbacks are coming off a World Series appearance. The Giants and Padres improved their roster and project to have winning seasons.

FanGraphs projects all three teams to finish with around 82 or 83 wins, while the Dodgers are forecasted for 93.8 victories.

It may be scary to take an under on a talented team, but it’s the right play to make before the season opener.

  • 2024 Dodgers Schedule
    Date Matchup
    3/28 Cardinals at Dodgers
    3/29 Cardinals at Dodgers
    3/30 Cardinals at Dodgers
    3/31 Cardinals at Dodgers
    4/1 Giants at Dodgers
    4/2 Giants at Dodgers
    4/3 Giants at Dodgers
    4/5 Dodgers at Cubs
    4/6 Dodgers at Cubs
    4/7 Dodgers at Cubs
    4/8 Dodgers at Twins
    4/9 Dodgers at Twins
    4/10 Dodgers at Twins
    4/12 Padres at Dodgers
    4/13 Padres at Dodgers
    4/14 Padres at Dodgers
    4/15 Nationals at Dodgers
    4/16 Nationals at Dodgers
    4/17 Nationals at Dodgers
    4/19 Mets at Dodgers
    4/20 Mets at Dodgers
    4/21 Mets at Dodgers
    4/23 Dodgers at Nationals
    4/24 Dodgers at Nationals
    4/25 Dodgers at Nationals
    4/26 Dodgers at Blue Jays
    4/27 Dodgers at Blue Jays
    4/28 Dodgers at Blue Jays
    4/29 Dodgers at D-backs
    4/30 Dodgers at D-backs
    5/1 Dodgers at D-backs
    5/3 Braves at Dodgers
    5/4 Braves at Dodgers
    5/5 Braves at Dodgers
    5/6 Marlins at Dodgers
    5/7 Marlins at Dodgers
    5/8 Marlins at Dodgers
    5/10 Dodgers at Padres
    5/11 Dodgers at Padres
    5/12 Dodgers at Padres
    5/13 Dodgers at Giants
    5/14 Dodgers at Giants
    5/15 Dodgers at Giants
    5/16 Reds at Dodgers
    5/17 Reds at Dodgers
    5/18 Reds at Dodgers
    5/19 Reds at Dodgers
    5/20 D-backs at Dodgers
    5/21 D-backs at Dodgers
    5/22 D-backs at Dodgers
    5/24 Dodgers at Reds
    5/25 Dodgers at Reds
    5/26 Dodgers at Reds
    5/27 Dodgers at Mets
    5/28 Dodgers at Mets
    5/29 Dodgers at Mets
    5/31 Rockies at Dodgers
    6/1 Rockies at Dodgers
    6/2 Rockies at Dodgers
    6/4 Dodgers at Pirates
    6/5 Dodgers at Pirates
    6/6 Dodgers at Pirates
    6/7 Dodgers at Yankees
    6/8 Dodgers at Yankees
    6/9 Dodgers at Yankees
    6/11 Rangers at Dodgers
    6/12 Rangers at Dodgers
    6/13 Rangers at Dodgers
    6/14 Royals at Dodgers
    6/15 Royals at Dodgers
    6/16 Royals at Dodgers
    6/17 Dodgers at Rockies
    6/18 Dodgers at Rockies
    6/19 Dodgers at Rockies
    6/20 Dodgers at Rockies
    6/21 Angels at Dodgers
    6/22 Angels at Dodgers
    6/24 Dodgers at White Sox
    6/25 Dodgers at White Sox
    6/26 Dodgers at White Sox
    6/28 Dodgers at Giants
    6/29 Dodgers at Giants
    6/30 Dodgers at Giants
    7/2 D-backs at Dodgers
    7/3 D-backs at Dodgers
    7/4 D-backs at Dodgers
    7/5 Brewers at Dodgers
    7/6 Brewers at Dodgers
    7/7 Brewers at Dodgers
    7/9 Dodgers at Phillies
    7/10 Dodgers at Phillies
    7/11 Dodgers at Phillies
    7/12 Dodgers at Tigers
    7/13 Dodgers at Tigers
    7/14 Dodgers at Tigers
    7/19 Red Sox at Dodgers
    7/20 Red Sox at Dodgers
    7/21 Red Sox at Dodgers
    7/22 Giants at Dodgers
    7/23 Giants at Dodgers
    7/24 Giants at Dodgers
    7/25 Giants at Dodgers
    7/26 Dodgers at Astros
    7/27 Dodgers at Astros
    7/28 Dodgers at Astros
    7/30 Dodgers at Padres
    7/31 Dodgers at Padres
    8/2 Dodgers at Athletics
    8/3 Dodgers at Athletics
    8/4 Dodgers at Athletics
    8/5 Phillies at Dodgers
    8/6 Phillies at Dodgers
    8/7 Phillies at Dodgers
    8/9 Pirates at Dodgers
    8/10 Pirates at Dodgers
    8/11 Pirates at Dodgers
    8/12 Dodgers at Brewers
    8/13 Dodgers at Brewers
    8/14 Dodgers at Brewers
    8/15 Dodgers at Brewers
    8/16 Dodgers at Cardinals
    8/17 Dodgers at Cardinals
    8/18 Dodgers at Cardinals
    8/19 Mariners at Dodgers
    8/20 Mariners at Dodgers
    8/21 Mariners at Dodgers
    8/23 Rays at Dodgers
    8/24 Rays at Dodgers
    8/25 Rays at Dodgers
    8/27 Orioles at Dodgers
    8/28 Orioles at Dodgers
    8/29 Orioles at Dodgers
    8/30 Dodgers at D-backs
    8/31 Dodgers at D-backs
    9/1 Dodgers at D-backs
    9/2 Dodgers at D-backs
    9/3 Dodgers at Angels
    9/4 Dodgers at Angels
    9/6 Guardians at Dodgers
    9/7 Guardians at Dodgers
    9/8 Guardians at Dodgers
    9/9 Cubs at Dodgers
    9/10 Cubs at Dodgers
    9/11 Cubs at Dodgers
    9/13 Dodgers at Braves
    9/14 Dodgers at Braves
    9/15 Dodgers at Braves
    9/16 Dodgers at Braves
    9/17 Dodgers at Marlins
    9/18 Dodgers at Marlins
    9/19 Dodgers at Marlins
    9/20 Rockies at Dodgers
    9/21 Rockies at Dodgers
    9/22 Rockies at Dodgers
    9/24 Padres at Dodgers
    9/25 Padres at Dodgers
    9/26 Padres at Dodgers
    9/27 Dodgers at Rockies
    9/28 Dodgers at Rockies
    9/29 Dodgers at Rockies
  • 2023 MLB Team ATS Records
    Team ATS Record ATS Win Pct.
    Reds 97-65 .599
    Orioles 96-66 .593
    Dodgers 92-70 .568
    Rangers 88-74 .543
    Tigers 87-75 .537
    Diamondbacks 86-76 .531
    Rays 86-76 .531
    Nationals 86-76 .531
    Pirates 84-78 .519
    Braves 83-79 .512
    White Sox 82-80 .506
    Twins 82-80 .506
    Padres 82-80 .506
    Cubs 81-81 .500
    Astros 81-81 .500
    Guardians 80-82 .494
    Rockies 80-82 .494
    Brewers 80-82 .494
    Yankees 79-83 .488
    Red Sox 77-85 .475
    Athletics 77-85 .475
    Mariners 77-85 .475
    Cardinals 77-85 .475
    Angels 75-87 .463
    Blue Jays 75-87 .463
    Marlins 74-88 .457
    Mets 74-88 .457
    Giants 72-90 .444
    Phillies 71-91 .438
    Royals 69-93 .426
  • 2023 MLB Team Over/Under Records
    Team Over-Under Record Over Pct. Under Pct.
    Braves 94-69-3 .577 .423
    Dodgers 90-67-8 .573 .427
    Rays 89-69-6 .563 .437
    Rangers 93-75-11 .554 .446
    Pirates 87-71-4 .551 .449
    Athletics 84-70-8 .546 .455
    Astros 91-77-5 .542 .458
    Angels 82-70-10 .540 .461
    Twins 85-78-5 .522 .479
    Orioles 80-74-11 .520 .481
    Mariners 80-75-7 .516 .484
    Red Sox 81-77-4 .513 .487
    Cubs 80-77-5 .510 .490
    Royals 79-77-6 .506 .494
    Tigers 78-78-6 .500 .500
    Nationals 77-79-6 .494 .506
    Reds 79-82-1 .491 .509
    Phillies 79-83-13 .488 .512
    Cardinals 76-80-6 .487 .513
    Marlins 74-84-6 .468 .532
    Brewers 73-85-6 .462 .538
    White Sox 71-83-8 .461 .539
    Rockies 74-87-1 .460 .540
    Yankees 71-84-7 .458 .542
    Diamondbacks 78-93-8 .456 .544
    Blue Jays 70-84-10 .455 .546
    Padres 67-86-9 .438 .562
    Mets 67-88-7 .432 .568
    Guardians 68-91-3 .428 .572
    Giants 67-91-4 .424 .576

2024 MLB Team Previews & Predictions

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Shane Jackson is a Web Content Writer for BetMGM, covering MLB and NBA. After graduating from the University of Kansas, his previous stops include MLB.com, Lawrence Journal-World, Manhattan Mercury, Bet Chicago Sports, WynnBET, and Sportsbook Review.